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Thousands of Ukrainian sex workers set to enter Europe

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Thousands of Ukrainian sex workers set to enter Europe

Under the current scenario of Russian invasion, thousands of Ukrainian sex workers are making frantic attempts of entering the European countries and settling there. This may pose a serious crisis for most of the European nations, as according to reports, significant portion of the Ukrainian sex workers are suffering from various types of sexual diseases including HIV.

According to media reports, due to lack of efforts taken by the state, hundreds of Ukrainian sex workers, mostly within the age range of 18-35 were looking for continuing their income through online. They were looking for foreigners and were offering escort services as well as sex tours. Many of the Ukrainian sex workers were even expressing readiness of visiting their clients in foreign countries, once their air passages were borne. But, according to information, majority of these sex workers were falling into the grips of sex operators and escort services in foreign countries, who were engaging these sex workers into operations, illegally as most of them travel with tourist visas.

Meanwhile, according to information, transnational pimping agencies have become active in helping Ukrainian sex workers in fleeing the country and landing in European destination, while some of these agencies also are arranged fake marriages for visa benefits. Some of the sex workers are also worried about falling into the grips of transnational human trafficking rackets or some agencies who mostly manipulate the sex workers and push them into the hands of rowdy clients. Many of the sex workers in Ukraine complain about misbehavior of their clients. A 24-year-old sex worker told a foreign news media: “When men pay for sex, they pay for the control and freedom. He doesn’t have to be respectful. A client once started suffocating me during sex. The pimp didn’t care, the client wasn’t blacklisted”.

A source in Kyiv told this correspondent that for the past few days, as Russia was showing signs of invading Ukraine, many young sex workers started looking for finding a job in the European nations, while some of them were also contacting pimping agencies and escort services in Thailand, Dubai, the Philippines and few other countries.

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