It revives the popular heritage.. The old port of Doha is decorated during the month of Ramadan


As a new tourist destination that has recently appeared on the map of tourist sites in the country during the last period, the old port of Doha is adorned with a distinctive Ramadan garb to receive the blessed month of Ramadan, as it turns into a destination full of activities that the port hosts throughout the period of the holy month that serves and targets all age groups in society. In an effort to revive popular customs and traditions by holding 20 activities distributed during this month.
The old port of Doha hosts several activities, the most important of which is the Al Mina Market event throughout the holy month of Ramadan, which supports small entrepreneurs and home projects, with the participation of many brands and distinctive products that suit the blessed month.

80 participants
More than 80 participants from commercial units from the local market and some well-known brands in the region and units for food and beverages are participating in the Mina Market, in addition to the distinctive Ghabka that will be held on the sidelines of the Mina Market, in which many distinguished exhibitors will participate, in addition to reviving a number of events and activities that suit all parties. Community and family members, starting with the Mina Majlis, through which we recall beautiful memories by telling Ramadan and heritage stories and organizing art workshops for children, such as pottery painting and other artistic activities.
It is planned to revive the popular and heritage heritage through the “Al-Masahar” tours in the Al-Mina neighborhood, as well as the Garangao event in the middle of the blessed month, with the presence of popular bands, and the “Farewell Ramadan” event, which will continue during the last five days of the month of Ramadan to bid farewell to the holy month, which is considered a popular heritage and will be revived. In the old port of Doha this year.

marine sports
As usual, the old port of Doha as a distinct and main site for marine sports and its interest in the people of the sea, the port provides an opportunity for marine sports lovers to practice marine activities in the evening before breakfast by providing kayaks, paddle boards, and marine bikes (ski) for rent and other marine sports available in the container yard and the neighborhood area Al Mina, from two o’clock in the afternoon until breakfast time, in addition to cruises with traditional sanabik and yachts, which will provide unique services, including breakfast and suhoor meals, as an exceptional experience for the visitors of the port.
Visitors to Doha Port can enjoy a daily tour of their cars after the Asr prayer until the time of Iftar, as an extension of the classic car tour that marked the day in the month of Ramadan.
The port is also preparing to open the fishermen’s house, which is the largest house in the country with a longitudinal width of up to 60 meters and two different levels to serve different sizes of marine media and sea-goers. To provide a distinguished service in the Doha region and will facilitate the process of landing marine vessels to and from the sea by organizing and managing the old port of Doha.

Ramadan cannon at breakfast time
The old port of Doha also hosts a daily event throughout the holy month of Ramadan, by firing the Ramadan cannon at the time of breaking the fast, in the garden opposite the Container Square in the port daily. ingrained in the memory of all visitors to the region and the Doha Corniche.
The port also provides owners of yachts and marine vehicles moored outside the port with an opportunity to reach the port by providing a temporary berthing service to enjoy and experience the facilities, commercial units, and food and beverage units that characterize the old month of Doha port, as well as enjoying the Ramadan activities in the port daily.
The port receives (6) giant cruise ships during the holy month, carrying more than 15 thousand tourists, who will be received through the terminal building in the old port of Doha.

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