Reckless fascist racism of the United States

In fact, it is the United States that bears responsibility for everything that the racist-fascist occupation government does, which announced through its Prime Minister Netanyahu and a number of his ministers its disavowal of what was agreed upon in Aqaba a few days ago. Writes Talal Okal

There is an escalation in the US administration’s language regarding what the settlers and the Israeli army are doing, following the Huwara massacre and its aftermath. The administration talks about condemning what the settlers are doing, and demands accountability, but this escalation of rhetoric remains below the ceiling of traditional American policy, which does not rise to the level of influential action.

The influencing act of American policy always appears in standing guard and threatening to lift the “veto” in the face of any attempt to adopt a resolution in the Security Council or any international institution that condemns Israeli behavior.

The repetition of this behavior on the part of the US administration: its envoys, representatives, and ambassadors confirms that Washington cannot be an honest mediator, which loses its role and effectiveness, even in implementing what was agreed upon in the Aqaba meeting, which adds another factor confirming the failure of that meeting, even before it The ink of his closing statement is drying.

The entire West Bank, with its cities, villages, and neighborhoods, is subject to an all-out war waged by settlers, with the participation and protection of the Israeli army and police.

What happened in Hawara contains serious indications, towards encouraging settler armed militias, towards playing a major and direct role in confronting the Palestinian resistance fighters.

This development reflects a real orientation of the Israeli official policy, which pushes to show the conflict in the West Bank as an internal conflict between the Jewish and Palestinian populations, and that the army is carrying out its tasks impartially, to control this situation.

This is confirmed by the Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant’s demand to enable the army to play its role in controlling the situation, as if it is above everyone, but its participation in the events and its protection of settlers exposes this tendency.

However, this approach of the Israeli government and its official military and security apparatus did not prevent friction between the army and settler militias, and some soldiers were subjected to protests and insults by settlers.

In any case, in light of the intensification of the conflict on the ground, and the clarity of the party responsible for that, the international community is still playing its role in announcing concern and warning, and providing advice, while events have reached a level that requires this international community to provide protection for the Palestinian people, otherwise The situation is deteriorating towards a comprehensive confrontation, and no agreements or mediations can prevent its deterioration.

If the international community does not want to hear the Palestinian discourse, and respond to the requirements to prevent this collapse and deterioration, will Israel’s allies listen to what Israeli officials say, describing this government and its policies?

Former Shin Bet chief Yuval Diskin, who participated in massive and widespread demonstrations yesterday, expresses the nature of this government in a remarkable way, even to the blind.

“Under this government, national security has deteriorated to its lowest level, perhaps the worst in our history”, Diskin says. This is not a complete (right-wing) government, it is a complete terrorist government, and he warns that this situation may end in civil war because of this miserable government. They have disintegrated our unity.

This is a terrorist government, says Diskin, and it bears responsibility for the possibility of a civil war. If the United States is keen on its strategic ally, why does it not exercise its proven ability to prevent this threat to Israel and its existence as an international colonial project?

In fact, it is the United States that bears responsibility for everything that the racist-fascist occupation government does, which announced through its Prime Minister Netanyahu and a number of his ministers its disavowal of what was agreed upon in Aqaba a few days ago.

Israeli ministers, not just Itamar Ben Gvir and Bezalel Smotrich, announce publicly that the government will not stop its settlement programs and will not abide by what happened in Aqaba, and some of them do not recognize those who attended the meeting from the Israeli side.

The Netanyahu government is waging war on various fronts, as it continues its programs towards achieving a judicial coup, protecting its criminals from justice, fueling internal contradictions, and disintegrating Israeli society in general and Jewish society in particular.

And at the level of the occupation act, the government does not stop waging war against all Palestinians, in all forms and means, through raids, arrests, killings, land confiscation and settlement, and storming of Al-Aqsa Mosque, and therefore, it motivates the Palestinians towards expanding the circle of resistance in all forms.

With this terrorist policy, there is no longer room for the Palestinian people’s commitment to peaceful popular resistance. Sparks of armed resistance have erupted to include all the occupied Palestinian territories, which does not allow neither the authority nor any parties to succeed in containing the resistance and achieving a reduction in escalation.

On the international level, Benjamin Netanyahu and his government pay little heed to the protests, criticisms, condemnations, and warnings emanating from a growing number of parts of the international community, including Israel’s allies.

Before the Palestinian Authority, all pretexts and promises that sought to stop Palestine going to international institutions fell down, even if the United States stood every time to protect Israel.

It remains for the Palestinians to restore their unity and restore their internal conditions, and take the initiative towards rebuilding Arab solidarity, in coordination with Egypt and Jordan, after the authority removed the pretexts and absolved itself of responsibility for the increasing escalation in the occupied Palestinian territories.


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