Thousands of illegal migrants landing in Italy

Illegal Muslim migrants have been steadily swarming into the EU and the UK for years, and it’s getting worse. Writes Christine Douglass-Williams

All of this is happening with the help of people smugglers and representatives of various NGO’s, who should be jailed.

In June, nearly 1,300 Muslim migrants landed during a single weekend in Lampedusa.

Illegal Muslim migrants have been steadily swarming into the EU and the UK for years, and it’s getting worse.

Amid indifference from political leaders who are personally unaffected, the empty promises to stem the flow of these illegals and continued political wrangling between various political parties, the EU (and Britain) is undergoing a demographic transformation via jihad by immigration.

“Non-stop landings in Lampedusa: ‘The situation is out of control,’” translated from “A Lampedusa sbarchi no stop: ‘La situazione è fuori controllo,’” by Sofia Dinolfo, il Giornale, July 5, 2021:

The landings of migrants in Lampedusa continue and conditions inside the hotspot show no signs of improving. It was an intense weekend on the largest island of the Pelagie, which had to deal with constant landings of foreigners. Small boats and rubber dinghies have left no respite for the welcome machine that has kept its engines running constantly. On Saturday, with 12 landings, 323 migrants arrived, while yesterday, nine landings resulted in the arrival of 216 people. This morning, 24 foreigners managed to reach land on board a makeshift boat. Among them were 13 minors, 3 of whom were unaccompanied, and 6 women. The vehicle was intercepted by the Guardia di Finanza 12 miles from the coast. After identification operations carried out by the police, the migrants were transported to the hotspot in the Imbriacola district.

There the situation seems irrecoverable. Approved to accommodate about 250 people, the structure currently hosts about 400. The prefecture of Agrigento is working on the transfers to be carried out today. Before lunch, about 100 migrants will be boarded on the scheduled ferry to reach Porto Empedocle, while the other guests, with the help of patrol boats, will be transferred before tonight. Inside the hotspot, the conditions of hospitality have now reached the threshold of degradation, because there are always too many migrants compared to the places available. The transfer operations proceed without stopping, but, also without stopping, the boats arrive loaded with migrants. This triggers a non-stop circuit that constantly creates an emergency situation.

Migrants died in the shipwreck and hotspot collapsed: chaos Lampedusa

At the same time, the investigations, opened by the Agrigento prosecutor’s office, continue for the shipwreck of last June 30 in which seven migrants died a few miles from the coast. To search for the 9 lifeless bodies, a Coast Guard robot will be employed tomorrow. The instrument will be lowered to a depth of 70 meters to reach the wreck. Meanwhile, anger is mounting on the island. To collect the complaints of small entrepreneurs but also of many other citizens, is the coordinator of the Lega di Lampedusa Attilio Lucia, who explains to how the situation seems to have gone out of all control. “The conditions – says Attilio Lucia – are getting worse and worse. The inhabitants of the island are tired of living this condition that creates apprehension. The restaurateurs, hoteliers and owners of other businesses complain of a state of suffering due to the constant news that arrives on the landings that risk affecting business trends.”

The coordinator of the League does not mince words about the management of the emergency by the mayor Totò Martello: “First – says Lucia – the mayor stated that the situation was under control, then he asked for the intervention of Prime Minister Mario Draghi. The situation here has never been under control. Since the first landings there have been obvious difficulties. It is time for the mayor to admit that these events are no longer sustainable without taking steps backwards”.

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