Mohammad Yunus lies about his advertisement in The Washington Post


Nobel laureate Muhammad Yunus is a habitual liar, a conman, who has been fooling the world with series of lies centering Grameen Bank and his “success stories” of microcredit. As Yunus currently is criminal charges for series of financial crimes, he has resorted to his old habit of misleading various individuals in the world by falsely portraying him as a victim.

According to Indian news agency ANI, Yunus’ Grameen Telecom is being probed on corruption charges, accused of misappropriating workers’ money, embezzling Taka 45,52,13,000 without distributing the money to the worker’s welfare fund, and transferring Taka 29.77 billion to affiliated institutions through money laundering.

Yunus certainly is not telling this to anyone in the world. Instead, he is trying to skip legal proceedings and possible imprisonment by using his connections with Hillary Clinton and few other Democrats including Senator Dick Durbin and others in burying his crimes or saving him from spending rest of his life in jail.

Recently, when Yunus managed a letter signed by several globally known individuals (although Yunus has falsely termed them as global leaders) he made frantic bids in getting it as report in the US media. He even hired several Press Release agencies in spreading contents of the letter. But none of the American media showed interest in granting space to Yunus as they already are aware of criminal activities and falsehood of him.

But, Yunus is a character who would shamelessly lie. This time he has lied about spending US$73,000 for publishing a full-page advertisement in The Washington Post using the content of the letter signed by 40 individuals, including Sharon Stone. By the way, Jennifer Lopez, who had earlier joined Yunus’ Grameen America did not sign this letter. It is even learnt that Jennifer Lopez has already distanced herself from Yunus and Grameen America when she came to know about past misdeeds of Yunus.

As publishing the letter as advertisement in The Washington Post turned into a great laughing stuff to most of the people including members of the media in Bangladesh, except for several sycophants and cronies of Yunus, this controversial man came up with a blog post on his website stating:

“… Naturally, a few criticisms have been leveled against it.  One goes like this: Why did this need to appear as a paid advertisement in the Washington Post, as opposed to something that the Post would cover on its own as a news article by one of its journalists?  The implication is that the harassment of Professor Yunus, and human rights concerns in Bangladesh more widely, are not newsworthy or important”.

Justifying publishing a full-page advertisement by spending US$73,000 in The Washington Post, Yunus wrote in his blog that The Washington Post did not publish it as a report fearing it would result in refusal of visa applications when any reporter of this newspaper wishes to visit Bangladesh.

What a blatant lie!

Commenting on Yunus’ such claim, a senior member of the editorial board of The Washington Post said: “We did not publish it as news as it lacks ingredients. Moreover, for publishing a report on the letter we had to also contact Bangladesh authorities for their comments, which Yunus feared as that would bring the matter of ongoing criminal cases against him in Bangladesh”.

The editorial board member further said, Muhammad Yunus “almost begged” for publishing the content of the letter without taking any comment from Bangladesh side. As for a newspaper like The Washington Post, doing such one-sided report would be grossly unethical, they had to turn-down Yunus’ request. That was the reason behind publishing the letter as advertisement.

Meanwhile, another source said, Muhammad Yunus had also hired at least two PR agencies to get the matter published in mainstream newspapers in the United States including The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times etcetera. But all of such frantic bids fell flat again because none of those newspapers would publish a one-sided story.

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