Princess Latifa abductors under intelligence radar


As Princess Latifa’s life was saved following foiled abduction attempt, now intelligence agencies including Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) have already started investigating Al Qaeda’s involvement behind this notorious abduction bid. Intelligence agencies also are gathering further details on Shahid King Bolsen, Radha Stirling, Tiina Jauhiainen as well as David Haigh, Marcus Essabri and the members of the Nostromo yacht.

Meanwhile, although Princess Latifa’s abductors claim they were helping her in fleeing the country, a former CIA agent who now works at a private security company that specializes in handling kidnapping and extortion cases told Blitz, “Dubai is awash with intelligence agents from all over the world. It’s a very small place. It’s highly implausible that this young woman from the royal family could have escaped as easily as she did with no one seeing her and equally implausible that no one has eyeballed her since if she was returned to Dubai. Everyone talks there”.

Prior to this abduction case was exposed by the investigative reporters of this newspaper, Princess Latifa’s abductors continued narrating a false story stating, the Dubai princess allegedly escaped Dubai by crossing into Oman with a Finnish national named Tiina Jauhiainen and Tiina and Latifa reached the yacht waiting from them outside UAE maritime area on jet skis. As they reached the international waters, they were boarded onto Nostromo by a former French spy master. The yacht was registered in the US and was planning to set sail for Goa in India. Once there, Princess Latifa planned to fly to the United States and would seek asylum.

These narratives of Princess Latifa’s abductors could be out of an old Charlie’s Angels episode.

Soon after the abductors sailed the yacht from international waters, Radha Stirling, a fake lawyer and financial associate of Al Qaeda received message from Tiina Jauhiainen stating “the precious cargo was on board”. Immediately Stirling notified Shahid King Bolsen and both were making further planning about where to keep the princess held against her wills and extract “millions of dollars”.

Shahid King Bolsen, a Pakistani-American and an Al Qaeda operative was first affiliated to Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood. Since the start of 2015, multinational corporations, foreign-owned banks, and cell-phone companies have become the latest targets in the ongoing battle between Islamists and the Egyptian regime. Credit for the KFC attacks and others — including a multiple coordinated bombing this week in downtown Cairo that killed one passerby — has been claimed by hitherto little-known groups that call themselves “the Popular Resistance Movement” and “Revolutionary Punishment.” Formed by disgruntled Islamist youth who are unwilling to tolerate the status quo but decline to join traditional jihadi organizations, these groups have endorsed low-level violence as a means to bring down the Egyptian regime. For months, similar young militants have targeted police vehicles and policemen with Molotov attacks, cheered on by Muslim Brothers and fellow travelers.

A prominent Al Qaeda member Shahid Bolsen alias Shahid King Bolsen was assigned to implement the plan of abducting any of the members of the UAE royal family. Accordingly, Bolsen found his best confidante in Radha Stirling, a self-style human rights defender and a fake lawyer. Shahid Bolsen, born in Boulder, Colorado, USA was 43 years old, when he was named along with other Westerners, including the American citizens Anwar al-Awlaki and Samir Khan to have been involved with the terrorist group Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, and known as propagandists for various forms of Islamist violence.

Shahid Bolsen initially established contacts with Tiina Jauhiainen through Radha Stirling and discussed the plot of abducting Princess Latifa and later extort hundreds of millions of dollars from Sheikh Mohammed Rashid al Maktoum. They even had discussed of slaughtering Princess Latifa and distribute the video with the message warning UAE authorities to “stop un-Islamic activities” in Dubai. While Al Qaeda and its cohorts were making detailed planning about abducting Princess Latifa, Tiina Jauhiainen was regularly notifying Radha Stirling of the progress. Their initial plans were to abduct Princess Latifa from Oman and if that attempt failed, Tiina Jauhiainen was asked to approach for the “Plan-B”. During the planning, while Tiina Jauhiainen was continuing hiving instigation to Princess Latifa in “fleeing Dubai”, she came to know, the princess was corresponding with another individual named Hervé Jaubert, a French-US national and member of the French intelligence. According to media reports, Hervé Jaubert and Radha Stirling knew each other for years ever-since Jaubert wrote a book on Dubai.

Back in Dubai, as authorities came to know about disappearance of Princess Latifa, they began taking measures in rescuing her from the grips of abductors. By then Dubai intelligence raided the apartment of Tiina Jauhiainen and found evidence of her jihadist affiliation, including correspondences with Radha Stirling and Al Qaeda’s Shahid Bolsen. They also found documents proving Tiina Jauhiainen was even asked by Al Qaeda to provide details of the royal palaces in Dubai.

While Dubai authorities were searching for Princess Latifa, they obtained key information from the Federal Burau of Investigation (FBI) stating Princess Latifa was on an US-registered yacht and heading towards unknown destination.

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