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If you look at the case of Asia Bibi in Pakistan, the Christian world and media is supporting her in her fight for freedom – Leslie Ruth Benjamini


If you look at the case of Asia Bibi in Pakistan, the Christian world and media is supporting her in her fight for freedom – Leslie Ruth Benjamini


Jewish rights activist Leslie Ruth Benjamini is very active on the social media. She has been tirelessly defending the State of Israel through her posts for many years. Moreover, she never hesitates in standing in defence of someone, who needs it. Recently she spoke to Blitz repoter Vijaya Lasmi Tripura. Here are the excerpts:

Q: Loius Farrakhan recently chanted slogan – “Death to America”, during his visit to Iran. Being an American, what is your opinion on it?

A: My opinion is that he is an enemy of the country. I am not exactly sure of what the laws of sedition or treason are, but I believe he should be investigated and properly charged – if he has committed a crime against the country.

He is most certainly an Antisemite of the highest order. And he helps to create a hateful atmosphere where mass killings of Jews can happen as in Pittsburgh.


Q: There had been hundreds of rocket shell attacks from mega terrorist group Hamas in Gaza on Israel. But, mainstream media were mostly silently on this horrific attack. How do you assess this?

A: The mainstream media is almost totally left wing. They favor the Palestinian “cause”. The only noteworthy issue to cover as far as they are concerned is – if Israel does something they can use to “show” how terrible Israel is. Or if there are a lot of dead Jews. Dead Jews garner sympathy, live Jews fighting back are not worth covering because it doesn’t fit the narrative. “Palestinians” firing rockets into Israel also doesn’t fit the narrative, because it doesn’t show them as victims, it shows them as aggressors. Also I think the mainstream media doesn’t know what to make of the situation anymore since the “Palestinians” have been acting like savages for the last 8 months. So it’s better to ignore it. Another point is they will make hay out of it if they can blame President Trump.


Q: How much important is Zionism for Jews and Israel?

A: This is a complicated question. For Jews that have NOT assimilated and become liberal progressives Zionism is very important. What gets lost in the whole discussion is that Zionism is a benign issue. It’s not what the Anti-Zionist’s have turned it into. It’s not a plot to take over the world, it’s not Jewish White Nationalism. It is simply the right of the Jewish people to be returned to their ancestral homeland to live in peace and security after 2,000 plus years of being chased all over the planet & told to go home. We went home and now the world tells us to leave! This is ridiculous. Just PEACE & SECURITY IN OUR HOMELAND.

Q: You have fought for the release of our editor from prison as he was imprisoned on sedition, treason and blasphemy charges for the “crimes” of confronting radical Islam and jihad; denouncing antisemitism and Holocaust denial; defending the State of Israel; and promoting interfaith harmony. He has potential life threats because of the presence of radical Islam in Bangladesh. Still he is continuing his mission following his release, after serving 9-year’s rigorous imprisonment. Will you please comment on this?


A: Obviously I am worried for his safety. I am not going to ask him to leave his country to be safe because I have tried this already & he is a man of great moral certitude that what he is doing is right and where he is doing it is right as well. He has proved that by going to prison rather than giving up to stay safe. I am going to say that I and all Jews owe him a great debt of gratitude (even though he will say he is not doing it for that) and speaking for myself and I know certainly for many other Jews we appreciate the work he does and all the support. It means so much more when it comes from outside our Jewish community to have such a strong defender. I am honoured to have become his friend and to have come to know the purity of his heart.

Q: Global media and rights groups are very vocal in defence of Pakistani Christian Asia Bibi [also known as Asiya Bibi], but are totally silent on the case of Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury. Here again, is it because, Asia Bibi is a Christian and Shoaib Choudhury is a Zionist and friend of Israel? Can we call it media bias?


A: As I have said, I fear for his safety. No one powerful is in his corner supporting him. If you look at the case of Asia Bibi in Pakistan, the Christian world and media is supporting her in her fight for freedom. Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury is a lone soldier, no media support & the Jewish Community does not have the might to fight for him like the Christian Community does. He was subjected to having his office bombed and a major rally in the Dhaka city’s Baitul Mukarram mosque compound was organized in 2004, wheere Jamaat e Islami’s Amir Matiur Rahman Nizami demanded the death penalty terming him an agent of the Jews and enemy of Islam. It is purely a miracle that Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury is free, alive and with us today. I think he has a special angel on his shoulder, I can think of no other explanation since any effort from the USA government or Jewish organizations fell on deaf ears and no news media really covered it. He was what they consider a “Muslim” in a Muslim country befriending and defending “The Jews”. What an unfortunate choice to defend.

Q: You are a vivid reader of Blitz. In your opinion, how much important is the role of Blitz in confronting radical Islam as well as anti-Israel bias?


 A: I think it’s very important. It needs to get as wide a readership as possible. So all of us in the readership must do whatever we can to share as much as we can to get it as well known as possible.

The knowledge base of Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury is so extensive it is critical to get the information out.

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