Maryam Rajavi calls for overthrowing Iranian Mullah regime

Maryam Rajavi: Resistance, uprising, and the overthrow of religious fascism is the only way to realize the rights of retirees, teachers, and workers.

According to the Iranian opposition group the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), and the People’s Mujahedin of Iran (PMOI / MEK Iran), teachers, retirees, and workers protested their dismal living conditions and the regime’s corruption and plundering on Sunday across Iran.

These protests have continued and expanded since Ebrahim Raisi was selected as the regime’s president.

Inflation is on the rise in Iran, and prices are increasing. They are barely able to make ends meet. With the passage of time, it becomes clear that Raisi and his government will not be able to tackle Iran’s economic problems.

“When the government puts its hands in people’s pockets by printing banknotes and other means rather than reforming economic structures, people are naturally faced with rising inflation rather than economic growth and opportunities.

In this situation, tackling the inflation problem would undoubtedly take time,” the state-run Keyhan daily, wrote on Sunday.

In other words, the Iranian people’s lives will not improve despite Raisi’s empty claims as Khamenei’s appointee.

On Sunday, when several Iranian cities witnessed the protests, Khamenei gave a speech in which he referred to the “enemy within the country” and stated that his regime’s “security is the most important issue” to which “attention should be paid.”

The “Revolutionary Guards (IRGC), State Security Forces, Police, and Basij [paramilitary] are the [regime’s] protecting shield against the enemy’s threats,” he added.

The major mission of the aforementioned security forces is to suppress any protest.

Khamenei’s nightmare has become the ongoing protests. He is well aware of the potentially disastrous consequences of these protests for him and his government.

As a result, Khamenei warns his regime officials of an “enemy within the country.”

“If the rising cost of living and the problems we’ve seen in recent months continue, we’ll see popular protests over living and economic issues in the coming months,” the state-run ILNA News Agency wrote on Monday.

“For years, the mullahs have wasted the assets and properties of the greater majority of the Iranian people on suppression, wars, terrorism, and missile and nuclear programs.

“They have brought nothing to the people but oppression, discrimination, poverty, unemployment, and inflation.”  Maryam Rajavi, the President-elect of the National Council of Resistance (NCRI) tweeted adding, “Hail to the freedom-loving teachers and retirees in Iran who took to the streets to demand their rights despite high risks and security forces’ threats. Resistance, uprising, and the overthrow of religious fascism is the only way to realize the rights of retirees, teachers, and workers.”

Khamenei and his administration keep stealing the wealth of the people. In comparison to last year, the head of the regime’s Economic Security Police recognized a 300 percent surge in embezzlement.

Because they are stuck in an impasse, Khamenei and Raisi are concerned about the continued protests. They must either solve people’s problems and respond to their requests by limiting their plundering of Iran’s national resources and corruption, or they should prepare to face the “enemy”.

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