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Princess Haya was caught red-handed in the bedroom with her British bodyguard

Princess Haya, Dubai, Sheikh Maktoum

Anita Mathur

In May, Princess Haya Bint Al Hussein was caught red-handed by Prime Minister of UAE Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum when he suddenly visited their London home and found Princess Haya and her lover-cum-bodyguard. The Dubai ruler also found strips of used condoms beside Haya’s bed as well as two glasses, proving the romantic couple were having sex in the bedroom while their children were in the next room.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum was already suspecting his wife Princess Haya had inappropriate relations and the suspicion was proved as the couple were found to having sex. The Dubai ruler unexpectedly returned to London from attending a joint wedding of three sons in Dubai in May.

According to sources, he was shocked seeing the 45-year-old Princess Haya with the bodyguard at the lavish residence and demanded her immediate return to Dubai with him. But the Princess refused and abruptly left the house with her two children and flew to Germany.

The Dubai ruler and members of the royal family already were worried at the odd intimacy between Princess Haya and the former army officer who provided security. This bodyguard was accompanying Princess Haya of her trips worldwide.

The bodyguard worked for UK Mission Enterprise Limited who provided round the clock security for the Sheikh and his family. This company is owned by the Dubai government. Most of the members of this company are ex British army officers.

It is learnt that the UAE royal family onwards would not provide male bodyguards to the female members of the family.

Haya-bodyguard conspiracy

It is learnt from dependable sources that Princess Haya was conspiring with her bodyguard-turned-lover for months about escaping from the royal family and marry secretly. They had planned to marry in Monaco. It is also learnt that the bodyguard was telling imaginary stories about murder of Sheikha Latifa and her sister Shamsa.

British bodyguards of the royal family are spying

Most of the members of the UK Mission Enterprise Limited, the company which provides bodyguards for the members of the UAE royal family are reportedly involved into spying. They are using secret cameras in filming activities of the members of the royal family, intercepting phone calls and even luring female members towards physical relations through pretention of romance.

The UK Mission Enterprise

Princess Haya’s British bodyguard was employed by UK Mission Enterprise Limited, a London-based security company owned by the Dubai government, which is based in London and has a turnover of £5million, according to the latest accounts filed at Companies’ House. Abdulla Shakeri is the Managing Director of this company.

Another source said, the Jordanian Princess, who also is the sixth junior wife of Prime Minister of UAE Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum was already enjoying extreme liberty during her student life in Britain and was having many ‘friends for benefit’. She also had earlier drove few of her male bodyguards into physical relations.

Ever since her romancing with the bodyguard was exposed, Princess Haya made several bids in extracting money from the Dubai ruler through various tricks, which included a fake-gold scam in collaboration of her African cohorts.

According to information, Princess Haya Bint Al Hussein has become desperate in marrying the bodyguard and “begin a new life” after she could extract at least couple of billions of dollars from Prime Minister of UAE Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. King Abdullah of Jordan is aware of this secret romance and Haya’s Jordanian relatives had suggested her to flee UAE after robbing-off a substantial amount of money from Prime Minister Maktoum.

Princess Haya accompanied by her boyfriend is hiding out at her £85 million Green Palace mansion near Kensington Palace in west London. She bought this property in Kensington for £85 million from Indian billionaire Lakshmi Mittal in 2017.

Her boyfriend reportedly is insisting the amount of US$ 41 million, which she already robbed from Dubai is enough. But an extremely greedy Haya is looking for extracting more money.

According to sources in the Middle East, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum, 69, had become increasingly disturbed by his wife’s closeness to her bodyguard. The princess, a half-sister of King Abdullah of Jordan, reportedly used to steal money from the Dubai ruler to give her bodyguard lavish gifts. She had also bought a luxurious apartment for her bodyguard in London.

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  1. I am not surprised by many of these details. It is a mistake for Dubai to be too close to the British, because the British are cunning exploiters who will take your money and your women whenever they can. Dubai should hire personnel from honourable countries like Germany or Japan, or from small neutral countries like Switzerland. Avoid the Brits who are crafty snakes, especially the upper class Brits, who have no loyalty except to themselves.

  2. Extremely obvious bias makes me believe that Ben Maktoum’s intelligence has begun to distort the image of the princess from a moral sense. Your lies are clear and void

  3. You are filthy liars… you are trying to stain the Princess’ reputations. Maktoum must have paid you to do so.
    Zeyad, IP address, Email pasadina99(at)gmail.com

  4. IF… all this is true, this “Princess” has to be killed. I’m sure PM al Maktoum can find some competent assassins. Again, IF this is all true, this kind of evil can only be treated with death and other women need to know that such evil shall be punished. It’s time for Good Men to prove their goodness by punishing evil and showing no mercy.

    The popular platitudes that justifies all manner of illicit “love” and lust has run its course and the results are obvious. This sort of evil needs to be quelled with all speed and ferocity.

  5. The Princess is not like what you have described. She is trying to save her kids and herself from the cruel rulers of UAE and Jordon. She is very beautiful thats why you are trying to soil her reputation. I have all the praise for her and she is very nice and lovable.

  6. Even if everything detail is true about her devious money-extortion schemes, that disgusting circumcised Al-Maktoum tyrant deserves it all. Bravo Haya! I hope you and your bodyguard will succeed in taking all his money he never worked for not even for 1 day of
    his vain life…

    • At last the Villain is exposed to the World.
      I predicted years ago that this ummm “man… ??” with the cruel beady eyes would one day be exposed for whom he REALLY is. I praise Princess Haya for taking in this raw desert minster and fool. It showed her enormous courage and strength. Particularly for the sake of the children. I hope she and her children will be blessed with a safe life henceforth. The evil in this man is monsterous.

  7. This monster from Dubai is telling lies to discredit princess Haya. High five princess Haya for leaving him saving yourself and your children from the monsters den. Now you bloody cruel F…k go and release princesses Fatima and Shamsa. What kind of father does that to his children? You sick….You Dubai rulers who murder people and think its a joke.

  8. Anita Mathur, do you feel bigger now you’ve vented your own bias and insecurities into this piece of journalistic trash? This irrational and overly emotional piece, demonising princess Haya (including banner:Nasty Haya) most likely written, because of your own sad inability to come to terms with the fact that you are a second class citizen in a patriarchal society yourself.

    This article smacks of personal bitterness….
    It’s easier to lash out at women that you are jealous of, isn’t it, Anita Mathur? Than to actually face your own miserable reality? You’re a bit too hasty to support and make excuses for the very men who would persecute you too, if you dared to step out of line.

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