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Joe Biden’s surgical mental lapses and demand for cognitive test

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Joe Biden’s surgical mental lapses and demand for cognitive test

Joe Biden certainly is suffering from surgical mental lapses, which has prompted people asking – who actually is running the US through Biden at the forefront. Some of the Democratic Party leaders would ask – how do you know President Joe Biden is genuinely losing the mental faculties required to govern?

But after his latest – his statement calling on a member of Congress at a news conference even though she tragically died in a car accident weeks ago – now has prompted an editorial at the Washington Examiner calling for the truth about Biden’s declining mental abilities.

Walorski’s death in Elkhart, Indiana, in August had been traumatic for all of Washington and for the Michiana-area district she served. Walorski, who had written op-eds for the Washington Examiner, was killed along with two staffers while visiting and serving constituents. Her bipartisan work on hunger, the subject of the event in question, had earned her respect on both sides of the aisle.

That Biden should forget all of this was really awkward. There was even a video memorial to Walorski at the very event at which Biden was speaking.

The Washington Examiner wrote:

“This is not a frivolous concern. Several polls have shown that most voters do not believe Biden is mentally sharp enough for the job he is in,” the editorial writers explained. “His incessant and increasingly serious stumbles are not just pathetic but alarming. They raise serious questions about who is governing the country.

“Is it the brave and stunning spokeswoman who keeps having to put the right words in his mouth? The cackling vice president? More likely, it is chief of staff Ronald Klain, the guy who spends all day on Twitter. But none of these people were elected to the job”.

The Examiner wrote, “Biden is indisputably old, and his mental acuity is becoming a more pressing issue every day. Democratic primary voters should think long and hard before reelecting this man to be the leader of their party in 2024”.

The editorial said its easy to know that Biden “is genuinely losing the mental faculties required to govern? One way is to look at his White House staff scrambling to cover up every clue that this is the case”.

The editorial continued, “Biden’s White House could have admitted that their boss goofed — ‘He had a momentary lapse of memory,’ they could have said. They could have also thrown in the line suggested by the Washington Examiner’s Tim Carney: ‘He is embarrassed and has reached out to the family’. This would have been adequate.

“Instead, Biden’s spokeswoman, Karine Jean-Pierre, offered a completely baffling, bizarre explanation that somehow implied this was perfectly normal”.

She, in fact, claimed, “She was on his mind. She was top of mind for the president”.

“This inability to admit error suggests Biden’s mental acuity may be worse than people outside the White House realize. He is losing it so quickly and so badly that his staff feels they cannot admit anything that suggests he is a real live wire, 100% up to the job”, the editorial said.

It cited other problems Biden has exhibited: confusing former British Prime Minister Theresa May with long-dead Margaret Thatcher. Or wanting Democrats to take back the House, when they already had it. Or calling a primary election day “Super Thursday”, or going blank on the Declaration of Independence: “You know, you know — the thing!”

“Biden declared in late July that he has cancer, which, thankfully, is not true. His staff has twice, including this month, walked back Biden’s declaration that the United States will defend Taiwan from a Chinese invasion. It seemed a bold and welcome policy change, but it was apparently only a senior moment”, the Examiner said.

Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, said, “Joe Biden’s diminished capacity is so blatantly obvious that even the White House Press corps couldn’t hide their concern. That’s how you know it’s bad”.

Rep. Ronny Jackson, R-Texas, the former physician to the president for both former Presidents Barack Obama and Donald Trump, has called several times for Biden to take a cognitive test, and he repeated his desire.

“In yet another pathetic display of incompetence, Joe Biden not only thought my departed colleague was alive but he also had his puppet-master, Karine Jean-Pierre, deny he was confused”, Jackson said. “It doesn’t take a neurologist to realize he’s in serious cognitive decline. The American people know what’s going on here and they don’t think the Commander-in-Chief is capable of doing his job”.

Fox reported Rep. Greg Murphy, R-N.C., a practicing surgeon, said,

“American people can see that Mr. Biden’s mental acuity is certainly in question. What’s more disturbing to me, however, is the way in which this White House continues to deceive and misdirect the American people on a daily basis”.

The report continued, “Biden’s mental state was also joked about by his son, Hunter, in a text exchange with his therapist from his infamous laptop. A few months before Joe Biden launched his presidential campaign, Hunter Biden was exchanging text messages with Keith Ablow, his therapist and friend, in early January 2019”.

A book reported that Ablow and Hunter were discussing Democratic presidential candidates when Ablow said, “Your dad is the answer” and then later quoted himself, mockingly saying, “Any man who can triumph over dementia is a giant. Think what he could do for our nation’s needed recovery”.

Sohail Choudhury is the Executive Editor of Blitz

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