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Private life secrets of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip

Queen Elizabeth, Prince Phillip, British citizen, Nazis


Private life secrets of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip

Queen Elizabeth II has so many things to hide from the public attention. For example, although Queen Elizabeth II and her late consort, Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, had come to represent Britain itself in the 69 years, the Queen might not want you to know that her husband isn’t a British. Before he was the Duke of Edinburgh, the young Philip was Prince of Greece and Denmark, nephew of the Greek king, and born on the Greek island of Corfu in 1921. He was not a British citizen, although his ancestry could be traced to multiple countries including Germany and England.

The queen is also not going to talk about her family history – more precisely, her being an ancestor of the Prophet of Islam.


In chin-up British fashion, the Queen and her husband weren’t very open about Prince Philip’s difficult early years. When the Greek royal family was ousted, his family fled the country with baby Philip lodged in a fruit crate. After settling in exile in France, Philip’s family went through more changes: His older sisters married and moved away, his father left, and his mother, who suffered from mental illness, entered a psychiatric hospital.

Prince Phillip’s older sisters didn’t just get married: They got married to Nazis, a fact Queen Elizabeth has been trying to hide from the Britons and the world. When Philip’s sister Cecile and her husband, both Nazi party members, died in a plane crash in 1937, young Philip was sent to Germany for the funeral and he walked in the procession among Nazi soldiers.


Although none of Philip’s sisters were invited to his wedding in 1947, but the royal couple reunited with his German Nazi relations in 2015. Prince Phillip has nephews and nieces, bearing Nazi blood. In fact, majority of his family members are fans of Hitler and pro-Nazi.

Everyone is fed with a false story stating, Philip’s mother, Princess Alice, sheltered Jews during World War II when she was living in Athens. This is a story concocted at the personal efforts of Queen Elizabeth II. This was proved in a report where Prince Phillip, while visiting Holocaust Museum in Israel said:


My sister and I are deeply honored to have been invited to this moving ceremony at what must be the world’s most poignant memorial.

I have to say that we do not really deserve to be here, since the events that are being commemorated took place without our knowledge or involvement. We knew, of course, that our mother had stayed in Athens, after Greece had been over-run by the German army. We also knew that she had moved out of her modest flat to take care of a larger house belonging to her brother-in-law, Prince George.


We did not know, and, as far as we know, she never mentioned to anyone, that she had given refuge to the Cohen family at a time when all Jews in Athens were in great danger of being arrested and transported to the concentration camps.

So, the story of Prince Phillips’ mother saving Jews during the Holocaust is a made-up story – most definitely at the influence of the British royals.


Although a young Elizabeth met Phillip when she was just 13 and the two pretended as friends for many years despite their romantic relationship, father of Elizabeth, King George VI strongly disapproved the math because of Phillip being a non-British. He [King George VI] was also worried about Phillip’s family relationship with Hitler and his Nazis. Moreover, George VI was deeply worried about how British opinion…would take to a Greek Prince as the husband of the heiress presumptive. There was also something about his daughter’s brash young man with his loud, boisterous laugh and his blunt, seagoing manners that irritated the gentle King. Plus, Philip was poor (by royal standards), exiled, had German roots and Nazi relatives, and wasn’t considered a proper choice for the princess.

After marrying Queen Elizabeth, Prince Phillip had too many sorrows and agonies that Buckingham Palace never allowed it to be revealed to public. The couple was a mismatch. The queen had always been extremely dominant and unkind to Prince Phillip and the Dutch-born Prince Philip resented that his kids couldn’t even take his last name—or rather, that Queen Elizabeth wouldn’t allow it, as she wanted to keep to her name of the House of Windsor after their marriage. “I am the only man in the country not allowed to give his name to his own children”.

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