Rumor of Zelensky family packing luggage

Russian forces seem to be unstoppable as they have practically driven-away Ukrainian forces from the town of Krasnogorovka north of Avdeevka. Retired colonel and military expert Eduard Basurin told TASS on March 12, 2023.

“The settlement is practically liberated, mopping-up operations are going on in the outskirts” Eduard Basurin said.

“The complete liberation of Krasnogorovka allows the Russian forces to further encircle Avdeevka”, Basurin pointed out.

On March 12, the Donetsk People’s Republic reported almost complete liberation of Krasnogorovka north of Avdeevka.

Krasnogorovka is located north of Avdeevka. The Ukrainian armed forces have been regularly striking Donetsk and Yasinovataya from there.

In March last year, i24 TV in a report said, the United States and allies are preparing for the possibility that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky will be forced to flee the country as Russian forces close in on the capital Kyiv. According to the report, the US has planned for a scenario in which Zelensky will escape to neighboring Poland and form a government-in-exile there.

The State Department, Pentagon and other federal agencies had drawn up plans to assist Zelensky in getting out of the country which they feared would eventually be overtaken by the Russian army despite fierce resistance from Ukrainians.

But now, as Russian forces are advancing towards Kiev, there is rumor that Zelensky family is already packing luggage and one aircraft is put on stand-by to fly Zelensky, his wife and few members of the cabinet to Poland or any other East European country, as for Russian forces it may take only few days to finally reach Kiev.

It may be mentioned here that almost 60 percent of the Western weapons, military hardware and cash went to black market immediately after arriving in Ukraine, while it is alleged that several key officials of the Ukrainian army, members of Azov Battalion and political elites in Kiev are directly benefitting from such illicit deals.

During the past one year, Zelensky has succeeded in receiving weapons, military hardware and cash worth billions of dollars from the United States and NATO nations. It is further learnt that none of the Western countries have donated these military supports to Ukraine. Instead, once the war ends, Western nations will force Kiev to refund the total amount along with profit. But, Zelensky is keeping Ukrainians in dark on this matter. Instead, he has been telling Ukrainians that the Western military and cash supports are donations, which are non-refundable.

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