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Joe Biden sexually harasses female officer

Joe Biden, Secret Service, Twitter


Joe Biden sexually harasses female officer

Upon arriving in Israel, Joe Biden pointing his finger at a female officer said, “I’m not going with you”, until he had to be soberly dragged by the members of Secret Service. As the video was posted on Twitter, people began giving reaction to it. Here are some of the comments:

Clarence Idgaf @SaintPaddysTees wrote: Holy shit.. and we have to pretend this is normal?

Cheryl Castle @Cheryl_Castle wrote: So damn embarrassing for this nation.

Rachel X @RachelChauvin1 wrote: Oh lord one person has to strike any chord in him to unleash embarrassing jokes & stereotypes. I hope it’s in front of a ton of press.


Iowa_Deplorable @IowaDeplorable wrote: He just looks lost. People have to tell him and guide him everywhere he goes!

Gregory Rose @Gregtexaspat wrote: Biden is so confused he’s making it awkward and confusing for those around him to know what to do with him.

Shepardees @Shepardess4 wrote: This is so ridiculous. What they must think of Americans, putting him in office. I really think he said, “What am I supposed to do”?


Jesse @xIts_jessex wrote: Great choice of president you democrats. Look what you did.

Pj @Euphornicate wrote: He thought he was on Epstien Island again, until he realized she was over 12.

Victory or Death @IncognitoMeems wrote: Unbelievable. The man can barely walk and has to be physically pushed in the direction he’s supposed to go.

Ron DeSantis @GovRonDeSantis wrote: Brutal inflation report shows a devastating increase of 9.1.% year-over-year. Bidenflation is wreaking havoc on workers, families & small businesses – a consequence of anti-American energy policy, exorbitant borrowing & printing of money & counterproductive federal regulations.


Clay Travis @ClayTravis wrote:  Inflation hit another 40+ year high in June of 9.1%, worse than expectations again and up from 8.6% last month. Joe Biden is the worst president in over 100 years.

William A Masters @bmasters46 wrote: Does he expect a female escort at every port of call?

StuckinliberalCA @noescapeCA wrote: He can hardly walk! Look at them all guiding him like he’s in a nursing home.

Misstep @misstepped wrote: Watch. Biden doesn’t walk. He shuffles his feet. Dementia inhibits the ability to walk.

Lamed Vav @Lamed_Vav wrote: Good thing she had her hat on, or his nose would be sunk into her scalp.


Jakefrom Staetfarm @ummmkhakis wrote: The man is a sexual predator.

Msecashmore @MelissaCashMoo1 wrote: I don’t like Joe Biden but this is getting out of hand. As many of you know, I’m a caregiver for my 84 yr old Mom w/Alzheimer’s & Dementia. Everyone of them, family included, that is parading this man around in public should be locked up.

The Simple Truth @DaysDezert, with #DementiaJoe hashtag wrote: Absolutely bizarre! They are clearly trying to corral him because he’s completely lost!


Tory Hauser @ToryHauser wrote: The basement dummy is at it again today. Amazing. I can’t imagine liking this guy or supporting all his failures. He gives me the creeps.

Lucas Kirkpatrick @Memes_4_Luke wrote: I don’t want to come across like I’m defending the guy, but instead of sexual harassment, “I’m not going with you?” might just be because he’s a confused old man spiraling into dementia & doesn’t know which direct he’s supposed to walk.


HM Thrasher @ThrasherAtl wrote: Jeezus…not only that but they seem to be leading him around like a circus monkey.

Cdsalamander @cdrsalamander wrote: Whatever with the protocol officer, but we need to discuss the questionable choice of shoewear of the security fella entering stage left at the 0:09 mark. The Presidential Security Study Group of the Men’s Fashion Subcommittee of the Men’s Committee Who Allows Things non-concurs.

Tel.OS @telosv2 wrote: Look, Biden is a sack of shit. Biden is mentally fucking destroyed. Biden should be in a retirement home. But not everything he does is immediately the worst fucking thing you can come up with. His brain is basically leaking out of his skull, he’s lost not horny. Fuck.

JRLNebraska @Jasonrobertlee wrote: A whole team of agents to shuffle this lost old man around… This is the image he portrays to the world on America’s behalf.

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