India and Hindus face orchestrated false propaganda in the world


In November 2022, a website named ‘Union of Catholic Asian News’ in a report titled ‘Indian Christians on target in the guise of conversions’ said, Christians in India were continuing to face accusations and harassment from right-wing Hindu groups over forced religious conversions.

It said, “the Christians were accused by a state-run child rights body of trafficking and conversion activities following a surprise raid in a Protestant Church-run orphanage. Community leaders alleged that the statutory child rights body is being used to target and harass Christians”.

But this news of the Catholic website may promptly vapor when we see a news in Voice of America, which said, “Christian relief organizations are being accused of exploiting aid to proselytize and convert Yazidi refugees in Iraq’s Kurdistan, promising them it will increase their chance of securing visas to the West”.

The allegation was first raised by a Yazidi member of the Kurdish parliament Vian Dakhil, who complained that Christian missionaries were exploiting the trauma many of the thousands of Yazidi refugees have been enduring by trying to convert them.

“Attached with humanitarian aid they distribute bibles and pamphlets containing information about Christianity”, the Yazidi lawmaker told reporters in Irbil.

In a later statement, the lawmaker said Yazidi officials had been observing Christian groups inside refugee camps working to persuade Yazidis to convert to Christianity. “Yazidi Kurds have faced murder and displacement, making the ancient ethnic religious community highly vulnerable”, she said in a statement.

Yazidis in Iraq have long been persecuted and have traditionally held themselves apart in small communities scattered across northwest Iraq, northwest Syria and southeast Turkey with most living in and around the mountainous Sinjar region.

More than 100,000 fled Sinjar since August 2014 when Islamic State extremists launched a vicious offensive on the region that saw Yazidi women being kidnapped and enslaved and the men butchered.

Yazidis’ faith is historically linked to Zoroastrianism, a dualistic religion that shares some elements of Christianity and Islam.

Since the 11th century, the community has come close to extinction several times but the Islamic State’s attack on the community represents the greatest threat to the Yazidis in modern times.

According to Nazand Begikhani, an adviser to the Kurdistan regional government and researcher at the University of Bristol Gender and Violence Research Center, Islamic State militants kidnapped more than 2,500 Yazidi women during the group’s drive into Sinjar.

Some Western evangelical groups have made little effort to disguise a proselytizing motive underlining their humanitarian missions in Iraq’s Kurdistan. Some groups identified the Yazidi refugee influx into Kurdistan as a “golden opportunity” for conversion.

US-based non-profit Christian Aid Mission highlighted in one report on its website how Yazidis were “once inaccessible to native Iraqi missionaries, as members lived reclusively in distant mountains near the border with Turkey” but once Islamic extremists stormed their strongholds last summer forcing them to flee, missionary work became easier.

An Iraqi ministry director is quoted as saying: “It was very far and very difficult for us to go there to reach these people, so the Lord just brought them to us”.

He describes the conversion of a 15-year-old Yazidi boy who lost two sisters to Islamic State kidnappers.

The report notes that while brutality of the Islamic extremist group Islamic State has “contributed to many Muslims in Iraq and Syria coming to Christ, in the past six months about 70 percent of those displaced to the northern Iraqi cities of Irbil and Dohuk have embraced Christ through one ministry’s outreach are Yazidis”.

The group said it had converted 80 large families. The average size of a Yazidi family is between seven and 10, suggesting that Christian Aid Mission alone may have converted as many as 800 Yazidis.

Yazidi officials argue the conversions are highly exploitative with many of the families being targeted, traumatized and fearful about their future.

The complaint of Yazidis about the conversion efforts has drawn the ire of some outlier Western Christian groups.

Walid Shoebat, a controversial Palestinian-born Christian convert and anti-Islam activist based in the US, argues that Christians answered the call to aid.

“What did they get in return”, Shoebat asked rhetorically in a Web article criticizing Yazidi lawmaker Dakhil.

He said Dakhil prefers that “they worship Lucifer instead of Jesus. Yazidis are known for their hatred to Christianity, especially missionaries”.

Conversion of Hindus into Christianity

According to media reports, taking undue advantage of the lockdown imposed due to the Covid-19 pandemic, missionaries in India converted as many as 100,000 people and adopted 50,000 villages in a span of one year.

Need for medical aid and two square meals amidst the financial crisis, pushed the economically weaker section into the trap of missionaries.

The missionaries also built a record number of churches in thousands of villages where none existed before.

The data was validated by David Reeves, the CEO of unfoldingWord, an organization dedicated to church planting and ‘translating God’s Word – with accuracy and excellence’. David in an interview with Missionary Network News informed that one of their partners of the church planting network shared a detailed report about the immaculate feat achieved in India.

David Reeves stated, “Because they could not meet with others during lockdown, they decided [to] simply start specifically praying for unsaved people they know. Then, they decided to follow up those prayers by phone and WhatsApp. They estimate about 100,000 conversions during lockdown as a result of this approach. Similarly, with church planting, they encouraged every church to [pray for] 10 specific villages or neighborhoods [with] no church. Then, as restrictions loosened slightly, they were able to get into these regions. They estimate that churches adopted about 50,000 villages during the lockdown, and 25 percent now have an “opening” for the Gospel – some believers, a small house church, etc”.

In a recent report it was stated that a Hindu rights group demanded strict action against Christian missionaries. According to the organization, the Christian missionaries were attempting to distribute objectionable content against Hindus.

Christian missionaries use various tactics to convert Hindus to Christianity. These missionaries send letters saying – ‘Embrace Christianity because only Jesus is the savior’.

Christian missionaries attach a small form with the free booklet on Jesus. The pledge at the end of the form says, ‘Jesus was crucified because of my sins. May the Lord forgive me. From today, I have decided to accept Jesus as my savior’.

According to researchers, various charitable activities undertaken by the Christian missionaries are nothing but a mask to facilitate their mission of religious conversions without any obstacles. The main objective of these activities is their ambition to increase the Christian population and establish a Christian State on the strength of this population. They are spending hundreds of millions of Rupees by nurturing this sole objective.

Christian missionaries are carrying out the task of converting Hindus through activities such as setting up homes for the aged, organizations to eradicate leprosy, homes for abandoned women, schools etc., that are labelled social services. Christians who participate in such social service behave as if they are the sole benefactors in the world. Their ulterior motive of religious conversions is realized much later.

The ulterior motive of all Christians who nurse patients in hospitals is to convert them to Christianity. Father Johnson, a missionary working for religious conversions in India for more than a said, “By opening hospitals, we win the trust of the people”. This only means that nursing patients in hospitals was and is still a tool of the Christians for religious conversions.

Furthermore, the purported service of Christians in the field of education is nothing but a trap to convert the future generation of Hindus. In the past two centuries, this conspiracy has continuously progressed through the medium of convent schools. By impressing upon the minds of Hindu students that ‘Jesus is the only savior’, ‘the Christian religion is supreme’, Hindu students are brainwashed. In convent schools, not only are Hindu students converted, but Hindu employees and teachers too are converted through enticements in job prospects.

Some fanatical Christian youth and young women choose to marry some Hindu with the objective of converting at least one Hindu, and force the bride/groom to embrace Christianity either before or after the marriage.

Despite such well-documented evidences, Christian propaganda sites would flatly deny the cases of luring and converting Hindus into Christianity, while they even go further by raising false allegations against India, particularly Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) of “persecuting” Christians. In a similar pattern, radical Muslims, Love Jihadists and Conversion Jihadists also run concocted propaganda with the ulterior agenda of hiding the fact of their notorious agenda against Hindus and India.

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