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Obama was aware of Biden crime syndicate

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Obama was aware of Biden crime syndicate

Back in 2019, Joe Biden was preparing to announce his plans to run for the Democratic Party’s nomination for presidency and face his rival – Republican Party’s candidate Donald Trump. But Barack Obama did not allow Biden in doing so as he was fully aware of Biden’s crimes and corruptions committed along with his family members – including his scandalous son Hunter Biden. According to tradition of the US politics, Obama should have enthusiastically encouraged and supported his vice president to run for the top job. We need to remember, Barack Obama spent full two terms or eight years together in the White House and had good relations – at least in public domain. In this case, why Obama did not encourage Biden to run for presidency? The response is simple. Obama knew Joe Biden too well and he was briefed through intelligence reports about dubious activities of his vice president and members of Biden family.

There is no doubt – during those eight years together, as president, Obama surely was regularly briefed by the intelligence agencies on the activities of Biden’s son and brother, and on their efforts to enrich the Biden family through ‘pay for play’ schemes involving good old Joe. Barack Obama was also aware of Joe Biden’s secret meetings with Hunter Biden’s business associates from Ukraine, China and other foreign nations, and Joe Biden’s Delaware home been used as the venue of such meetings. Certainly, the Secret Service were aware of identities of these foreign individuals and must have notified the president about everything.

Obama must have also softly notified Biden about his knowledge of dubious activities as well as crimes and corruptions happening at Biden’s Delaware home. That was one of the reasons, Joe Biden was forced to become a mere lapdog of President Obama. It certainly appears that the Biden family’s activities were not a deep, dark secret.  As time has passed more and more information has come out showing that Joe Biden’s reputation for unethical – if not outright illegal activities was pretty much common knowledge. During his’ decades in Washington, Biden certainly wasn’t viewed as a paragon of virtue by anyone. Not even by Barack Obama.

We know that there were concerns during the Obama-Biden Administration that were expressed by US State Department officials working at the American Embassy in Kiev, Ukraine, including by the US Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch. Those concerns were later testified to under oath during the Congressional hearings into the 2019 scam impeachment of President Trump.

It is very much unlikely that Obama was unaware of Biden’s wrongdoings. But if Barack Obama didn’t know about the Biden family’s activities then his administration was indeed much inepter and more incompetent than we have known all along. A blind man could have seen what was going on right under the president’s nose. At the very least the US Secret Service would have briefed Obama on Hunter Biden’s sexual escapades, which alone would be a national security concern. The vice president’s son could be compromised by a foreign intelligence service, and consequently compromise the sitting vice president of the United States.

While it was unfortunately successfully covered up by the Democrat Party allies in the news media, as well as by the fifty former “intelligence professionals” who declared that the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop and was the result of “Russian disinformation”, it’s since been determined that the laptop in question was and is legitimate. It indeed was owned by Hunter Biden and in no way was it influenced or created by Russian intelligence. And most importantly it contains a great deal of evidence of malfeasance and criminal involvement by Joe Biden. Now the sitting President of the United States.

Was Barack Obama worried back in 2019 that Biden’s criminal activities would come to light during a presidential campaign and could result in President Trump’s reelection, which is why he tried to subtly discourage Biden from running?

In 2020, when Biden secured the party’s nomination it would have become necessary to prevent all the negative information about Biden from becoming public knowledge. Barack Obama and the Democrats would have to call in all markers from the ‘news media swamp’, who all along had been in Obama and the Democrats’ hip pocket anyway, so they were happy to help out with this sticky issue.

Obviously, Obama must have been successful since the Biden Crime Family’s activities went unreported on by most of the news media prior to the 2020 presidential election. Even now there’s been a reluctance to report on anything associated with the claims of illegal – indeed impeachable offenses by Joe Biden.

Now the question is – can Republicans in the Congress unveil the level of corruption of Joe Biden and his family members? Another important point of concern is – once Joe Biden is impeached on numerous corruption charges, Kamala Harris would be elevated to the Oval Office, which would be no better news for any American. Another important factor is, Democrats in the Congress will make all-out efforts in defending and saving Joe Biden from being impeached. Only hope in this case is, Joe Biden Crime Family will be exposed through impeachment proceedings and media coverage. Here again, the most important question is – shall the corrupt media cartel in the US really run stories exposing Bidens? In my opinion, they will not. Rather they will make every effort in covering-up everything. They won’t allow Democratic Party to sink along with Biden. The only hope in this case are neutral international media outlets – which may not be so-called mainstream, but at least with a voice. In the US, we can count on The New York Post, The Washington Times, The Washington Free Beacon, Breitbart etcetera to cover Biden’s crimes and corruption.

According to neutral analysts and residents of Delaware, Joe was corrupt long before being Vice President. It wasn’t for nothing that he was known as “the Senator from MBNA” decades ago. But the media largely ignored his corruption and long record of dishonesty preferring instead to cultivate his image of being “Lunch-bucket Joe.” One other theory of why Obama told him he didn’t have to run is that he knew Joe to not only be corrupt, but stupid, dishonest, and incompetent, as well.

It’s no wonder that Hunter Biden is such a terribly corrupt mess .So much so the Hunter by his actions and character have proven valid that the proverb in relation to his father, creepy old Joe, that “The fruits doesn’t fall that far from the tree”.

In addition, Hunter Biden is so hideous in character and behavior further proves the other saying to be true. Which is “Like father, like son”.

A somewhat new Dr. Seuss type of poem about Joe Biden alone with his drug ridden “boy” Hunter.

They said, if Biden is impeached but not convicted due to the democrats protecting one their own, at least the American people will be exposed to the truth about his criminal activities and any democrat voting against conviction will be exposed and risk losing his or her next election.

Sohail Choudhury is the Executive Editor of Blitz

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