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Paul Pelosi Jr faces allegations of assaulting minor girl

Paul Pelosi Jr, Karena Apple Feng


Paul Pelosi Jr faces allegations of assaulting minor girl

“I only slept with him like once but I was on the same bed with Paul Pelosi Jr many nights … He has a medical issue of erectile disorder,” Karena Apple Feng said.

Nancy Pelosi’s only son Paul Pelosi Jr is not only accused by cashing his mother’s position in making multi-billion-dollar business deals with foreign companies, he also is accused of mentally and physically abusing his former girlfriend Karena Apple Feng, and by exerting his mother’s influence Paul Pelosi Jr got Karena Apple Feng’s children forcibly taken away using Child Protective Service.

It is further alleged by Karena Apple Feng that Paul Pelosi Jr had forced her in having abortion on several occasions. About forcibly taking her children, Karena Apple Feng said:


“… The foster home are parents who forces my children to call them mom and dad, and they in turn do not allow my son to cut his hair so it grows into a girl’s style; and then insists my daughter to cut a boy’s haircut. They force my children to fall off bicycles and said children are supposed to get bruised up. The children are not allowed to answer my questions about how they’re doing and are forced under general anesthesia to silver up their whole mouth of baby teeth – for possible future cavities they may or may not have one day. It’s total nonsense, a disrespect to children, no love, and no support. Everything they say to the children are insults towards their parent. And, forces religion and unhygienic gross food upon the children that makes them throw up, and then they get grounded for not being able to tolerate their disgusting food and the fosters are constantly and intentionally irritating the children, and mandating endless medical attention on perfectly healthy and nice kids. They refuse to feed my children lunch and told them to get the free lunch from school, which my children’s stomach cannot tolerate, which previously happened when the worker forced my children to attend San Francisco Paul Revere school where the children ended up with food poisoning when the school recycled their lunch from the trash to feed the school kids, 60% of the entire school’s children got sick and then the school principals tried to play it down and deny everything by acting like they never heard of it before after the school reception’s own kids got sick too.

“My children don’t want to get sick, they have no choice but to skip lunch, and then the foster home says too bad, that’s your choice not to eat. The situation goes on… where the foster home never tried to switch positions to see how they’ll feel or react if it was them in the same situation. Will they treat themselves like that? How are these kind of people allowed to care for children?


“We are ongoingly required to get therapy when no therapist say we need any. The social worker insists the therapists to see us to waste everyone’s time, just to bulk up the worker’s pockets by categorizing us into their incentive criteria”.

Karena Feng, a Taiwan-born woman living in San Francisco, alleges that Paul Pelosi Jr. was “abusive” to her, that he forced her to have an abortion by threatening her life, that he conducted foreign business while claiming to be a representative of Nancy Pelosi, and that he engineered Child Protective Services’ seizure of Feng’s four children.


Karena Feng further said, Paul Pelosi Jr. coordinated the transfer of the title for her property to an entity called “Feng 24th, LLC”, which uses her family’s name but has no association to her family. Feng asserts that she never signed any document authorizing a sale.

Feng said that Pelosi Jr., who routinely travels to foreign countries on business trips, represents himself on the phone as the “Office of Nancy Pelosi” in his business dealings.


Feng said that Pelosi Jr. forced her to have an abortion by threatening her life. Pelosi Jr. threatened to report Feng to Child Protective Services during a fight over their property dispute, according to text messages. Child Protective Services (CPS) is known as Family and Children’s Services in San Francisco and Department of Family and Children’s Service in Santa Clara County, where Feng’s children were originally seized.

CPS took Ms. Feng’s four children, ages 13 and under, away from her when she was in the hospital having her most recent baby, and placed them in a foster care situation that Feng says is abusive. The original anonymous call to CPS against Feng was based on the claim that Feng was mentally ill because she imagined a false relationship with Pelosi Jr., according to court documents.


Feng said that the FBI contacted her about Pelosi Jr.’s whereabouts, and that Pelosi Jr. is now cagey about his whereabouts and communicates via the Signal app.

National File recently reported on Pelosi Jr. and his mother’s promotion of the company NRGLab, where he was an executive. NRGLab did energy business in Ukraine. NRGLab’s benefactor stated that Pelosi Jr. was not directly involved in the company’s Ukraine deal.


Pelosi Jr. commanded massive power in San Francisco when he entered Ms. Feng’s life by showing up to her clinic, which shared office space with Feng’s father Edward Feng’s China House Clinic at the 24th and Utah Street property. Feng’s father was a traditional holistic Chinese doctor who trained acupuncturists to get their licenses.

“The first time I met Paul Pelosi, Jr., his hair was to his shoulders and his presentation looked like Jesus. Back in 1998, he came into my holistic Naturopathic clinic with an album asking me to consider him for remodeling or construction work. He continued coming every day disregarding my refusal of remodeling services. He would demand all patrons of my clinic to leave, and they would just leave, and then he would sit down, fold his legs over on the top of my counter, and start making conversation. One time he bought two Snapples and a small tray of sushi from Walgreen’s across the street, and he said, ‘Apple (my middle name) have some Snapple, see, they made this for you.’ As I am blunt with yes or no closed-end responses, he would just stare at me, and I would ask him to leave. He kept coming like this for two months every day, then I closed the clinic since there was no meaning to having the service there when Paul is having everyone leave,” Feng stated.


Feng shut down her side of the clinic, but her father continued practicing at that location. Feng started going back to the clinic on a daily basis in 2006 to be near her father while she was pregnant. Pelosi Jr. shortly thereafter started showing up to the clinic again every day around 2:30 p.m.

“I returned to that location in 2006, because I wanted my dad to take care of me while I was pregnant, and the very next day, Paul came into his clinic. This time with clean-cut hair. Yet, Paul was doing the same thing with my dad’s clinic, that is, telling everyone to leave. My dad ignored his behavior over the years and continued to work hard while taking care of me”.


“Nancy Pelosi called out of the blue on my cell phone and said, ‘I’m Nancy Pelosi, and I want to make an appointment.’ Before she came into my dad’s clinic, a bunch of security came in and checked everywhere. Then Nancy Pelosi came in with a big smile, and sat down. Nancy Pelosi said ‘I had to come here because my son and my husband come here every day, so I want to know the reason why they’re coming.’ Nancy Pelosi turned her head looking straight at me as she finished saying that. Then she came every day, from opening to closing time of my dad’s clinic while security waits outside. Sometimes, they would block off the street, and that extended to over a year. Nancy Pelosi would spend the entire afternoon in our bathroom with the fan on making ongoing calls yelling on the phone, and other days she would sit in the waiting area all day and make all-day calls. Nancy Pelosi stopped coming to my dad’s clinic after (executive board member of Golden State Warriors’ ownership group) [Craig Johnson’s wife] found out Nancy Pelosi’s coming every day, and started coming to my dad’s clinic every day to yell at Nancy Pelosi over some agenda issues affecting her husband’s business. Another patron named Andrew told us that Nancy Pelosi tried to avoid that and did not come back after the scolding from [Craig Johnson’s wife]. We all thought it was weird how Nancy Pelosi would have news all over about her patronizing one Union Street Beauty Salon for her hair, yet no one ever talked about Nancy Pelosi patronizing my dad’s clinic every single day, all day, for over a year, before and during her first term as House Speaker. Sometimes we would wonder how she runs her job as House Speaker every day just being at our place making calls all day,” Feng stated.

Edward Feng was arrested in 2011 at the age of 81 for introducing misbranded drugs into interstate commerce, following an FDA sting focused on his sale of traditional Chinese healing tablets for common colds. The main witness in the case claimed that Edward Feng’s tablets caused her an earache and hand-swelling (which Edward Feng denied was caused by the tablets) and claimed that her son, a cancer patient, suffered foot pain from Edward Feng’s foot acupuncture treatment. Karena Feng said that she witnessed Paul Pelosi Jr. speaking to the witness in the case shortly before the arrest.


“She never stepped into our clinic. She was just outside. Right before my dad got arrested, I saw her speaking outside of the clinic with Paul for hours” while her son got treated, Karena Feng said of the witness in the case.

Although the charges against Edward Feng were dismissed without an indictment, the publicized arrest took a toll on him emotionally and his health declined.


“After my dad suddenly died, Paul showed up in the San Francisco General Hospital every day, while I overheard one female doctor in the ICU telling the staff to not wake my dad up and let him die. She specifically said, ‘don’t wake him up,’” Karena Feng stated.

In 2015, Paul Pelosi Jr. demanded that Feng abort her baby, because he was not the father, even threatening Feng’s life. At the time, Feng and Pelosi Jr. were not in a romantic relationship. After Feng’s abortion, Pelosi Jr.’s own attempt to impregnate Feng by “appointment” was not successful.


“After my dad passed away, Paul insisted I abort my five months pregnancy or else he would take my life. I had three older children at the time I must take care of. So after ongoing daily threats from Paul Pelosi, Jr., I had no choice but to abort my precious child just to stay alive for my living children. Paul Pelosi, Jr. suddenly scolded me saying, ‘don’t you realize all these years, all that I’ve done for you is because I love you?’ I said I don’t believe it, you always bring different women and Nicole Bullock always tells me you’re her boyfriend. How can I believe you would love me and expect me to love someone who already loves someone else? Paul suddenly showed me his texts with Nicole Bullock, showing how Nicole was complaining about her boyfriend Andrew’s ‘clammy palms.’ Paul said the whole point of bringing other women was ‘a front so if you turn me down, I won’t get that embarrassed. The person that I ever loved is only you, and I want our relationship to be private.’”

“After that, Paul Pelosi, Jr. would regularly go on trips out of town, out of country. He would call me every day, and see me as soon as he returns.”


“Paul Pelosi, Jr. said he wanted me to have his child and no one else’s. Paul Pelosi, Jr. had been mad at me for having three children already. This time, he caught me while being pregnant, so he felt he must stop my pregnancy before I have another child that does not belong to him. I tried to tell his mother about what Paul Pelosi, Jr. forced me to do,” Feng stated, noting that she eventually gave up.

Feng had an abortion in May 2015. The next month, Pelosi Jr. unsuccessfully tried to impregnate Feng by “appointment”.

“I only slept with him like once but I was on the same bed with him many nights … He has a medical issue of erectile disorder,” Feng said.


“My dad really did not like him, so I wasn’t going to consider marrying him. After my dad died, (Paul) was very bossy and started talking threats all the time, and it was not bearable. He was pretty abusive, he would always try to threaten me with my kids,” Feng said.

Nancy Pelosi’s son Paul Pelosi Jr. was photographed smiling next to a distressed 6-year old girl, and Paul Pelosi Jr. stands accused of making the girl distressed by physically touching her. An eyewitness to the scene said that Paul Pelosi Jr. was “yanking” the 6-year old’s body, “causing her to cry, while Paul enjoys it”.

The girl is the daughter of Karena Apple Feng, Paul Pelosi Junior’s ex-girlfriend. Paul Pelosi Jr. fraudulently got Karena Feng’s children taken away by Child Protective Services (CPS).

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