Signs you’re a Republican or Imbecility Squared


Valerie Sobel

The leftist media, who swiftly picked up on the pro-Trump posters conspicuously plastered on Cesar Sayoc’s van, couldn’t push the “he’s a republican” narrative out the door fast enough, yesterday morning. But since some of us are annoyingly harder to convince, let’s examine some facts and bring in some simple observations.

NBC and CNN, in all their cognitive superstardom and love for Trump, would like us to believe that a man with the following descriptors is a Republican:

* drives a white van (…the quintessential vehicle of a jihadist)
* lives in his mother’s basement
* has a Cuban/Latin sounding name and physical traits
* used to be a male stripper
* is from New York (yes, because New York is world headquarters of conservatism)
* makes non-explodable  devices with zero strategy to detonate any of them
* conveniently targets only high-profile Democrats with security teams, fences & walls and mail handlers to monitor and screen all mail.
* had filed for bankruptcy  and described himself as a “Promoter, Agent Entertainment Industry , Choreographer” on LinkedIn
* for days prior to arrest drove around mall parking lots in his exhibitionist vehicle for all to see
* was an active conspiracy-theorist who ascribed 9/11 blame to an inside job of Dick Chaney, George Bush and their Zionist forces
* posted ample imagery of gory violence from jihadist and ISIS  propaganda
* had a MyLife profile that noted him as Democrat which has been promptly removed.
* has a track record of multiple arrests on threats of terrorism, and has no apparent viable means to feed himself

…Yes! And I’m Santa Claus!

As per usual, the leftist media caters to the low-information, low-on-deduction-skills audience. They may be able to brainwash the masses based on convenient inventory of posters plastered on the van and nothing else, but some of us are still a bit staunchly too stubborn to follow the imbecility-squared cult.

The vapid left and their wholesale distributor of TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) & deception, the mainstream media, would do better to just chuck this up to a case of mental instability and suffering. But how can they? That coveted, ever-popular diagnosis is only reserved for knife-wielding jihadists and murdering radically-indoctrinated Islamists.

Let the division continue.

Valerie Sobel is a contributor of Blitz.

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