The strategy of expansion and growth achieved many achievements


The Medical Care Group Company held its Ordinary General Assembly meeting yesterday, electronically via the “Zoom” application, headed by Dr. Abdul Basit Ahmed Al Shaibi – Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors and Managing Director, in the presence of members of the Board of Directors, senior executive management, representatives of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, representatives of the company’s external auditor, in addition to the shareholders.
The General Assembly, headed by Dr. Abdul Basit Ahmed Al Shaibi on the items of the agenda and approved the recommendation of the Board of Directors to distribute cash dividends of 26.25% in cash of the nominal value of the share at 0.2625 riyals per share.
The assembly dealt with hearing the Board of Directors’ report on the company’s activity and its financial position during the fiscal year ending on December 31, 2022, discussing and approving the future plan, hearing the auditor’s report on the company’s budget and the final accounts for the fiscal year, approving them, and discussing the company’s balance sheet and profit account. losses, and validation.
The General Assembly also discharged the members of the Board of Directors from their liability for the fiscal year ending on 12/31/2022, approved their remuneration, discussed and approved the company’s governance report for the year 2022, and the General Assembly reviewed the offers received by the company from the auditors for the current fiscal year and appointed Ernst & Young (Ernst & Young) Ernst & Young) as auditor, and its fees have been determined.
The General Assembly also approved the recommendation of the Board of Directors to complete the amount of the charitable fund allocated for the treatment of cases that are unable to bear the costs of treatment previously approved by the Ordinary General Assembly of the company in the amount of one million Qatari riyals, to the extent of the amount that decreased from the amount of the fund.
And the statement of the contact person to shareholders stated that the details of the distribution of profits through Qatar National Bank will be published and uploaded today, Thursday, on the Qatar Stock Exchange and the Care Company website.
d said. Abdul Basit Ahmed Al-Shaibi – Vice Chairman and Managing Director, The Group Company for Medical Care and Al-Ahly Hospital succeeded in overcoming the negative effects of the Corona pandemic, which extended to the first quarter of last year 2022, and despite that, it was able to maintain the level of revenues as in the year 2021, and achieved profits for the year 2022 amounting to 79,164,805 Qatari riyals, with a relatively slight growth.
Dr. pointed out. In his speech, Al-Shaibi indicated that the company succeeded in maintaining the daily revenue rate and continued to implement the medium-to-long-term growth and expansion strategy plans without change and achieved many achievements in several areas, including the completion, opening and operation of the first phase of the Block-D project, which is a building with three underground basements for parking Cars with a capacity of approximately 300 parking spaces, and it also includes underground storage tanks and the first part of the expansion of general stores and laundry. The second phase tender is expected to be launched during April of the year 2023.
He added that the multi-use administrative building project has been completed and work continues to expand operating and resuscitation rooms, delivery rooms and newborn care rooms. Work has also begun to expand the physiotherapy department and orthopedic, dental, eyes, nose, ear, and throat clinics in the former nurses’ residence (Block-C).
Dr. confirmed. Al-Shaibi emphasized the company’s continued efforts to implement plans to achieve its strategy in the field of environmental protection and sustainability endeavors and to train employees on them. The company also, despite all the challenges of growth, strengthened its medical staff in the existing departments and added a variety of services such as dialysis, plastic surgery, endoscopy, and others.

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