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Mass migration threatens civil peace in France

Pierre Brochand, External Security, DGSE, France

Influx of mass migration is already posing severe threat to the Western nations while an official in France is seeing this producing a cross-cutting impact on all of country’s collective life.

According to media reports, Pierre Brochand, the former director of the General Directorate for External Security (DGSE) between 2002 and 2008 has warned that uncontrolled mass migration is the only issue facing the country that “threatens civil peace”.

French Secret Service chief said that mass migration had produced “a cross-cutting impact on all of our collective life, which I consider to be generally negative”.

Although asserting that immigration in and of itself was not “evil”, Pierre Brochand noted that the “very particular immigration that we have been subjected to for 50 years” has caused a “creeping third-worldization of French society”, as well as “regression in key areas, such as education, productivity, public services, safety, and civility”.

Brochand sought to debunk the often-cited argument, most recently voiced by French President Emmanuel Macron, that mass migration has always been the norm.

“For 1,000 years, from the Carolingians to Napoleon III, nothing happened”, he said, adding that it wasn’t until the 1970’s that newcomers from “the third world of highly failing societies”, most of them Muslims, began pouring in.

Noting that another wave was caused by the Arab Spring, Brochand said there were now 25 times more Muslims living in France than in the 1960’s and that one must have a a “hummingbird’s brain” to think that ancient rivalries between Christians and Muslims would not be reignited.

Pierre Brochand called for immigration levels to be cut by at least ten times, with student visas slashed by 300 per cent and all non-contributory welfare payments to foreigners to be eliminated.

France must “get out of our straightjacket and take back, by finally showing political will, the steering wheel of the crazy truck that has been driving itself for 50 years”, according to Brochand.

According to Summit News, France’s greatest living author Michel Houellebecq says Europe will be “swept away” by mass migration, adding that he was “shocked” that the ‘great replacement’ is treated as a conspiracy theory.

Following the gruesome murder of a 12-year-old girl in Paris by an Algerian migrant who was in the country illegally, it was subsequently revealed that just 0.2 per cent of illegal Algerian migrants are deported from France.

A poll taken in April 2021 found that the majority of French citizens thought some form of “civil war” was likely as a result of failed multiculturalism and attacks on French identity.

Pseudo-jihadist in enters France

Taking advantage of mass-migration opportunity in France, a notorious pseudo-jihadist named Pinaki Bhattacharya has succeeded in landing and getting asylum in France, wherefrom he has been continuing outrageous propaganda against non-Muslims, India, Hindus and anti-radical Islam forces. Prior to arriving in France, Bhattacharya joined Jamaat-e-Islami and converted into Islam several years ago.

Sitting in France, Pinaki Bhattacharya has been running pro-jihadist propaganda through YouTube. In addition to luring people towards converting into Islam, he also is collecting fund for jihad.

According to credible source, years ago, Pinaki, a diehard anti-India individual was hired by Pakistani spy agency Inter Service Intelligence (ISI) for running propaganda against India and promoting anti-India sentiment in Bangladesh. In addition to his nefarious propaganda against Bangladesh, Pinaki has been categorically active in running propaganda offensives against Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS). Other targets of Pinaki Bhattacharya are the United States, Israel, Britain, European Union and secularist forces. Pinaki has also been supportive to Pakistan-sponsored terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir as well as other parts of India. He has been one of the defenders of Afghan Taliban.

It is also learnt that Pinaki Bhattacharya maintains deeper connections with Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) and Jamaat-e-Islami.

In December 2021, all European Awami League leaders filed a number of allegations with French police against Paris-based Bangladeshi blogger and activist Pinaki Bhattacharya.

All European AL president M Nazrul Islam, general secretary Mujibur Rahman, France AL president MA Kashem, general secretary Dilwar Hossain and vice-president Manjurul Hasan Selim lodged the complaints with the French police in Paris.

“Pinaki Bhattacharya is involved in anti-Bangladesh activities. This so-called writer is sitting in France trying to confuse people with misleading and false information about Bangladesh, the government of Bangladesh, founding president of the nation Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, prime minister Sheikh Hasina and Bangabandhu family”, Nazrul Islam told the media.

He said that Pinaki Bhattacharya kept spreading propaganda using online portals, Facebook, YouTube channel and other social media platforms.

Nazrul alleged that a vicious circle was trying to create chaos in non-communal Bangladesh and Pinaki Bhattacharya was one of the members of this circle led by convicted BNP leader Tarique Rahman.

“Behind them are the defeated forces of 1971 and their allies. They’re pouring huge amount of money for this propaganda. We’ve filed a complaint because such propaganda cannot be allowed to continue. Legally it needs to stop. Propaganda against Bangladesh is being carried out on French soil, which we have brought to the notice of the law of this country”, he said.

According to an Indian website, a self-proclaimed activist Pinaki Bhattacharya is anti-Hindu and anti-India extremist. He has been regularly publishing contents defaming Hindu religion.

It said, Pinaki became popular amongst radical Muslims and anti-India and anti-Hindu bloc in Bangladesh for his jihadist and anti-India publications. He persuaded Bangladeshi Muslims to wage jihad against the Hindus and join jihadist forces in Jammu and Kashmir in India.

In Bangladesh, Pinaki was accused of selling counterfeit medicines and sexual drugs. Under the garb of a pharmaceutical company, Pinaki Bhattacharya was also involved in producing Yaba, which is a combination of methamphetamine (a powerful and addictive stimulant) and caffeine.

According to information, Pinaki Bhattacharya has been selling Yaba to Lebanese Hezbollah as well as other terrorist groups in the Middle East through infamous Dawood Ibrahim’s D Company.

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