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‘Liberland’ owner Zuzana Uchnárová resembles Ruja Ignatova

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‘Liberland’ owner Zuzana Uchnárová resembles Ruja Ignatova

Zuzana Uchnárová (Zuzana Uchnarova) proclaims herself as the “ambassador of Liberland to UAE” and also the “Co-owner of Liberland”, proving, she is one of the masterminds behind Liberland scam venture alongside Vit Jedlička.

Vit Jedlička, a self-proclaimed president of a non-existent ‘Liberland’ may be seen by many people in the world either as a politician or a funny character. But in reality, he is a dangerous individual, who has been controlling hundreds of crypto, MLM and Ponzi scammers throughout the world. And no one is yet aware of a shocking fact.

As our reporters already are investigating the case of Liberland, Vit Jedlička and Zuzana Uchnárová, we have started getting lots of information, evidence and even scoops, which is putting us into serious doubt about the very character named Zuzana Uchnárová.

According to a website, Zuzana Uchnárová (Zuzana Uchnarova) proclaims herself as the “Co-owner” of Liberland. Meaning, she actually is not only the so-called ambassador of Liberland, she is the co-owner of a non-existent country named Liberland with Vit Jedlička. This claim of ownership by Zuzana and Vit proves – they actually are using this ‘Liberland’ as a product or property or venture.

Talking to American multimedia news agency Vice, Zuzana Uchnárová (Zuzana Uchnarova), who is introduced as a “Bitcoin miner” said: “For you, [Liberland] is just a dream but for me it’s real. I know we want to change the world and I know we want to change something”.

Uchnarova added that she thought Liberland could be “a new Dubai”, or home to a fantastical space program.

“We would like to build a new Dubai here, maybe more than Dubai”, she said. “Maybe we will build something that will transfer us to orbit directly. My dream is to have a hotel in orbit and everything will be paid for by bitcoins”.

In Liberland, taxes will give you merits that can be used for voting. The more taxes you pay, the more tokens you receive. Jedlicka believes this is “much fairer” than trying to give everyone the same vote.

“If you paid $30 million in taxes, you still have one vote. That’s one of the things that’s a little broken about the systems that we are living in”, Vit Jedlicka said. “It’s very important to do it so that the majority of society cannot dictate the minority, especially the minority that actually pays the taxes and makes the country possible”.

It may be mentioned here that, Zuzana Uchnárová (Zuzana Uchnarova), a “Bitcoin miner” as stated by Vice, lives a posh life in Dubai, thus mixing high-profile people. She has multiple university degrees and been until now continuing her efforts of selling a non-existent Liberland to prospective investors. Uchnárová is smart, focused, desperate and also a has the capability of hypnotizing people in putting their hard-earned cash into vague ventures or even scam projects. These qualities of Zuzana Uchnárová (Zuzana Uchnarova) reminds us of Ruja Ignatova aka Ruja Plamenova Ignatova aka Ruzha Plamenova Ignatova, a Bulgarian-German convicted fraudster and founder of a Ponzi scheme known as OneCoin, who is on FBI’s Most Wanted list for disappearing after swindling more than 4 billion dollars from people. Ruja used to call her ‘OneCoin’ as “Bitcoin Killer” while Uchnárová says – Liberland is going to be a “New Dubai” or “More Than Dubai”. Almost an identical marketing style and strategy. Isn’t it? Any scoop for the Federal Investigation Agency (FBI)?

A fraud gang named ‘Liberland’ exposed!

Here is a video (please watch from minute 30:10 onwards), where Zuzana Uchnárová (Zuzana Uchnarova) clearly admits that under the garb of Liberland, they are raising money for their so-called Liberland Merit, a cryptocurrency, and they also have opened offices in many countries in the world, including Saudi Arabia. Question here is – where from do they get the fund for opening such offices in many countries in the world?

Most importantly, intelligence agencies, including FBI may listen to this video of Zuzana Uchnárová to match its with that of Ruja Ignatova.

In Dubai, Zuzana Uchnárová (Zuzana Uchnarova) is involved with many companies, including Cidcitei General Trading LLC, which claims its business areas as: “Investment and financial leveraging of Exploration, Production and Marketing Projects of Oil, Gas and Mining Products, we have the technical, human and financial capacity to achieve each of our objectives. Openly promote through the tokenization of MiaCoinHR / MiaHR the use and adaptation of the power offered by Fintech, Blockchain and Exchange technologies, to provide a unique experience in terms of how to carry out financial operations of Purchase / Sale, of products and services and investment in projects we offer. Promote and Finance Own Projects in the following areas. R + D + iImport and export of productsScience and TechnologySocial projects CulturefarmingAir, sea and land transport. Crude oil storage”.

This company claims to be registered in McPherson, Kansas with partners namely Zuzana Uchnárová (Zuzana Uchnarova), Carlos Rangel, and Mauro Herrera (CEO).

Who is Zuzana Uchnárová?

According to one of her LinkedIn profiles, Zuzana Uchnárová is UAE Liberland Ambassador, Partner at LycanChain, Investor at Immersion4, Co-owner at ChainSense Liberland. On this profile’s ABOUT section, it is stated:


My focus is on Blockchains, Tokenisation of an Asset – real estate tokenisation, gold, diamonds, mines, antiques, fine art – creating NFTs. First Bitcoins bought in 2010 – BTC BUYER

Datacentres and Bitcoin mininig with green energy and green cooling system – whole data system first in the world.

Investment management and wealth advisory services. Managing personal and corporate finance with fixed returns and long-term sustainable yields with a short to long-term investment horizon. I work with renowned managers and bank houses, most of the investment opportunities are covered by physical property. Real estate tokenization.

Innovative and modern trading on world stock markets – the result of our work is a profitable and conservave strategy, making our capital work at the highest level of service among the world brokers.

She also is affiliated with the following companies:

Director of Business Development, Cidcitei General Trading LLC, Dubai,

Director, Chain Sense, Dubai,

Partner, Blockchain Land, Dubai,

Co-founder, EcoShumi Foundation, Dubai (a notorious crypto scam and fraud cartel headed by internationally known frauds Kamil Grund and Jorge Sebasteao),

Zuzana Uchnárová claims to have obtained Bachelors Degree in English Language and Literature from Universitas Tyrnaviensis; Masters Degree, Marketing, Management and Media study from Media Academy; and Masters Degree in English Language and Literature from Universitas Tyrnaviensis.

We found a Facebook page of the Universitas Tyrnaviensis which has only 3 followers with no other information.

We have found another website, where it shows photograph and name of Zuzana Uchnárová, which says “Zuzana Uchnárová hasn’t uploaded any papers yet”.

Zuzana Uchnárová has a TikTik account, where we have found plenty of her videos and photographs.

Zuzana Uchnárová has one Facebook ID too, where she has locked her profile with the motive of hiding information, while she also has an Instagram account.

We have found a Facebook page, where Zuzana Uchnárová is seen with Vit Jedlička, self-proclaimed president of Liberland with photo caption “During his recent trip at the World Expo Blockchain Dubai, His Excellency Vit Jedlicka, President of Liberland, had a cordial meeting with His Royal Highness Prince Michael of Yugoslavia, Grandson of King Umberto II of Italy and Prince Paul, Prince Regent of Yugoslavia, where they discussed similar goals for the future of Liberland.

“Present at this meeting was Ms. Alessia Demetz, CEO of Alesya de Monaco, an architectural firm in Monaco, and Amb. Zuzana Uchnárová, Liberland Representative in the United Arab Emirates”.

In another photo, the title said: “His Excellency Vit Jedlicka, President of Liberland, recently received an award on behalf of the Liberland Government, at the Blockchain Dubai World Expo 2021, the First Ever Blockchain Event in the History of “World Expo”.

“This important event was held in association with Expo 2020 Dubai UAE under the patronage of the Government of India and the Private Office of His Highness Sheikh Mohamed Bin Ahmed Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan, a member of the Ruling Family of The United Arab Emirates.

Presenting this award to President Jedlicka was Mr. Pushkin Agha of Vertex Events, and His Excellency Ahmed Elmetwally, CEO of the Private Office of His Highness, on behalf of His Highness Sheikh Mohamed Bin Ahmed Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan.

Liberland, National Bank and wagon of scammers & frauds

“After the awarding, President Jedlicka presented the successful goals and future initiatives of Liberland to the attendees from around the world”.

According to a website of the Ministry of Justice of the Slovak Republic, Zuzana Uchnárová is a broker s.r.o.

According to a Slovak website, Zuzana Uchnárová, Address Rustaveliho 10054/4, Bratislava – Rača district 831 06 is shown as a partner and manager of a company named ‘Brokers Ltd’. Address of this company is Pribinova 913/30D, Bratislava – Staré Mesto district 811 09.

Liberland is a non-existent country

According to TRILLMAG: In a few key ways, Liberland does not exist. A marshland sitting between Serbia and Croatia, Liberland isn’t recognized by any country or the United Nations. Its denizens can’t enter the island unless they wish an arrest by Croatia’s police. Even Serbia and Croatia can’t agree on who should claim the territory.

Liberland’s dream is to build a nation free from laws, regulations, gun control, and taxes. How the micronation plans to do this is with Blockchain. This means establishing Crypto as Liberland’s official currency and running their Congress, Senate, justice system, and voting system inside the metaverse.

Zuzana Uchnárová, one of the ringleaders behind Liberland

Following publication of our report, people behind Liberland and its illegal National Bank and Liberland Merit cryptocurrency, an individual named Michal Ptacnik from Mexico started threatening us through phone calls (from a Mexico phone number +52-33-1468-7662) and emails. In one of the emails, he wrote:

In that case, we would also appreciate it if the information regarding Zuzana Uchnarova could be taken down unless you can give us evidence directly connecting her activities to some proven (i.e., by a court of law) fraudulent behavior of EcoShumi.

Please note that if the article remains in its current or other defamatory forms by tomorrow morning, we will file a police report.

This email clearly proved, the sender was trying to intimidate us through threats of legal action and then police report, with the ulterior motive of getting name of Zuzana Uchnárová (Zuzana Uchnarova) removed from our reports – proving, Liberland, its fake crypto currency and other activities are directly linked to this woman.

As we mentioned in the previous report, “Ambassador of Liberland to UAE”, Zuzana Uchnárová is leading a notorious scam cartel named ‘EcoShumi Foundation’. Partners in this scam cartel include Jorge Sebastiao and Kamil Grund – well-known international fraudsters.

According to information, UAE authorities are totally unaware of the existence of any “ambassador of Liberland” in that country, although Zuzana Uchnárová has been openly proclaiming herself as an ambassador.

In UAE, Zuzana does not have any physical address, phone number of whatsoever, including any detailed information on her so-called Liberland Embassy in UAE. Most interestingly website of Liberland, shows the existence of Liberland Embassies or representatives in many countries in Africa, Asia, Oceania, Europe, North America and South America, while most of the names provided as representatives of Liberland are either dubious or false.

Another shocking information about Liberland is – although its self-proclaimed president Vit Jedlička or any of its self-styled citizen are not allowed to enter the tiny piece of land, ‘Free Republic of Liberland’ claims to have its ‘National Bank’ and even currency.

On a website, self-proclaimed president of Liberland, Vit Jedlička:

The EU should regonize [recognize] the Republic of Liberland as sovereign country. This nation formed 6 years ago on the Danube between Croatia and Serbia fulfills every condition of the Montevideo Convention of 1933 which outlined the process of establishing a new country.

Europe stands for a plurality of nations and peoples, while the EU was formed to recognize the diversity of these societies and create collaboration, a common market between them. The more nations within Europe, the greater opportunities there are for Europeans. The freer the markets, the freer the people.

On YouTube, the so-called President of “Liberland” Vit Jedlička speaks at reinvent money 2015 about his new nation, the challenges and opportunities it faces and the kind of monetary system he envisions for it. And in reality, this Vit Jedlička is a violator of law who is making frantic bids in introducing a new fake cryptocurrency. A stupidly edited video of Vit Jedlička would clearly prove his real intention.

Croatian and Serbian authorities as well as international monetary organizations can now begin investigation against Vit Jedlička and find how he is making the claim of having ‘National Bank’ of Liberland without due legal process.

Meanwhile, UAE authorities can initiate immediate investigation against Zuzana Uchnárová, who has been falsely claiming to be the “Ambassador of Liberland” to the United Arab Emirates – investigate her involvements with several scam ventures, including EcoShumi Foundation and take due legal actions against this fraud.

Zuzana Uchnárová, who is involved in cryptocurrency fraud clearly proclaims herself as the “Ambassador Representative of Free Republic of Liberland to United Arab Emirates”.

Next installment: Scam lady Zuzana Uchnárová is one of ringleaders of Liberland

Tajul Islam is a Special Correspondent of Blitz.

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