The Central Bank warns bank account holders of suspicious transactions


The Qatar Central Bank warned bank account holders and asked them to be careful when using the bank account.. and added in a tweet on its official account on the social networking site Twitter that it must be reported immediately in case of any suspected operations that the account holder did not carry out.
For their part, banks have strengthened their ATMs with additional liquidity to meet the expected large withdrawals during the Eid holiday, to finance Eid expenses, and to provide “Eidiya” that families, whether citizens or residents, are keen to give to family members, especially youth and children, in addition to financing external transfers. For residents of Qatar who went to their families in their home countries.
alternative channels
She called on banks to rely on alternative channels during holidays, primarily mobile applications and bank websites to complete banking transactions, in order to save effort on customers and save time instead of attending the bank in person. For banks or banks’ websites, while taking all safe precautions to ensure the completion of banking operations without any risk, with speed in executing electronic customer requests.
Banking sources pointed to the new offers launched by banks on most services, the most important of which are loans, personal financing, car financing and other services.
She emphasized that these offers benefited a large number of customers, especially those looking for personal financing for various purposes, whether they are citizens or residents.
She explained that the past week witnessed an increase in the demand for banking services, including transfers, the purchase of currencies, and an increase in cash withdrawals from automated teller machines (ATMs). Therefore, banks have prepared to facilitate individual transactions, with a focus on alternative channels during this period to complete banking transactions, foremost of which is the telephone – mobile bank – where it was Developing bank applications on mobile devices to provide all banking services and transactions to facilitate customers, starting from paying installments, to obtaining various financings and obtaining check books.
Automated teller machines (ATMs) have also been supported in all regions with additional liquidity to meet the growing demand and provide customers with cash needs, especially in areas witnessing a high demand for the use of these machines, such as commercial centers, malls and market areas. They emphasized that ATMs in commercial centers are currently witnessing a high demand for withdrawals, especially to finance purchases of clothes and gifts.
She added that most of the services are currently done remotely through bank applications or their websites, including obtaining loans and financing, by submitting electronic applications and automatically approving them if they meet the conditions and rules implemented by banks.
She adds that the current offers represent good opportunities for bank customers to take advantage of them, especially since their prices are competitive and include many advantages and incentives, especially in the car loans and financing sector, as they are the most demanded and popular in Qatar during the past years, in addition to personal finance for marriage, education and health.
Online shopping tips
For its part, the Qatar Central Bank renewed its warnings to bank customers to be cautious during financial transactions that take place via the Internet during the current period, and to increase purchases during the holiday season. The Qatar Central Bank stressed the necessity of shopping from secure websites that use the latest technology to protect the confidentiality and integrity of financial information, stressing the importance of avoiding fraudulent websites, which appear legal and professionally designed with the aim of collecting private information from visitors who lack awareness.
The Qatar Central Bank provided a set of tips for online purchases, which included the need to investigate the merchant before shopping from him online and always buy from reputable retailer and store websites, explaining that trusted companies must shop for their commercial address and at least one phone number for customer service or to order. products.
With the importance of telephone contact, if possible, and asking questions to be able to determine the legality of the business, while checking for anything unfamiliar, unprofessional, or out of place, checking the quantity before completing the order process, and never responding or opening electronic links or attachments to messages. Electronic is not reliable or information source.
The Central explained that secure websites use encryption technology to transfer files from the customer’s computer to the merchant’s computer system in the electronic network, which in turn maintains the confidentiality of information such as credit card details. Safe websites can be identified by looking at “Https” in the URL or address bar (when entering personal or financial data). This means the confidentiality of the information circulated between the private browser and the site
The electronic store you are trying to buy from, and this in turn keeps it safe from prying eyes, as websites do not allow to keep credit card information in a file.
System software update
The central called for making sure that there is a small lock in the address bar, or in the lower right corner of the display window, while always making sure that there is a lock symbol in the browser, knowing that the presence of the symbol indicates a secure communication channel, but does not necessarily indicate the legitimacy of the website. .
The Qatar Central Bank also called for maintaining the update of the system software and the web browser by installing the latest updates for the system and the web browser program. This is to ensure the safety of the settings and their high efficiency in performance.
The Central stressed the importance of checking electronic devices, including mobile phones, on a permanent basis, to keep them from threats represented by viruses, spyware files, or intrusive electronic messages, spam, and protecting personal information.

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