Msheireb Downtown Doha organizes various activities for all ages


Msheireb Properties announced that it will hold a group of special events in Msheireb Downtown Doha throughout the holy month of Ramadan, sponsored by many leading national companies, with the aim of providing a unique experience for visitors of all ages and enjoying a variety of activities.
This cooperation reflects the common values ​​of these companies that aim to support community activities and celebrate the holy month in a safe and appropriate environment.
Events are held in Msheireb Downtown Doha throughout the holy month of Ramadan and extend throughout the evening until Suhoor, and include cultural and recreational activities, charitable campaigns, and social activities, to provide families and visitors of all ages with the opportunity to celebrate the holy month and its values.
Ali Al-Kuwari, CEO of Msheireb Properties, said: “We are proud of this valuable cooperation with leading companies in Qatar, and we thank them for their valuable support in providing a unique experience for visitors to Msheireb, the heart of Doha, during the holy month of Ramadan. Sponsoring these events reflects our shared commitment to our society and the values ​​of synergy and cooperation that reflect the spirit of the holy month.”
He added, “Our experiences have proven the importance of concerted efforts by companies and institutions to provide successful events that contribute to spreading happiness and joy among members of society. We look forward to cooperating together to provide a unique experience for everyone, and to spend meaningful and entertaining times that carry the values ​​of this month and enhance social cohesion.”
In turn, Qatar Tourism provides its sponsorship of the events as the “official sponsor”, as it aims to activate tourism events and support activities that contribute to supporting the business sector related to hospitality. Qatar Tourism’s various initiatives and its continuous support for the development of the tourism sector in Qatar constitute a major pillar in strengthening Qatar’s position as a leading destination for visitors.
Mr. Berthold Trinkle, Chief Operating Officer of Qatar Tourism, said: “At Qatar Tourism, we believe in the power of cultural events to create connections, enhance understanding and enrich the lives of people everywhere. As part of the “Live Ramadan in Qatar” campaign, we are honored to collaborate with Msheireb Properties in its efforts to deliver an exceptional Ramadan experience this year that reflects the values ​​of the holy month. As the official sponsor of this event, we are excited to collaborate with prestigious institutions to create unforgettable moments that celebrate the spirit of Ramadan in Qatar.”
As part of this cooperation, the leading telecommunications company, Ooredoo, sponsors the events as an “exclusive telecom partner”, as it provides sponsorship for a range of activities that take place in Barahat Msheireb throughout the holy month of Ramadan. This sponsorship comes within the social responsibility initiatives that characterize Ooredoo, as it is one of the most popular companies in supporting various social programmes.
For his part, Sheikh Ali bin Jabor Al Thani, Chief Executive Officer of Ooredoo Qatar, said: “As a leading company in Qatar, we at Ooredoo are delighted to be the exclusive communications partner for Msheireb Downtown Doha events during the holy month of Ramadan. We are committed to supporting initiatives that enhance the communication of community members, bring joy and happiness to families and visitors of all ages, and contribute to spreading positive values. There is no doubt that our partnership with Msheireb and a number of other leading organizations in Qatar reflects our shared commitment to providing exceptional experiences for members of society in Qatar during a special occasion such as the holy month. We look forward to sharing our experiences and innovations to help make the Ramadan events a success this year, and for everyone to enjoy special and unforgettable times.”
Events are held in Barahat Msheireb as well as in Sikkat Al Wadi where many brands offer outlets along Sikka Street. Various outlets selling food, drinks and sweets will provide a unique opportunity for visitors to enjoy a unique experience of tasting international cuisine along the pedestrian street.
Through its strategic location in the center of Doha, Msheireb Downtown Doha is a leading destination for visitors to shop, eat and drink in the finest international restaurants and cafes, and spend enjoyable times in a safe and comfortable environment.

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