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UK MPs wife collaborates Interpol wanted terror-funder

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UK MPs wife collaborates Interpol wanted terror-funder

Sally Hammond alias Née Brodie, wife and ‘Office Manager/Secretary’ of Stephen Hammond, a Tory Party MP representing Wimbledon is accused of maintaining secret connections with an Interpol wanted terror-funder and even abetting in criminal conspiracy against the Bangladesh government. Several years ago, Hammonds were introduced to Interpol-wanted convicted terror-funder Shahid Uddin Khan by an obscure British journalist when this man was looking for investing millions of dirty cash he had smuggled-out from Bangladesh.

Sally Hammond, educated from Goldolphin School in Salisbury and Marlborough Secretariat College in Oxford was appointed by Stephen Hammond as his ‘Office Manager/Secretary’ more than 17 years ago. According to media reports, she was accused of unprofessionalism” and being ‘dismissive, aggressive and confrontational’ towards her husband’s constituents. Following this incident, Paul Kohler, councilor for Trinity Ward, wrote an open letter to Stephen Hammond calling for ‘respect’ and asking for ‘a proper apology’ from Sally Hammond.

Stephen Hammond was accused of bagging an £800-an-hour second job with a transport firm – months after being sacked as Transport Minister. He landed the lucrative role as an adviser for British industry giant Inmarsat after he had lavished praise on the company during his two-year stint in the high-profile government position. Labour MP Karl Turner had accused Hammond, a former City banker, of “featuring his nest with eye-watering fees”.

Mr. Turner fumed stating “A system where former ministers can feather their nests with eye-watering fees from the same industry they used to work in just cannot be right”.


He said, “Backbench MPs should concentrate on representing their local areas, not raking in cash from elsewhere. This is a perfect example of why the rules around MPs’ second jobs need to change”.

Karl Turner added: “This all looks very grubby”.

Records show that during his two years as Transport Minister – between 2012 and 2014 – Stephen Hammond attended official events alongside Inmarsat bosses.


He was on a formal visit to their Head Quarters in London in 2013 when he made his remarks about being impressed by the firm.

A few months later he spoke at a swanky dinner sponsored by Inmarsat.

He told the audience in the capital: “I am absolutely committed to a strategic partnership between Government and industry”.

Stephen Hammond, worked for years as a fatcat investment banker before becoming a Tory MP in 2005.

In 2012 he faced a Parliamentary inquiry after failing to declare his shareholding in a firm that receives tax breaks.


Then in 2013 it emerged he had used an offshore firm to buy his luxury second home in Portugal. The opulent £500,000 villa is located beside a golf course and has a huge swimming pool.

Brochures revealed it has “double iron gates on to a cobbled driveway, flanked by lawns and trees”, and would cost more than £2,000-a-week to rent in the summer.


The top Tory bought the property in addition to his large family home in London, where he lives with wife Sally.

Sally is employed as his office manager, reportedly costing taxpayers £45,000-a-year.

He insisted that buying the villa through a Gibraltar-based firm had not been done for tax reasons.

The firm which formally owns the villa has since moved to the US state of Delaware, another well-known tax haven.

Connections between Sally Hammond and Shahid Uddin Khan

Interpol wanted terror-funder Shahid Uddin Khan fled Bangladesh in 2018, while he started smuggling-out millions of dollars from the country, majority of which had entered the United Kingdom through illegal channels through the United Arab Emirates and few more countries. Despite the fact of being the wife of a wealthy politician, Sally Hammond could not control her greed when she knew Shahid Uddin Khan fled Bangladesh with a large amount of dirty cash. She even had influenced Stephen Hammond in building a personal rapport with this Interpol wanted criminal and sitting at later home in London, Hammond and Shahid began discussing issues related to large investment in businesses jointly with the Hammond family. We have evidence to prove such private meetings between Stephen Hammond and Shahid Uddin Khan. We also are aware of extreme intimacy between Sally Hammond and Shahid Uddin Khan, and her direct collaboration with him in spreading lies and false allegations against Bangladesh government. It is also learnt that Sally Hammond, Shahid Uddin Khan and an obscure British journalist had worked together in misleading the US authorities against Rapid Action Battalion (RAB).

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