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Mother of Prince Phillip did not save Jews

Prince Phillip, Princess Alice, Nazi occupation of Greece 


Mother of Prince Phillip did not save Jews

Mother of Prince Phillip had saved the lives of Jews in Athens. That is what everyone in the world have been hearing since 1992. But, according to information – everyone has been fooled through a concocted story stating Philip’s mother, Princess Alice, sheltered Jews during World War II when she was living in Athens. This is a concocted story, which was even revealed by Prince Phillip himself!

In 1994, Prince Philip became the first member of the royal family ever to visit Israel, when he came to the Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial museum in Jerusalem to participate in a ceremony honoring his mother, Princess Alice, as a Righteous Among The Nations.


The reason behind Prince Phillip’s visit was the story stating his mother Princess Alice had sheltered three members of the Cohen family, hiding them in her palace in Athens during the Nazi occupation of Greece.

The story was concocted by the British royals – actually Queen Elizabeth to clean the sinner image of her husband’s family. It may be mentioned here that, all the sisters of Prince Phillip were married to Nazi officers and the entire family were fans of Hitler.


After many years of the Holocaust, all on a sudden, in 1992, a Jewish Holocaust survivor named Michel Cohen came up with the claim telling the Yad Vashem officials that he, his mother and his sisters were saved by the princess. Everyone was fed with this false story and the British queen was personally patronizing spread of this fake story. But the pandora box was opened, when Prince Phillip visited Israel in 1994.

Although everyone is fed with a false story stating, Philip’s mother, Princess Alice, sheltered Jews during World War II when she was living in Athens. This is a story concocted at the personal efforts of Queen Elizabeth II. This was proved in a report where Prince Phillip, while visiting Holocaust Museum in Israel said:


My sister and I are deeply honored to have been invited to this moving ceremony at what must be the world’s most poignant memorial.

I have to say that we do not really deserve to be here, since the events that are being commemorated took place without our knowledge or involvement. We knew, of course, that our mother had stayed in Athens, after Greece had been over-run by the German army. We also knew that she had moved out of her modest flat to take care of a larger house belonging to her brother-in-law, Prince George.


We did not know, and, as far as we know, she never mentioned to anyone, that she had given refuge to the Cohen family at a time when all Jews in Athens were in great danger of being arrested and transported to the concentration camps.

The reality is just the opposite. While Princess Alice was in Athens, her daughters along with their Nazi husbands were meeting Alice on a regular basis and Princess Alice had no love for the Jews at all!

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