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Joe Biden earns wrath of Israeli citizen

Joe Biden, Israeli
Photo courtesy: AP News


Joe Biden earns wrath of Israeli citizen

US President Joe Biden has already earned wrath and massive criticism from the Israeli citizen following a media report stating the Biden administration plans to hold Netanyahu personally responsible for the actions of his more extreme coalition partners, especially if they lead to policies that endanger a future Palestinian state.

Thousands of Israelis are commenting on social media platforms and news sites condemning Joe Biden for his ridiculous policies. Here are some of the comments:

Tania Szapiro: Does he do that with Chile, Venezuela…..any other country? Does he hold Iran responsible for the gays it has hung? For the young protesters it has murdered…..for promoting hate and terror in other countries? Of course not!! Like he holds all the other world leaders. Right?

Al Romaker: Biden isn’t holding anyone in his cabinet accountable. Biden is a joke and is destroying the USA from within. What a sad situation. And he says he’s going to run for a second term! Now normally that would be hilarious, but it’s becoming sad and scary!!!

Renu Sharma: There goes a propagandist and a cowardly POTUS displaying his mental bankruptcy! What a comparison – Sleepy Joe with Bibi (Netanyahu)! God bless Israel

Vinod Palakkyil: American Presidents never find time to deal with their domestic problems, instead they are always busy interfering in the domestic affairs of other nations across the world.

Rick Brunton: Who’s going to hold Biden responsible for his own actions?

Chuck Quackenbush: What a bunch of obnoxious punks! The preening and threats from this clueless and arrogant Administration are disrespectful and dangerous. They need to remember Israel elects their own leaders who are not wards of the US government.

Dennie Tan: You want to hold the whole world accountable to the US. I hope it starts with Africa that won’t abide by anything you say.

Greg Bogart: Biden doesn’t understand the meaning of the word responsibility. He is in constant denial about his own incompetence and the havoc his decisions have made. He should get his own house in order first.

John Dungai: He’s out of his mind. Don’t bother to vote for him again.

Nuggets Raura: Talking tough, abandoned his fellow Americans in Afghanistan.

Toeka Bekker: Biden need to clean his own backyard and keep his nose out of other countries affairs.

Garry Templeton: Need to hold Biden responsible for all his corruption!

Mike McKinley: So now the Biden regime is not recognizing an elected government. Corrupt to the core democrats are pure evil.

Ken Friedman: This Biden moron doesn’t know what day it is.

Ronit Hollander: Take care of your own issues. Israelis are smart enough to deal with their own. Definitely smarter than Americans in pursuing their inner truth despite hostile media.

Duncan Campbell: Biden cannot run his own country. Why is he trying to run someone else’s? He is sure to make a big a disaster of it as he does ours!!!

Rahul Kumar: Biden is sympathizer of terrorist.

Douglas Good: Biden is an idiot, leading idiot.

Helen A. Johns Linker: Biden needs to get his demented nose out of Israel’s business!!!!

Micahel Wesibrod: USA should study World History and see how meddling in Israel’s development and implementation of the planned evolution of human affairs results in the fall of Empires….. Rome, Spain, Turkish, Britain, USSR, etc …..USA is going in the same direction. Chinese LOVE the Jewish People and we see how they have ascended so quickly.

Nikotimo Ravouvou: Who is Biden? Is he the king of this world?

To me, he doesn’t bring anything good but is a bad to worst influence.

Roger Haspeck: Bidengate is coming, and is bigger than Watergate.

Shaas Ruzicka: Bidet is personally responsible for the extension and intensification war in Ukraine.

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