Saint Jamal Khashoggi?


Valerie Sobel

Okay, let’s just make this really simple. No one, I mean no one, cares about Jamal Khashoggi’s demise at the Saudi Embassy in Turkey.  No one even knew of this man’s existence and to pretend now that his life was paramount to our well being is utterly laughable.  Let’s break down all concerned:

Saudi Arabia: A charming little country by the sea that all but enslaves women but has the second largest proven oil reserves in the world. It’s also a delightful Islamic Kingdom that just beheaded 48 people in the first 4 months of 2018.   Giving ISIS a run for its money, it’s well on its way to reaching its annual average of 150 chopped heads. Anyone can come and watch these medieval chop-chop spectacles at any number of public squares on Friday afternoons, no reservations needed.

When was the last time the democrats or their lapdog media found themselves in a frenzied uproar about these routine and regular Saudi killings?

9/11: Remember that little misfortunate mishap paid for and carried out by the Saudis? Fifteen out of the nineteen mass-murdering  highjackers were Saudis! Remember any hysterical outrage by democrats or their media over the Saudis then? I mean, dead children, fallen buildings, America’s biggest tragedy carried out by the Saudi machine   – where was the fury?

Could it be that it had to do with specific timing and a specific woman called….

Hillary Clinton: who was, at the time together with her sexually-busy hubby, pocketing upwards of US$ 25,000,000 from the Saudi Royal family into her Clinton Foundation coffers?

Not much fuss about the serial killers-Saudis and their terror funding money by the democrats and their henchmen media then, right?

All until…until the perfect opportunity arose to connect the unconnectable Saudi bad behaviour to Trump. Because 3000 innocent American lives lost and illegal foreign influences on American foundations of ex-Presidents and his unsavoury Secretary Of State wife were simply not that concerning.  But, “Heil Saint Khashoggi if he’s going to be our new conduit in smearing Trump. Game on.”

President Donald Trump: In all his wisdom, fully understands that the hit on Khashoggi came with the blessing of the King and his court. Even if the Saudis protest and deny. But it makes no difference.


A) Nothing can be done today to undue the Islamic death culture; the killings are based on 13 centuries of murder, it’s in their religious and moral fibre with all the necessary justifications and…

B) Because this whole exercise for Trump is to put the Saudis on notice. Which is a hell of a lot more important for American foreign policy in the long run when it comes to the oil rich kingdom. It is the perfect tactical move. (And it’s a helluva lot more than what Obama accomplished).

The notice: Saudis are becoming more dependent on Israel and America than ever before. Last year they opened their airspace to Israel for the first time ever. And who can forget the gold-dripping pomp with which they received the Trump family on their visit there?! Drums, fireworks, military displays and official ceremonies, all but Allah himself showed up for the Love-In with President Trump. I don’t recall even 1/1024th (wink, wink…) of that reception for comrade Obama after he famously bowed to the Persian Gulf King.

Now why would the Saudis play ball with Trump and Israel now ? Hint: Starts with I and ends with N.

Iran: the country Saudis fear the most. Our little oil-rich murderous Sunni court knows fair well that only two powers can ensure its survival against the Shiite mullahs. (Shiites and Sunnis are generational archenemies). Israel and the US are Saudi’s only protection; Saudis have no military way to defend themselves against Iran. Which brings us to the case of…

Mr. Khashoggi nobody: Who became posthumously a very expedient strategic tool to try and control the Kingdom. Trump understood this opportunity the second he learned of the murder. Whether the Saudi King sanctioned the hit or not is immaterial. The man is dead. Trump didn’t exactly expect the Royal family to own up to the murder. He expected them to save face, which they did.

What can be gained from this is to put Saudis on notice that the USA will not provide protection without expecting basic reforms in the cute little Kingdom. In other words, Trump just told the King (and the world) that granting women the ability to get a driver’s license isn’t good enough. He expects a major clean-up. The US is watching Saudis closely. A no-name journalist killing will be questioned as will plenty of other acts in the future. Saudis just learned that there’s no free lunch. They need to slowly reform into the 21st century; sugar daddy USA (which sells arms to Saudis and buys their oil) and Israel’s mighty intelligence and airpower doesn’t come free. That’s the simple lesson the brilliant President is delivering to the Saudis. And publicly for the whole world to see and hear!

Liberal media: (…this, perhaps, is most risible.)

Remember when Obama famously bowed to the The Sahara Desert King? They loudly applauded and even suggested that it’s about time we make nice with the Arabs. That American foreign policy has been too skewed towards Israel. Never has anyone in the media questioned the Saudis on their humanitarian record when Obama bowed low to the feet of the Sunni King. But lo and behold Trump is in the picture, and they are ready to pounce: boycott Saudis, defund Saudis, dump them as allies. On and on.  Infuriated and outraged all of a sudden, that Trump isn’t doing enough to sever ties with the serpent. Off with Trump’s head! (…pun intended.)

They (MSM, the world liberals, the democrats) could hardly remember Chis Stevens’ name when their presidential-hopeful (then Secretary of State) denied military power to help the American Ambassador survive the 13 hours of Benghazian inferno-hell in Libya! Which, of course ultimately killed him and 3 other Americans at the Embassy. But Khashoggi..? …and they’re losing their minds!

What the liberal media doesn’t get is that in a world with 1.8 Billion-strong Islamic followers of death culture & 250 Million dead since its inception, you have to pick the lesser evil to play ball with. And that lesser evil (compared with Iran and others) are the Saudis with all their killings and oil rich reserves. Trump picked the perfect event to highlight/expose Saudis to the world, putting them on notice, but without full damage to the necessitated Saudi-American alliance. An alliance without which the war on terror, its bank-rolling and its intelligence provision to Israel and America cannot be done. Not with nuclear Iran in the picture and not with the Islamic Holy Book’s designs for a caliphate on this planet.

…but let the bashing of Trump continue. We know the drill by now. Leftists have no policies nor platforms and only live from opportunity to opportunity to smear Trump. And the liberal brainwashing media dog (tanking in the ratings) simply must earn revenue: Trump bashing is their only financial lifeline.

…Jamal Khashoggi who?

P.S: Should we make the honorable mention of Obama doing everything he could to stop the legal pursuit of Saudis by America’s 9/11 victim families? Rendering them without any course of legal action or compensation from the Saudis!

Valerie Sobel is a contributor of Blitz. She can be contacted at innes[at]shaw.ca.

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