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Pakistani politician wants to become jihadist suicide bomber

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Pakistani politician wants to become jihadist suicide bomber

Anti-Semitism, Holocaust denial, religious hatred and jihadism are deep-rooted within Pakistani society. According to latest media reports, a Pakistani politician has expressed his firm determination of becoming a jihadist suicide attacker and kill “enemies of Islam”. While playboy politician and bigwig of Pakistan People’s Party (PPP), Bilawal Bhutto aspired to become Pakistan’s Prime Minister, another PPP bigwig Hina Rabbani Khar, who has recently been demoted to the position of junior minister from her previous position of a full-fledged minister was exposed by Blitz in 2012, when she was secretly romancing with PPP mini-boss Bilawal Bhutto.

Back in September 2012, we received a scoop from an intelligence source with details about the secret romance amongst the Pakistani political elites. It wasn’t just a mere political elite. Instead, it was about the secret affairs between Pakistan then Foreign Minister Ms. Hina Rabbani Khar and the ‘titan’ of de-facto Bhuttos – in fact, another Zaradari – the top figure in the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP), Bilawal Bhutto (Zardari). Bilawal is the grandson of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and the son of Benazir Bhutto. We know very little about Bilawal’s paternal family background except something about Asif Ali Zardari. Practically before marrying Bhutto’s daughter Benazir Bhutto, Zardari was rather an unknown entity. Even we don’t know why an Oxford-educated Benazir was attracted to a filthy guy like Zardari. The only possible reason could be – both were notoriously corrupt and had championed the art of deception.

Immediately after the news about the secret romance between Pakistani foreign minister Hina Rabbani Khar and PPP top-man Bilawal Bhutto (Zardari) was published in Blitz, it had caught the attention of most of the media, both print and electronic, in the world. Even this has been continuing for subsequent years. Here is one example from a One India report dated September 20, 2014 – two years after the report was published in Blitz:

Alleged love affair between Pakistan Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar and young Chairman of ruling Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) Bilawal Bhutto has become the talk of the town. A Bangladeshi tabloid Blitz stormed the world, especially Pakistan, with its first sensational report on alleged high profile affair.


The tabloid revealed many unheard stories, though it did not mention any concrete source from where it has gathered information regarding Hina-Bilawal saga.

Here are some highlights of the tabloid reports which brought out few secrets about the alleged romantic relationship between the stylish Foreign Minister and son of Pakistan’s President Asif Ali Zardari and late Benazir Bhutto.


Hina is married to millionaire businessman from Punjab Province Feroze Gulzar and has two daughters named Annaya and Dina. Their love marriage went through a rough phase when Hina had caught Gulzar having extra marital affair with one of his female colleague in Pakistan.

Hina went into severe depression after being ditched by her husband and allegedly had tried to commit suicide after taking sleeping pills.


The seeds of distrust between Hina and her husband were sown followed by the incident and Hina gradually fell in love with 24-year-old Bilawal who is 11 year younger than her.

Hina and Bilawal allegedly had spent time together during their joint foreign trips both private and official.

Zardari caught both Hina and his son red hand when he found Hina’s letter to Bilawal saying, “The foundation of our relations is eternal and soon we shall be just ourselves.” According to the tabloid, Zardari had apparently caught the duo in a compromising position inside the official residence of the President. Zardari, according to the tabloid, believes that Bilawal’s emotional involvement with a married woman and a mother of two would not only jeopardize Bilawal’s political career but would also invite political doom for the PPP.


The Pakistan President allegedly had tried to do a villain when he along with ISI tried to spread rumours and scandals about Hina and her husband.

Zardari reportedly had tried to entangle the Khar family into several scandals in order to hamper their family business.

However, Bilawal, who earlier was engaged in several sex scandals, became a hurdle for Zardari as he threatened to quit PPP. He even planned to settle down with Hina and her daughters in Switzerland.


Later, Bilawal reportedly had informed Zardari that Hina would leave her two daughters with her husband after their divorce.

The Pakistan President even tried to use his political power to dissuade Hina from engaging with his son. He had once decided to expel Hina from the post of foreign minister.

Zardari even gathered call details of both Hina and Bilalwal in order to have proofs regarding the illicit love affair between the two.


Both Hina and her husband rubbished the reports terming the news as “reprehensible” and “trash”. Gulzar also accused political classes in Islamabad of hatching such conspiracy against Hina and their family to malign their image. Though there were no official statements from Bilawal or Zardari.

A senior PPP official, however, stated a completely different story claiming that it was a conspiracy by Inter-Service Intelligence (ISI) aiming to damage Hina’s reputation as ISI blames her for facilitating a UN investigation into thousands of missing people detained by the security forces. “They are not happy with her. The UN mission received a cold reception but Hina was called in by the president to meet him and the army chief. She crossed some red line,” the PPP official was quoted as saying. Rubbishing such allegations against ISI, Pakistan military too said, “These allegations are absurd and baseless. The ISI has nothing to do with this defamation campaign and neither any problem exists between the Foreign Minister and the agency.”


According to Paki Destiny:

Foreign Minister Hina Khar is [was] contemplating resigning after the alleged reports of her affair with Bilawal Bhutto.

Sources informed Pak Destiny that Hina’s family was very upset over the development and her husband has asked her to quit the post.

“Hina will discuss the matter with President Zardari on her return from the US and decide her future course of action,” the sources said.


Meanwhile spokesman of ISPR on Saturday denied the allegation of British Daily Telegraph which accuses Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) for running a defamation campaign through a Bangladeshi tabloid “Blitz weekly” against Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar and Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, DawnNews reported.

The spokesman said these allegations are absurd and baseless. “The ISI has nothing to do with this defamation campaign and neither any problem exists between the foreign minister and the agency,” said the spokesman.


According to Weekly Blitz, the married foreign minister, who has two young children with her millionaire husband, and Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) co-chairman, want to get married and have been regularly talking on the telephone and sending one another cards.

Pakistan People’s Party leader Bilawal Bhutto’s private life photo


The tabloid claimed President Asif Ali Zardari is firmly opposed to their alleged relationship and had sought details of their mobile telephone conversations to establish the facts.


The ISPR spokesman said it is handiwork of those who want to weaken the state by creating misunderstanding between various institutions. It is not something new because such people have been fabricating misleading and impish stories in the past as well, he added.

The British daily needs to behave more responsibly and confirm veracity of information from respective entities before printing such malicious stories.


The spokesman termed the allegations involving the agencies as rubbish and part of a propaganda campaign, and said that we reserve the rights to take legal action on such anonymous reports without quoting any names and sources.

According to Daily Telegraph, senior PPP figures on Thursday said they believed the claims were part of a plot by the ISI to damage Khar’s reputation because it blames her for her part in facilitating a UN investigation into thousands of missing people detained by the security forces.


One PPP official told The Daily Telegraph that the ISI expects the United Nations’ Working Group on Enforced and Involuntary Disappearances to recommend senior army and intelligence officials be charged for their role and blame Ms Rabbani Khar for allowing the delegation into the country.

September 2012 issue of Blitz exposing Hina-Bilawal secret romance

For saving the party’s image from total ruin, leaders of PPP had alleged that the report in Blitz was an act of “conspiracy” of the Pakistani spy agency, Inter Service Intelligence (ISI). The prestigious British newspaper, The Telegraph had published a news item on this matter quoting a PPP source.


Quoting government sources, Times of India said, I was arrested two days before Ms. Khar’s visit to Dhaka on November 10, 2012. It further said: “Pakistan’s foreign office had lodged a strong protest with its Bangladeshi counterpart over the tabloid’s reports. The Bangladeshi authorities had assured the Pakistani government that appropriate action would be taken against Chaudhry [Choudhury] for irresponsible journalism”.

Pakistani newspaper The News in its report said:

The Pakistani Foreign Office is learnt to have lodged a strong protest with the Bangladeshi Foreign Office over the publication of a series of false and frivolous reports by Blitz Weekly, involving Hina and Bilawal. The Bangladeshi authorities had assured their Pakistan counterparts that appropriate action would be taken against Choudhury for indulging in irresponsible journalism.


The Pakistani authorities were also informed that Choudhury has a murky past, having already been arrested in 2003 and charged with spying for the Israeli intelligence agency, Mossad. Choudhury is facing charges of sedition, treason, blasphemy and espionage for attempting to travel to Israel in violation of Bangladeshi Passport Act which forbids citizens from visiting countries with which Bangladesh does not maintain diplomatic relations.

A number of Indian newspapers had also joined the voice of the Pakistani press and had irresponsibly labeled me as “controversial” and made full attempts of tarnishing my image. I am not sure yet, why the Indian media was so much enthusiastic about pleasing the Pakistani government.


Even almost two years after Blitz had exposed the secret affairs of the Pakistani top politicians, a website named Viewstorm has published a report on June 11, 2015 stating:

Though initially dismissed as baseless rumors by PPP top scions two and a half years back, the glamorous world of baby Bhutto has always dazzled the mind of his many Pakistani admirers. After all how many young heirs can take six months off after hardly two months of some hard shouting which of course really tired him up!


Being launched into politics countless times Baby Bhutto through his fiery speeches has [have] won many admirers across the country but could the former foreign minister really have been one of his most zealous admirers?

The affair was first brought into limelight by a Bangladeshi newspaper, which reported that the then married foreign secretary, who has two young children with her millionaire husband, and Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari, the Pakistan People’s Party [PPP] co-chairman, want to marry and have been regularly talking on the telephone and sending one another cards.


Pakistan People’s Party leader Bilawal Bhutto, a playboy

The tabloid claimed President Zardari is firmly opposed to their alleged relationship and had sought details of their mobile telephone conversations to establish the facts.

The paper cited “western intelligence agencies” as the source of details of messages the ‘couple’ had sent each other.

Ms Rabbani Khar and her husband immediately dismissed the claims as “reprehensible” and “trash” and slowly and gradually the matter cooled down and was finally forgotten.


But the question remained what really the reality was relating to the matter. Let’s analyze the whole affair from top to bottom.

Firstly Hina has ever since 2013 completely disappeared from the political radar and is nowhere to be seen.

Secondly Hina’s husband and many others in PPP top slots dismissed these rumors as a ploy by Pakistani intelligence to defame Mrs. Khar.


Thirdly all figures which were close to Bilawal and his father have been rewarded with top slots in the present PPP Sindh government. Mrs. Khar is nowhere to be seen.

Fourthly Mrs. Rabbani Khar, the daughter of a powerful Punjab landowner, has already been the subject of many rumours concerning her private life since she first became a minister in General Musharraf’s government in 2004.


There was speculation then that she might marry the then prime minister Shaukat Aziz, but instead she married businessman Firoze Gulzar.

She later stood as a PPP candidate in the 2008 elections and was appointed as finance minister in the new PPP-led government. She won many admirers for her stylish clothes and designer bags during her visit to India last year where the two countries made significant progress in improving their relationship.


From the above content, we have got a number of intakes, such as:

Since publication of the reports in Blitz, Ms. Hina Rabban Khar had “completely disappeared from the political radar and is nowhere to be seen”. Can anyone imagine what has forced the former Pakistani foreign minister in isolating herself from the political radar if the report in Blitz was fake?

Romance is nothing new in the life of Ms. Khar. The “daughter of a powerful Punjab landowner, has already been the subject of many rumors concerning her private life since she first became a minister in General Musharraf’s government in 2004”. Guys, fasten your seatbelt! It was also learned from this information that Hina Rabbani Khar was romancing with then Pakistani Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz, a person much elder than her, meaning, she has the tendency of getting political mileage by involving into dubious romance with various important individuals.


Pakistani politician wants to become jihadist suicide bomber

Due to excessive Islamization in Pakistani society, jihadist groups have been legitimized over the years, as seen recently in two Pakistani leaders’ statements justifying suicide bombings in the context of Pakistani politics.

During March and early April of this year, a scandal, referred to in the Pakistani media as “Lettergate,” broke in Pakistan. Then Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan accused the United States of plotting to unseat his government for pursuing an independent foreign policy amid the Russian invasion of Ukraine. “Lettergate” refers to a diplomatic cable sent from the Pakistani Embassy in Washington DC supposedly relating to these events.


Some lawmakers from Khan’s Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) party defected to the opposition, triggering a no-trust vote against the government.

Although the Khan government tried to throw out the no-trust vote, the Supreme Court of Pakistan intervened quickly to uphold the constitutional process, resulting in Khan being voted out of power on April 10 and the election of opposition leader Shehbaz Sharif as the country’s new prime minister.

During the controversy, two politicians from Khan’s PTI party said that they wanted to become suicide bombers to blow up the opposition politicians. The two politicians are: then Pakistani Minister for Civil Aviation Ghulam Sarwar Khan and former Minister of State for Interior and current member of the National Assembly of Pakistan and Minister of State for States and Frontier Regions Shehryar Khan Afridi. Khan is also chairman of the Parliamentary Special Committee on Kashmir.


Ghulam Sarwar Khan, addressing a political rally on March 13, 2022, in the city of Rawalpindi, said: “Suicide is haram [forbidden in Islam]. I wish to become a suicide bomber so that, where all these enemies of the country and religion [Islam] sit, I could detonate myself to annihilate all of them. This is my thinking.”

Shehryar Khan Afridi made a similar statement, saying he could have blown up parliament. Speaking in Pashtu at a corner meeting in the Pakistani city of Kohat in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, Shehryar Khan Afridi said: “I swear to God. If suicide was not haram [forbidden], I would have tied explosives to myself and blown up all the hypocrites in the parliament and eliminated the foundation of those who sell out the country [to America].


Blitz exposed nasty life of Pakistani politicians

For years investigative reporters of Blitz have been exposing nasty private lifestyle of Pakistani politicians, including Benazir Bhutto, former Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani, Asif Ali Zardari, Sherry Rahman and others.


We are aware, how Pakistan has already turned into a failed state by sponsoring terrorism in the region and the world. Recently, UAE authorities have stopped issuing visas to Pakistani nationals for an indefinite period, most definitely because of Islamabad’s involvement in terrorism.

In Asia, Pakistan champions as the cruelest country for its religious minorities. We remember the case of Asia Bibi, a Christian woman who had suffered tremendous intimidation in Pakistan, just for being a Christian. Dozens of Christians are languishing in Pakistani prisons – mostly facing nefarious blasphemy charges. Persecution of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in Pakistan is a very disturbing example of state-sponsored terror. Members of Hindu, Bahai, Buddhist and other religious minorities in Pakistan are facing continuous cruelties. Forceful abduction and love jihad are on the rise in that country.  But Pakistani state machinery and its notorious spy agency is active in hiding the truth and suffocating the voice of the media – in Pakistan and around the region. But they cannot silence everyone. As they could not silence Blitz – and shall not be able to silence many of our fellow media, which has the audacity of expressing moral courage.

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