Tasneem Khalil claims Elias Hossain is a drug addict


Tasneem Khalil, the so-called journalist and godson of controversial Al Jazeera TV has openly branded his former comrade in running vile propaganda against Bangladesh as drug addict. Tasneem Khalil runs a dubious website named ‘Netra News’, which receives US$700,000 every year from the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), a project of the US Congress. Tasneem also is one of the members of ‘Nagorik TV’ extortion and blackmailing racket, that has been recently caught red-handed while its attempt of extorting US$600,000 from a large business conglomerate in Bangladesh.

On May 31, 2022, Tasneem Khalil in a post on his verified Facebook ID wrote:

“The boy named Elias [Elias Hossain] seems to be consuming something upside-down. It is hearsay though [Tasneem Khalil’s habit is spreading rumor and concocted stories against Bangladesh]. He is saying, I also got a stake of the six hundred thousand dollars that Nagorik TV has extorted from Bashundhara Group [largest business conglomerate in Bangladesh]. I would rather make his task easier. Not six hundred thousand dollars. If anyone can prove if someone could feed me six-dollars-worth [a can of] beer (or anything else), I would admit Elias as my master and quit journalism. [Elias] Don’t drive under the influence of drugs, you will lose your license if caught by the cops”.

People may ask – what made Tasneem Khalil such mad at Elias Hossain, who even recently was one of his comrades in running vile propaganda against Bangladesh, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and Awami League? The answer is simple! Elias Hossain published telephone conversations between Nagorik TV’s Nazmus Saquib and Tito Rahman alias Mustafizur Rahman Tito alias Tito Rahman evidently proving the extortion and blackmailing attempt of Saquib-Tito by using an illegal YouTube and IP channel named ‘Nagorik TV’. It was later revealed by Elias Hossain that, Tasneem Khalil and another individual named Zulkarnair Saer Khan Sami were also stake holders in the US$600,000 extortion that Nagorik TV gang were trying to extort from the Bangladeshi business conglomerate. As Elias Hossain claimed to have “specific evidences” of Tasneem Khalil and Zulkarnair Saer Khan Sami’s involvement in Nagorik TV’s nefarious acts of blackmailing and extortion, Tasneem Khalil jumped into offensives against Elias Hossain, fearing Hossain’s further revelation may totally doom the source of earnings of Tasneem Khalil and Zulkarnain Saer Khan Sami and other members of the Nagorik TV racket.

According to information, sitting in the United States and Canada, a band of criminals led by Nazmus Saquib and Tito Rahman alias Mustafizur Rahman Tito alias Tito Rahman are continuing blackmailing and extortion through a YouTube-based illegal entity named ‘Nagorik TV’.

Other members of Nagorik TV are: Abdur Rashid, Rupu Alam, Najneen Nisha, M Rahman Masum, S. M. Humayun Kabir, Ashfak Reza, Johirol Islam Munna, Waki Abdullah, Nazmun Aquib, Advocate Abdur Rashid, and Tyler Taseen. Office of this illegal broadcast entity is located at 950 Ogilvy Avenue, # 08, Montréal, Québec – H3N 1P4, Canada.

Nazmus Saquib resides in Palm Beach area in Florida, while Tito Rahman lives in Canada.

One of the victims of this crime racket is the owner of country’s largest business conglomerate. According to information, Saquib-Tito nexus tried to extort US$600,000 from this businessman through blackmailing.

Nazmus Saquib and Tito Rahman’s ‘Nagorik TV’ had earlier provided massive coverage to an INTERPOL wanted convicted fugitive named Shahid Uddin Khan. But recently the romance between ‘Nagorik TV’ and Shahid Uddin Khan deteriorated for reason unknown.

According to the information Nazmus Saquib and Titu Rahman of Nagorik TV demanded US$600,000 from the leading business conglomerate in Bangladesh through blackmailing. It is learnt, owners of Nagorik TV provided names and details of several individuals and an entity to the employee of the local business conglomerate for making payment of demanded extortion amount. The extortionist racket asked the business conglomerate to pay BDT 4 million to an individual named Mizan (mobile number 0171-4045224); BDT 2 million to ASM Shafiul Haque, Account number 1101008272001, Routing 225275357, City Bank Limited, Principal branch, Dhaka, Bangladesh; BDT 2 million to ASM Shafiqul Haque, Account number 0012100211294, Routing 250272325, Uttara Bank Limited, Foreign Exchange Branch, Dilkusha, Dhaka; and BDT 2 million to Common Hardware & Interior Solution, Account number 20506030100006204, Routing 125300522, Islami Bank BD Limited, Hospital Moor Branch, Feni, Bangladesh.

Under the US law it is a crime to use threats or extortion to persuade someone to provide the extortionist with benefits or compel the victim to behave in a certain manner. Anyone committing such crime would face charges under the state laws once someone in the United States engages in threatening type behavior, while it is also possible that the culprits face federal criminal charges, which carried severe penalties. Blackmailing and attempt of extortion is serious issue and many defense attorneys would refuse to represent a person facing federal extortion cases. According to the US law, blackmail, sometimes referred to as extortion, is the practice of:

demanding money from someone in exchange for not reporting or keeping secret some embarrassing information about the person concerned.

Under Title 18 of the United States Code, Section 873, a more specific subset of blackmail or extortion is prohibited as a federal crime. Specifically, 18 U.S.C. § 873 punishes anyone who either demands or receives money, or any other valuable thing, under the threat.

In other words, extortion cases often involve someone calling a person or actually meeting them and then attempt to get that person to give some money or do something for them, or give some type of valuable consideration as part of a plot to extort them. In some cases, tape-recorded conversations are used, but there are many different angles used in order to carry out the extortion.

According to legal experts, Nazmus Saquib would certainly face charges under the US laws for his proven attempt of blackmailing and extorting US$600,000 from the owner of a large business conglomerate in Bangladesh. On the other hand, similar legal proceedings may also be drawn against Tito Rahman alias Mustafizur Rahman Tito alias Tito Rahman by the Canadian authorities. In this case, victim of the criminal gang of Saquib-Tito should bring the matter to the attention of relevant authorities in Canada.

The experts said, once allegations of blackmailing and attempt of extortion against Nazmus Saquib and his gang is proved, he would face financial penalty, imprisonment and subsequent deportation.

It may be mentioned here that, one of the key agendas of Nagorik TV is to extort cash from various individuals in Bangladesh through blackmailing and later use such amount towards anti-government and subversive activities.

According to mass-media circle in Bangladesh, Tito Rahman alias Mustafizur Rahman Tito alias Tito hails from Itgaon residential area in Dinajpur district in Bangladesh. He is one of the prime accused in the serial bomb blast case of August 17, 2005. Notorious jihadist outfit Jamaatul Mujahedin Bangladesh (JMB), which later rebranded as Ansar Al Islam by becoming franchise of Al Qaeda was behind this series bomb blasts. Tito Rahman is a member of Ansar Al Islam and key accomplice of BNP’s fugitive mini-boss Tarique Rahman and kingpin of Harkatul Jihad, Maulana Abdus Salam. It may be mentioned here that, Tarique Rahman assigned Harkatul Jihad for launching grenade attack on a rally of Awami League on August 21, 2005 with the nefarious agenda of assassinating Sheikh Hasina.

According to a media note issued by the US Embassy in Bangladesh, the US authorities have announced reward of US$5 million for information on the fugitive kingpins of Ansar Al Islam.

Tito Rahman alias Mustafizur Rahman Tito alias Tito lives in Canada as a refugee and works in a factory as laborer. He resides in an apartment allocated by the Canadian government for the workers of various industrial projects. To hide his real identity of being an active member of Jamaatul Mujahedin Bangladesh, which is now named as Ansar Al Islam, Tito Rahman has taken the disguise of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the illegal Nagorik TV. For the past several years, a jihadist Tito Rahman has been running pro-militancy and anti-Bangladesh propaganda through YouTube and Facebook and has been promoting anti-Bangladesh and pro-militancy individuals as well as convicted criminals, including criminals wanted by INTERPOL.

According to a report published in BLiTZ, Zulkarnain Saer Khan Sami has been deported from Hungary as the authorities got evidences of his criminal activities in that country. After being deported from Hungary, Sami landed in the United Kingdom, where he currently is making frantic bids of getting asylum through false declaration.

It is further learnt that Tasneem Khalil and Zulkarnain Sami became intimate friends as both are fans of sodomizing mainly young men. Following airing of a bogus investigative report on Qatari terror-broadcast network Al Jazeera, Tasneem and Zulkarnain began hunting possible “sponsors” who would finance their anti-Bangladesh activities. Subsequently they found two. BNP’s leader Salauddin Ahmed [who is living in Assam in India] and war criminal Mir Quashem Ali’s family. Tasneem Khalil was introduced to INTERPOL wanted terror-funder Shahid Uddin Khan by a British journo named David Bergman. Tasneem offered Shahid media coverage in exchange for “monthly fees”. On the other hand, Zulkarnain Sami was running escort service [also offering sex workers] to tourists in Hungary while he also was involved in transnational drug trafficking.

According to a source, Zulkarnain Saer Khan Sami was abandoned by his father and kicked-out from the family when he tried to rape his step-mother. Sami earlier had established sexual relations with his own aunt and made her pregnant. This had totally devastated the family. Later his younger brother said, “Sami was drug addict from school life while he was a known pervert”. At one stage, Sami was treated for his mental disorder at Combined Military Hospital in Comilla.

Before fleeing the country for Hungary, Zulkarnain Sami had married multiple times, while he also was accused of sexual assault, sodomy and rape. Even he had sexual relations with the male staffs in his Hungary restaurant.

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Tajul Islam
Tajul Islam
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