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Qatar Tourism seeks to increase the rate of Qatarization in all tourism establishments, including hotels, resorts and entertainment venues. It employs the latest technologies and methodologies in the field of digital learning and marketing, and advanced methodologies work to develop the program and provide support in identifying the various experiences that Qatar offers to its visitors, and the program ensures obtaining the required expertise to become a certified “specialist” in Qatar.
“Qatar Tourism” says: “We have developed a wide range of interactive and attractive content that supports the promotion and sale of travel offers to Qatar, and we have also provided a set of downloadable content to facilitate the task for the trainees.
The Destination Promotion Training Program consists of several modules, each module focusing on a specific aspect of Qatar’s tourism offerings, and is provided entirely online. The program allows participants a degree of flexibility allowing them to complete each module at their own pace.
Qatar Tourism also launched its “Modiaf Qatar” program for tourism training, which is the first of its kind via the Internet in Qatar. It aims to provide employees who deal directly with visitors with the skills and knowledge necessary to achieve excellence in services provided to visitors, whether they are from outside or inside Qatar.
Qatar Tourism, through the Service Excellence Academy, has cooperated with a group of leading experts in the tourism and hospitality industry around the world to develop the “Modiaf Qatar” training programme.
The program is an interactive online learning platform that provides employees with the ability to learn from various types of electronic devices at the times that suit them.
The program also shows employees who interact directly with visitors how they can enhance the experience of visitors and exceed their expectations to provide exceptional experiences. This initiative falls within the service excellence program launched by Qatar Tourism in the framework of achieving one of its strategic goals, which is to enhance the experience of visitors at every stage of their visit to Qatar.
Qatar Tourism also provided free training courses for customer service and reception staff in hotels and tourism companies, targeting 5,000 employees and officials who deal face-to-face with customers in hotel establishments and tourism companies. It aims to provide employees and officials who deal with visitors face to face in the tourism sector with the required skills that ensure the provision of a wonderful experience for visitors at all stages.
The “Service Excellence” program launched by Qatar Tourism follows a multifaceted approach to ensure a smooth journey for visitors, as Qatar Tourism cooperates with partners in evaluating employees who deal with visitors in all sectors and providing training and certificates to ensure the highest levels of distinguished service for visitors.

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