Joe Biden cannot move without help of a guide?


President Joe Biden is an elderly man and, regardless of how his staffers attempt to frame him as spry and alert, the truth of his age often shows.

That was the case this week when a man was caught on a hot mic offering the president assistance. The president was visiting a semiconductor plant in North Carolina when one of his handlers was heard giving him specific instructions on where to stand.

“Down there?” the president was heard saying at the top of the ramp with no other place to go, so his confusion was baffling.

“Yes, sir. Down the ramp”, the handler said. “And we have people lined up on the left over here, some union workers and leaders.”

“Hey, guys — and ladies!” the president said as he waved to the crowd.

“Your mark is going to be the blue one to the left,” the handler said as he showed the president his mark.

“I’ll stay in my blue mark,” the president said, “then I’m going to say hello to each one.”

“Yes, sir, I’ll help you get started,” the handler said in a scene reminiscent of a nurse at a retirement home.

And this is not the first time he has had this issue. In 2021 he appeared at a General Motors plant where he was advised to stand on a blue mark and then appeared to not do it.

“Biden: ‘I stand on the blue marker, huh?’ GM Guide: ‘Yeah, the blue’ Biden: ‘Gotta take orders’ GM Guide: ‘You’re here…’ points Biden: blows right past it GM Guide: ‘you’re…ok…ok’ everyone else moves up,” RNC Rapid Response Director Tommy Pigott said on Twitter with the video.

And who can forget Easter 2022 when the person in an Easter Bunny costume had to direct the president?

After a short video clip of President Joe Biden being interrupted by the White House Easter Bunny during an event on Sunday went viral, people began wondering who it was in the bunny suit.

According to the clip and nearby observers’ accounts posted to social media, the president was saying something about “Pakistan” and “Afghanistan” when he was suddenly interrupted by the big costumed bunny.

First, White House press assistant Angela Perez gave a little sneak peek behind the scenes when she tweeted a photo with the caption, “Hopping on a Zoom call”.


That led Bonchie from Red State to observe, “So we now know the Easter Bunny was someone inside the comms shop. The White House literally put one of Biden’s handlers in an Easter Bunny suit to keep him from talking to reporters. Just incredible stuff.”

“So we now know the Easter Bunny was someone inside the comms shop.

The White House literally put one of Biden’s handlers in an Easter Bunny suit to keep him from talking to reporters. Just incredible stuff. https://t.co/plisKk9Pb6

— Bonchie (@bonchieredstate) April 18, 2022

Then, a second reveal came from Hays herself.

That reveal led to some additional observations that perhaps Biden’s remarks regarding both countries weren’t something he was supposed to talk about.

“It looks like Meghan Hays, the WH director of ‘message planning,’ was the bunny who interrupted POTUS’ comments on Afghanistan,” Abigail Marone. Sen. Josh Hawley’s (R-Mo) press secretary, responded. “Clearly Biden’s message was not planned.”


“The Easter Bunny who censored Biden’s attempt to answer a reporter’s question today seems to be Meghan Hays, who has gotten much of the blame from reporters for poor WH press access,” added the New York Post’s White House reporter Steven Nelson.

The incident began when Biden was greeting the crowd at the annual White House Easter Egg Roll and was quickly interrupted and then moved away by the Easter Bunny. At the time, according to the viral clip, Biden can be heard mentioning something about Pakistan and Afghanistan, though it’s not clear what he was referencing.

“Why is the Easter Bunny directing the President of the United States?” asked Marone.

Another look from a different angle revealed that Biden was discussing foreign policy.


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