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Joe Biden suspiciously deletes pro-Israel tweet

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Joe Biden suspiciously deletes pro-Israel tweet

A tweet posted on President Joe Biden’s official Twitter handle summing up his visit to Israel and praising his work with the Jewish State was inexplicably erased shortly after being posted.

Biden posted a clip with various scenes from his two-day visit to Israel and the Palestinian Authority with the words “It’s an honor once again to visit the state of Israel. Every chance to return to this great country is a blessing”.


Text posted with the clip stated that “every chance I get to work with Israel is a blessing. With my visit, I reaffirmed the United States’ ironclad commitment to Israel’s security and launched new technological partnerships”.

“May Israel and the US continue to prosper together for the benefit of the world”, it said.

Although the While House maintains tight-lips about the reason behind deleting this tweet, it is anticipated that some of the anti-Israel and anti-Semite elements within the Biden administration may have done this, while others said, this tweet might have been deleted at the suggestions of Nancy Pelosi, who was pressed by the members of ‘Squad’ not to portray the recent visit of Joe Biden to Israel signaling the United States is committed in upholding the decades-old tradition of maintaining warm relations between Washington and Jerusalem.

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