Scammer Zuzana Uchnárová has no connections with Cidcitei General Trading LLC

Sitting in Dubai, a notorious scammer Zuzana Uchnárová (Zuzana Uchnarova) has been continuing fraudulent activities, while her social media accounts are filled with lies and deceptive information. On her LinkedIn profile which has 11,548 followers, Zuzana Uchnárová claims to be the ‘Director of Business Development’ of Cidcitei General Trading LLC. She makes similar claims on other platforms as well.

Following publication of reports exposing criminal activities of Zuzana Uchnárová (Zuzana Uchnarova) in BLiTZ, Mauro Manuel Herrera Mendoza, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Cidcitei General Trading LLC sent an email stating his company has no relations with Zuzana Uchnárová (Zuzana Uchnarova) hence such claims of Zuzana Uchnárová are absolutely bogus and she might be illegally using names of many companies, including Cidcitei General Trading LLC for her notorious fraudulent activities.

According to official licenses issued by Dubai authorities, Mauro Manuel Herrera Mendoza is the sole holder of 100 percent shares in Cidcitei General Trading LLC.

In the email, Mauro Manuel Herrera Mendoza wrote:

My name is Mauro Manuel Herrera Mendoza, CEO of Cidcitei General Trading LLC. I demonstrate with the commercial license of my company that I have 100% of the shares and total control of it.

I have no relation to the remarks in this article.

In our company we openly promote blockchain technology and NFT tokenization of real projects, products and services.  For this we have created a project called Mía Coin HR/MíaHR What is Mia Coin or Mia Cion HR?

Image of licenses issued to Mauro Manuel Herrera Mendoza, CEO of Cidcitei General Trading LLC

MíaHR is a project based on blockchain technology that seeks to use this technology to apply it to the financing of real projects.  In July 2019, a token with this name was created on the Ethereum platform to analyze and investigate the advantages and disadvantages of using this technology as an instrument for financing productive projects, explained the General Manager/Founder Eng. Mauro Herrera President of CIDCITEI GENEREAL TRADING LLC, an Emirati company, incorporated in Dubai, that offers services and products using tokenization as an alternative method to leverage projects.  This token is not for sale and is not listed on the market, it is only part of qualitative research.

I would like to clarify stating that we have believed in a solution so that people, small and large companies that are waiting for a boost for their projects can have a new opportunity, and we know that tokenization is one of those solutions, we have deduced that the best way is tokenization with NFT and we are working to prove it, and I add the following from cryptocurrencies, for example, Ethereum or Bitcoin.

Ethereum is a platform that generates enormous trust, as people adapt to these technologies and companies learn what smart contracts are for, but certainly the pioneer of BTC.

These opportunities would not exist if that wonderful idea had not materialized, Bitcoin was the spearhead and its market will prevail for a long time, as far as cryptocurrencies and especially Bitcoin are concerned, the price is one of the aspects in which the market more is  also taken into account its enormous aspect of volatility that characterizes it.

The volatility of cryptocurrencies or tokens produces a market with high levels of activity, which can be affected by different factors that result in a greater or lesser movement in the price of digital assets.  Evolution led us to NFTs as an alternative to create a proprietary digital instrument on the projects we are developing, since it can contain additional information that can be interpreted by any user, and even contain information that only the owner of the NFT can see unless you share it.

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