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Ilhan Omar knowingly hurts Jews defends jihad

Ilhan Omar hates Jews, Zionists and Israel, while she makes every effort in defending Hamas, Palestinian jihadists, radical Islamic militancy groups, and even terror-patron nations such as Iran and Pakistan. She and few other Democratic Party leaders are currently fighting with the notorious mission of banning condemnations of radical Islam, jihad and Jew and Christian hatred in the United States. She and her cronies want to grant freestyle pass to radical Muslims as well as enemies of Israel, Jews, Zionists and the US in continuing vile attacks through lectures, media and social media. Ilhan Omar even wants American policymakers to see Israel as an “illegitimate” country.

It seems, the Jews can never seem to live up to Rep. Ilhan Omar’s (D., Minn) exacting standards.

The Minnesota congresswoman’s latest broadcast came Tuesday afternoon, when she told CNN’s Jake Tapper that her Jewish Democratic colleagues “haven’t been partners in justice” and have yet to apologize for their allegedly Islamophobic comments.

Omar’s statement came after Tapper asked whether she regrets her comments last month comparing the United States and Israel with terrorist organizations like Hamas and the Taliban. Her answer was unequivocal: “I don’t”.

That’s outrageous, because Omar at the time “clarified” that statement, which elicited a rebuke from Democratic leaders and a dozen Jewish Democrats, saying that she did not say what in fact she said: “I was in no way equating terrorist organizations with democratic countries”. To be clear, she also believes Israel is a terrorist nation.

Ilhan Omar, as the kids say, is owning her truth. Her tap dance follows a pattern that is by now well established, in which the justice-seeking congresswoman makes nakedly prejudicial remarks, pretends to walk them back in the face of muted criticism from her colleagues, characterizes the criticism itself as Islamophobic, and proceeds to reoffend.

That pattern gives the lie to the apology Omar issued after arguing that American support for Israel is “all about the Benjamins, baby”: Her offenses were born of ignorance rather than prejudice, she said, and thanked her colleagues for “educating me on the painful history of anti-Semitic tropes”.

A Punchbowl News report earlier this month indicated that “a number of Omar’s fellow Democrats believe Omar is an anti-Semite, even if they don’t say so publicly”.

It is, of course, the only prejudice about which Democrats are tight-lipped and the only one tolerated in the party’s ranks.

It is also the latest indication that the party is following in the footsteps of the British left, led until recently by Squad ally Jeremy Corbyn. A report from the United Kingdom’s Equality and Human Rights Commission implicated not just Corbyn, whose offenses are legion, but the Labour Party itself, which “at best, did not do enough to prevent anti-Semitism and, at worst, could be seen to accept it”.

To the extent there is resistance in the Democratic Party to Omar’s relentless attacks on Jews and her condemnations of American power and influence, surely it is driven at least in part by the shellacking the British left took in the last national election there.

Should the Democrats continue down this path, people should have faith that the outcome for the left will be the same in the United States as in Britain, and that the more they see of Omar and her allies, the dimmer their prospects become. And Americans will give a strong message during November’s midterm elections by casting their votes in favor of Republican Party candidates.

Individuals like Ilhan Omar are no less harmful and dangerous than Al Qaeda, Islamic State, Hamas and the Taliban. Patriotic Americans need to stand against individuals like Ilhan Omar and make sure, they don’t find any place inside the US Congress and Senate.

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  1. Why has she not addressed her marriage to her brother?
    Hypocrite and racist – wouldn’t expect anything better from her.

  2. A lot of politicians and political parties are obliged, in fact compelled, to support Islamic radicals because they receive funding from these organisations. Islam is used as a weapon by big powers for their interests and therefore most of their population is deliberately kept politically naïve under a radical Islam.

  3. How did she get elected? Unbelievable people like her gets vote….Like president only person born in USA must be permitted to stand for election…otherwise going forward we will have such kind or irrational people!!!

  4. She must go back to her third world native land of jihadis with no moral values, and to continue there and not here in America, with her ideology of hate, terror and killing of non-believers.
    She earned the disqualification to represent citizens in our Congress.
    Wish you the same you wish to us but with no return.

  5. Unfortunately, we have our home-grown nut jobs. Pressley, Tlaib, AOC, just to name a few. Don’t forget Mad Maxine!

  6. Good article. Wish more people would publish the truth about this Jew Hater. Omar’s comments are ugly and hateful and we should not tolerate it. Every time someone complains about her they are labeled as racist or Islamophobic.

  7. She must be shunned and forced to apologize for her radical views against non Muslims and targeting non Muslim nations. She is a poison indeed, an inbred, perhaps a child out of incest herself, a hypocrite who see’s nothing wrong with fundamentalism and jihad. Why do we have to tolerate a unreceptive dogmatic idiot like her!!!

  8. Sick bullshit, by sick people. Radical Islamists are way more problematic than Jews anywhere in the world. Jews keep to themselves, Islamists shoot up everything, stab innocents or kuffar, simply because they don’t believe in Allah. Good on ya! Islam is the most dangerous religion, ideology and group of people of modern times.

  9. This woman is as much racist as white nationalist.She is narrow minded and ignorant.But she has company in congress.

  10. Ilhan Omar, is just full of hate speech. She had her chance in America, impeach her, kick her out of our country. She obviously more than a racist, she is pure evil so say that about the Jewish people, or any other people. Kick her to the curb, and keep moving on. The same with AOC, if she cannot get with the program here in America, send her packing as well.

  11. Ilhan needs to be rebuked again, openly, in the public eye. So, that she will learn to control her mouth. America helped Israel become a Nation, and America has always defended Israel as well. She needs to understand this type of hate speech will not be tolerated. If she hates Israel, and the USA for defending her, she needs to be sent packing to another country of her choice, same goes for AOC.

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