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Sex Jihad spreads like bonfire in India and ‘non-Muslim’ nations

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Sex Jihad spreads like bonfire in India and ‘non-Muslim’ nations

While continuing radical Islamic terrorism or jihad, hundreds and thousands of girls and women in India and other “non-Muslim” nations are increasingly becoming victims of sex jihad – a concept that refers to non-Muslim women forced to giving sexual comfort to the terrorists. In the eyes of jihadists and radical Muslims, sex jihad is one of the most powerful methods in causing social damage to girls and females in the targeted nations, which results in destroying social system and religious values.

Back in 2014, the concept of sex jihad was incorporated as one of the key agendas of the jihadists and radical Muslims in addition to love jihad or Jihad-al-Nikah. The concept of luring non-Muslim girls and women towards having sexual relations with Muslims first originated through a fatwa, which aimed at destroying social system and religious values of the non-Muslim girls and women by either forcing or trapping them in having sex with Muslims. In most cases, these beats of sex jihad are preferring those girls and women conceive a “Muslim child” in their wombs without the knowledge of their husbands.

According to intelligence reports, Sheikh Mohammad al-Arifi, a radical Islamic cleric first passed the fatwa (sermon) and encouraged Muslims boys and men in trying to “penetrate Muslim seamen” within the “womb of non-Muslims” and “infidels”.

The fatwa also called upon the Muslim girls and women to provide sexual comfort to jihadists during the war against Syria’s Bashar al Assad government.

Following the declaration of Sex Jihad Fatwa in 2014, reports of Sunni women from Australia, United Kingdom and Malaysia voluntarily joining Sunni jihadist group Islamic State in Iraq and Syria came to the fore.

Sunni women travelling to Iraq and Syria for sex jihad were having sex with 20, 30 and even up to 100 jihadists, media reports said, adding that many women become pregnant, a Huffingtonpost report quoted Tunisian Interior Minister Lotfi Bin Jeddo as saying. The case of ISIS bride Shamima Begum is one of the hundreds of examples. Shamima though claims to have been married to an ISIS jihadist, in reality she was volunteering in having sex with multiple members of the jihadist outfit.

In December 2014, the Iraqi Ministry of Human Rights had announced that one member of ISIS had killed at least 150 females, including pregnant women, for refusing to participate in sexual jihad.

In August 2015, a Kurdistan Democratic Party spokesman claimed that ISIS executed 19 women who refused to participate in sexual jihad.

ISIS terrorists, while citing Quran, used to say that it is permissible, laudable for Muslim women to give up their bodies to militants so that they can continue the jihad to empower Islam.

Some reports indicated that ISIS terrorists have been going door-to-door in several parts of Iraq and Syria, entering houses, killing the men and raping non-Muslim and Yazidi girls and women. They also kidnap women and girls and force them into sexual slavery.

According to valid intelligence reports, since 2017, some of the jihadist outfits as well as Pakistani espionage agency Inter Service Intelligence (ISI) started providing financial reward to Muslim men who succeeded in luring Hindu girls and women in particular towards sexual relations and get them pregnant. For receiving such reward, a pregnancy test certificate was required along with some evidences of the sexual relations.

The cases of sex jihad is increasing at an alarming level in several states in India, including Tamil Nadu, Kerala and West Bengal, while organized rackets are regularly luring Hindu females towards having employment as domestic help in the Gulf nations. On their arrival, these recruits are forced to giving sexual company to their employers.

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