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Trump Tower attacker is an Islamic State jihadist

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Trump Tower attacker is an Islamic State jihadist

Hillary Clinton fan, Jaylyn Christopher Molina, the man who had attacked the Trump Tower is finally exposed to be a jihadist affiliated with Islamic State (ISIS). According to the Justice Department, Trump Tower attacker Molina, a Gonzales County man, was sentenced to 18 years in federal prison for conspiring to provide material support to the foreign terrorist organization ISIS. It may be mentioned here that, Jaylyn Christopher Molina became Abdur Rahim following religious conversion.

According to media reports, Molina alias Rahim is “accused of conspiring with a South Carolina man to provide services to ISIS by administering a chat group to share pro-ISIS propaganda and instructions on firearms training and bomb-making”.

Molina was very clear about his allegiances, writing in an online chat: “Let it be clear, I am against America. America is my enemy”. He and another American, Kristopher Sean Matthews, or rather, Ali Jibreel of Elgin, South Carolina, to commit “Netflix worthy” terror attacks at Trump Tower and the New York Stock Exchange, which they thought would gain them “rock star status”.

Molina wrote: “We need to stick together, we need to defeat them, we need to take a lot of casualties, a lot of numbers”. Matthews stated: “I would hit places like that to send a message”.


According to the legal complaint against the pair, Molina “also described attacking communications centers and plans to ‘fortify a town barrier and establish the first bases or establish a HQ’”.

Both Molina and Matthews pledged allegiance to the Islamic State (ISIS), discussed traveling to Syria to join up with the jihad group, and even tried to make contact with an ISIS operative who would help them get there. Molina pursued his jihad online, posting instructions on how to train to handle an AK-47 along with directions on how to build a bomb.


Spc. Hasan Edmonds, a Muslim member of the U.S. Army National Guard, was arrested in 2015 at Chicago’s Midway Airport; he had been planning to join the Islamic State. His cousin, Jonas “Yunus” Edmonds, was arrested as well. They had allegedly been plotting a jihad attack against a US military facility — making Hasan Edmonds the latest in a long line of people who convert to Islam and then turn traitor.

Hasan Edmonds clearly believed that his new religion required a shift of his allegiance. “I am already in the American kafir [infidel] army”, he told an informant in January, “and now I wish only to serve in the army of Allah alongside my true brothers”.


Other American converts to Islam who have turned a cruel jihadist include Sgt. Hasan Akbar, an American engineer from the 101st Airborne Division, who murdered Capt. Christopher Scott Seifert and Maj. Gregory Stone, wounding fifteen others in a grenade and small-arms attack in northern Kuwait on March 22, 2003. As he committed his murders, he yelled, “You guys are coming into our countries, and you’re going to rape our women and kill our children”.

Yet Hasan Akbar was not Iraqi or Kuwaiti. He was an American from Los Angeles. But when he became a Muslim, any allegiance he may have had to America was gone and he became a bood-seeking jihadist. Likewise, in the cases of Al-Qaeda spokesman Adam Gadahn and the Marin County Mujahid, John Walker Lindh, both of whom converted to Islam and ended up waging war against the United States.

Unfortunately, these cases of jihadist cruelty did not leave any visible impact in American policy towards radical Muslims. For example, the number of Islamist madrassas are on rise in the US, which are breeding hundreds and thousands of jihadists every year. At the same time, activities of Tablighi Jamaat, the antechamber of jihad is already reaching an alarming level. Unless the US authorities impose immediate ban on the activities of Tablighi Jamaat and check the rise of madrassas in the country, in the near future, Americans will become hostage into the grips of radical Muslims and jihadists.

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