The National Cybersecurity Authority launches the National Data Classification


The National Cybersecurity Agency will soon launch the National Data Classification Policy in order to lay the foundation for data governance within government institutions and vital sector organizations in Qatar.
The agency stated, in a statement, that this policy aims to establish a unified scheme for data classification to facilitate the exchange of information within Qatar, standardize definitions for data classification, create a unified concept between agencies and institutions in the country, and a unified methodology to facilitate the adoption and implementation of projects and initiatives at the institutional or national level, in addition to To guide stakeholders (institutions) and help them understand the basic principles of data classification and labeling, and apply that within their organizations in line with national policies, and comply with them.
This step comes to enhance the role of the National Agency for Cybersecurity in developing and updating policies, governance mechanisms, standards, controls and guidelines necessary to enhance cybersecurity, disseminating them to the relevant authorities, and following up on compliance with them.
The data classification policy is the basic building block of the National Information Assurance Standards and other national policies, standards and guidelines, which would help regulate and govern the levels of data classification used by the relevant institutions in the State of Qatar.
Under the new policy, institutions will have a unified reference for the basis for classifying data based on the risks they may be exposed to, which vary between high, medium, or low, and thus this classification is used to determine the technical and administrative controls that must be taken into account in dealing with the assets from which data is used. through it.
The National Agency for Cybersecurity intends to organize an online workshop next Wednesday in order to introduce the data classification policy and its importance at the national level, in addition to a detailed explanation of the most important items and pillars of this policy. The third edition »to a number of important axes that affect policy and its impact on data governance within the government and institutions of vital sectors in Qatar.

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