Sikhs and Hindus in Afghanistan fear persecution

Following withdrawal of US and NATO troops from Afghanistan, the country is gradually going into the grips of Taliban, Al Qaeda, Islamic State and other radical Islamic militancy outfits. Under such situation, Sikhs and Hindus in Afghanistan are already feeling terrorized as they may fall victims of Taliban and jihadist cruelty, while Sikh and Hindu girls and females may face abduction and forced into sex slavery. Situation is genuinely critical.

Feeling alarmed at the persecution of Sikhs and Hindus in Afghanistan, World Sikh Organization, Canada, has urged the Canadian government to help Afghan Sikhs and Hindus who are facing tough times ahead of a possible victory of Taliban terrorists in their war against the Afghanistan government. In this regard, The Manmeet Singh Bhullar Foundation, Khalsa Aid Canada, and the World Sikh Organization of Canada (WSO) had issued a joint statement.

In their statement, they urged the Canadian government to create a special program for highly vulnerable Sikh and Hindu minorities in Afghanistan. It read, “As the situation on the ground in Afghanistan continues to deteriorate, we are seeing Afghan interpreters who worked side by side with Canadians, coming under threat and fearing for their lives.”

The statement quoting Tarjinder Bhullar of the Manmeet Singh Bhullar Foundation further added, “Now is the time for progress to be expedited to ensure that we can assist as many Afghan Sikhs and Hindus that face deep uncertainty and imminent danger on an hourly and daily basis.” He also added that ‘it is time to act; otherwise, Hindus and Sikhs remaining in Afghanistan would be targeted and killed.

According to experts, the changed scenario in Afghanistan would not only be threatening to Sikhs and Hindus, it will equally push the Christians, Bahais and a tiny community of Ahmadis into extreme adversity.

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