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Marjorie Taylor Green accuses AOC of inciting violence and rioting

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Marjorie Taylor Green accuses AOC of inciting violence and rioting

Representatives Marjorie Taylor Green and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez have no love lost for each other and they have gotten into it again.

This time it came after the Supreme Court ruling on Roe V Wade and Georgia Rep. Greene accused the New York representative of inciting an insurrection.

“AOC just launched an insurrection. Any violence and rioting is a direct result of Democrat marching orders,” the Georgia representative said in a tweet that showed a video of Ocasio-Cortez at the Capitol.

In the video Ocasio-Cortez chanted with protesters that the Supreme Court is “illegitimate” and that protesters should go “into the streets”.


“I will explain this to you slowly: exercising our right to protest is not obstruction of Congress nor an attempt to overturn democracy. If one were a heinous enough person to do that, they’d likely seek a pardon for it too. But only one of us here has done that. And it ain’t me,” Ocasio-Cortez hit back.

“How about you explain slowly why you won’t support a pardon for Julian Assange and Edward Snowden. And then continue to explain why you are a shill for the MIC funding war in Ukraine. Or are you too busy organizing baby killing riots?” she said.


“AOC gave the order today in front of the Supreme Court. ‘TAKE TO THE STREETS!’ So did Maxine Waters. And just like that Antifa came out of retirement attacking innocent women. Tell me about women’s rights again,” Green said showing a video of people attacking property.

Democrat California Rep. Maxine Waters has called on people to defy the U.S. Supreme Court.

Standing outside of the Supreme Court after the ruling that ended Roe V Wade on Friday the 83-year-old representative was furious.


“You see this turnout here?” she said pointing to protesters. “You ain’t seen nothing yet. Women are going to control their bodies no matter how they try and stop us.

“To hell with the Supreme Court. We will defy them. Women will be in control of their bodies,” she said before playing the race card.


“And if they think black women are intimidated or afraid they’ve got another thought coming. Black women will be out in droves, we will be out by the thousands. We will be out by the millions. We’re going to make sure we fight for the right to control our own bodies,” she said.

It was part of a meltdown that many Democrats had after the Supreme Court announced its decision.

Television hosts on MSNBC and CNN were depressed and appeared to be on the verge of tears after the Supreme Court ended Roe V Wade protections.

Jessica Schneider got emotional on CNN and on the verge of tears as she talked about the decision.


> Jennifer, when you look at the Mississippi case here, the dobbs case, this speaks to the broadness, the decision. It has no exceptions for rape or incest as many of these trig rge laws we see. That’s quite a broad change in this country. Imagine your wife or girlfriend or daughter raped but it also raises questions about ivf. What happens with embryos that are not implanted when women are seeking to have babies. Help folks at home understand how broad this goes.

JENNIFER: Listen, it’s a heartbreaking betrayal of half of the country. I’m getting – watching the women there. It’s emotional. It’s a real problem. People are talking about privacy issues. Can state who is are trying to criminalize abortion not just to the women getting them but doctors providing them, people driving them to the clinic, are they going to be able to search your apps. There’s apps that track menstrualmen menstrual cycles. How far are the states going the try to go in criminalizing every single aspect of women trying control their reproductive rights. We don’t know what state will try to do. It’s going to be a patch work and lead to laws where they try to really invade people’s privacy in unprecedented ways and those will have to be challenged and work their way through the court. We’re talking about a period of chaos where women not only can’t be confident that they can get an abortion but can’t even be sure they have the right to track their own cycles. To control other parts of their reproductive processes in a way. We have taken for granted not just for 50 years wubuttrying to opinion. It looks almost identical to the leaked opinion including the phrase that Roe was egregiously wrong when it was decided. If this decision was egregiously wrong, more than a dozen Supreme Court justices since 1973 have said, it was actually quite right. This just gives you an idea of how different the five justices and the majority. The three justices plus Alito and Thomas from the other Republican appointees.

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