UK royals, Queen Rania, Epstein’s island and a ‘mission to reshape the young minds’


In the vast expanse of global geopolitics, where the corridors of power are often shrouded in secrecy, there emerges a narrative that is as riveting as it is disconcerting. At the heart of this narrative lie four figures, each commanding their own sphere of influence: Arpad Busson, the financier with a golden touch; Queen Rania of Jordan, the embodiment of modern royalty; Jeffrey Epstein, the predator; and the Clintons, the power couple of American politics. Their interwoven relationships, punctuated by allegations of child sex trafficking and involvement in pedophile rings, offer a glimpse into the darker recesses of elite society.

Arpad Busson: The financier’s dual façade

Arpad Busson, with his suave demeanor and penchant for high society, has often been the toast of the financial world. His philanthropic endeavors, especially in children’s education, have positioned him as a benefactor with a heart. Yet, beneath this polished exterior lie connections that have raised more than a few eyebrows.

Arpad Busson has come under scrutiny on various online platforms as well with various people discussing Busson’s involvement in undisclosed activities including Child sex trafficking.

Arpad Busson, a prominent figure in the financial world, began his foray into the hedge fund industry in 1986. By 1991, he had founded the EIM Group, a pioneering venture aimed at offering fund-of-fund management services to cater to the burgeoning institutional demand for hedge funds.

Outside of his professional endeavors, Busson’s personal life has been equally captivating.

supermodel Elle Macpherson
Elle Macpherson, Arpad Busson’s girlfriend (Photo: ToI)

He shared a nine-year relationship with the iconic supermodel Elle Macpherson, with whom he has two children. Their union, which spanned the late 1990s and early 2000s, ended in 2005. Subsequently, Busson entered a tumultuous on-and-off relationship with acclaimed actress Uma Thurman from 2007 to 2014.

Arpad Busson’s personal and professional circles continue to intersect with controversial figures. He is currently in a relationship with Jemma Kidd, who has established business ties with Ghislaine Maxwell, a central figure in the Epstein scandal.

Arpad Busson is currently dating Jemma Kidd

Further deepening the web of connections, Ian Wace, the co-founder of ARK, has ties to the controversy as well, with his wife, Saffron Aldridge, being listed in Epstein’s infamous black book.

actress Uma Thurman
Uma Thurman

The couple has a daughter, over whom Thurman secured primary custody post their separation. Intriguingly, Thurman’s connections run deeper into the annals of history, with ties to MK Ultra, the CIA’s controversial mind control program.


This association is often attributed to her stepfather, Timothy Leary, a prominent figure in the study of LSD’s effects on the human psyche. Adding another layer of complexity to this web of relationships, Leary, prior to his involvement with Thurman’s mother, had a five-year common-law marriage with Joanna Harcourt-Smith, who intriguingly is Arpad Busson’s aunt.

ARK (Absolute Returns for Kids), co-founded by Arpad Busson and his associates from EIM Group, has been shrouded in controversy despite its seemingly philanthropic facade. He later sold this hedge fund organization.  While the organization claims to champion the cause of education, ensuring every child, regardless of their background, has access to quality education, there are underlying concerns. Their international endeavors, particularly in countries like India, Uganda, Kenya, and South Africa, have been described by some critics as neo-colonial attempts to influence educational systems under the guise of “innovation” and “data-driven progress.”

Furthermore, ARK’s association with the charity “Teens and Toddlers,” which is a part of Children: Our Ultimate Investment (COUI), adds another layer of suspicion. COUI, originally founded by Laura Huxley, wife of Aldous Huxley — the author of “Brave New World” and alleged CIA asset — has its own set of controversies.

Children-Our Ultimate Investment (COUI)-quote-laura-huxley

The intertwining of these organizations and individuals, each with their own set of rumors and speculations, paints a picture that is far from the altruistic image ARK attempts to project.

Book: Brave new world

Aldous Huxley’s “Brave New World” paints a grim future dominated by eugenics, rampant sexual promiscuity, and pervasive psychological manipulation. The narrative is set in a futuristic society where people are conditioned from birth for specific roles and emotions are regulated through drugs. This dystopia mirrors the principles of Psychosynthesis, a method embraced by COUI staff. The book’s chilling societal control raises unsettling parallels with the potential for mind manipulation in real-world applications.

Psychosynthesis, a term that might sound benign or even beneficial, is essentially the restructuring of the human psyche, almost like “Brave New World”. Conceived by Roberto Assagioli, this process is delineated into specific stages: an in-depth understanding of one’s own personality, gaining mastery over its multifaceted components, identifying or crafting a central unifying self, and finally, the act of psychosynthesis itself, which involves reshaping the personality around this newfound core. The reformation or reconstruction of one’s personality is heavily influenced, if not entirely shaped, by those administering the process.

This raises the question: who holds the reins during this transformation?

In the context of the ‘Teens and Toddlers’ charity, the individuals championing this cause are none other than Arpad Busson and his fellow hedge fund magnates who established ARK, along with their affluent allies.

The Washington Post, in its article on Laura Huxley, shed light on her organization, ‘Children Our Ultimate Investment’ (COUI). Huxley was quoted saying, “Children are our ultimate investment,” pointing out their significance to industries like tobacco, liquor, and firearms. COUI’s unique programs once connected the elderly with babies, believing in the “healing touch” they could offer each other.

Alice Bailey, the founder of what was initially termed ‘The Lucifer Trust‘ and later renamed ‘The Lucis Trust‘, held beliefs that resonate with controversial ideologies. She posited that Aryans are the pinnacle of human evolution, a notion eerily echoed by Hitler in his advocacy for the supremacy of the “Aryan Race”. In a parallel realm of psychological exploration, the ‘Psychosynthesis and Education Trust’ embarks on delving deep into the intricacies of the human psyche, aiming to disseminate its findings to the masses through various educational and charitable ventures. However, the veil of secrecy shrouding the actual proceedings of psychosynthesis sessions leaves parents in the dark, fostering apprehensions about what truly transpires behind closed doors. Adding another layer to this intricate web is COUI, which operates under the financial umbrella of ARK (Absolute Return for Kids). ARK not only funds COUI but also delineates its objectives. Interestingly, ARK’s ‘Teens and Toddlers’ initiative has been a recipient of grants from Execution LTD, as it ‘suits the trust’s focus‘.

Interestingly, ARK, a children’s charity, financially supports ‘Teens and Toddlers’, another organization with a mission to reshape the young minds as it ‘suits the trust’s focus’. Intriguingly, the board members of ‘Teens and Toddlers’ have strong connections with Laura Huxley. Laura, married to Aldous Huxley, founded this organization with a controversial vision: to promote physical relationships between the elderly and young children or infants.

Children: Our ultimate investment, the 6-step plan:

      1. Prelude to Conception (Teens and Toddlers)
      2. Conscious Conception
      3. Reverence for life
      4. O Nobly Born!
      5. Meeting the World
      6. Project Caressing

‘Teens and Toddlers’ project for the ‘disadvantaged’: implements ‘Sustainability Replication Programmes’, to prevent unplanned teenage pregnancy… This is endorsed by the UK government.

Bill Clinton at Gala Dinner
Bill Clinton at gala dinners for the ARK charity (Photo: Daily Mirror UK)

ARK (Absolute Return for Kids) has unveiled the Clinton-ARK Initiative for Mozambique in collaboration with the Clinton Foundation HIV/AIDS Initiative (CHAI). This partnership aims to enhance HIV/AIDS care in Mozambique, training over 300 clinicians in its inaugural year. With a five-year commitment and an $8 million funding from ARK, the programs will be co-managed by ARK, led by Dr. Ashraf Grimwood, and CHAI in coordination with the Mozambican government.

This alliance was announced by former President Bill Clinton at ARK’s 6th Annual Gala Dinner in London, which raised a remarkable £26.6 million, surpassing the previous year’s £18.5 million. Noteworthy sponsors included Bloomberg, Merrill Lynch, UBS, and BlueCrest, ensuring all proceeds directly benefit ARK’s initiatives.

The Gala Dinner at Marlborough House featured an auction with unique experiences, including dinner with Former Soviet Union President Mikhail Gorbachev and Daniel Craig. Prince performed, and Madonna delivered the pledge appeal.

UBS Occupy London - Bank of Ideas
UBS Occupy London – Bank of Ideas

Now, Arpad Busson’s association with Jeffrey Epstein, as highlighted by publications like The Guardian, has been a subject of intense scrutiny. At the same time, Bill Clinton being on the list of business associates of Jeffrey Epstein raises an alarm too. The Clintons, with their extensive political and philanthropic reach, have been subjects of scrutiny in the media, with their interactions and affiliations often analyzed by outlets like The New York Times.

Tony Blair hosted the dinner which predator Savile attended
Tony Blair hosted the dinner which the predator Jimmy Savile attended

Arpad Busson has been notably associated with the Clinton Foundation as a significant donor. His charity, ARK (Absolute Return for Kids), has also forged ties with the Royal Foundation of the UK, underscoring a shared vision in their charitable endeavors. Intriguingly, both foundations prioritize mental health and the well-being of young individuals. This alignment in objectives has seen members of the British royal family, including Prince William and Kate Middleton, actively participating in ARK’s fundraising events, further cementing the close relationship between these charitable giants.

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, who was the keynote speaker at the ARK gala in 2008, has been linked to Jimmy Savile, one of the UK’s most infamous sexual predators. Blair was also caught in “cottaging” incidents in 1974 and 1983, using the pseudonym ‘Charles Lynton‘.

Jimmy Savile at ARK Gala Dinner
Predator Jimmy Savile at the ARK Gala Dinner


Tony Blair has faced allegations of shielding individuals involved in child sex abuse and has been known to crossdress, leading to the moniker “Miranda.”

Queen Rania: Jordan to Epstein

Queen Rania’s reign as the Queen of Jordan has been marked by her unwavering commitment to progressive ideals. However, the world of international philanthropy, with its intricate web of relationships, has cast a shadow on her otherwise pristine image.

Queen Rania of Jordan, Arpad Busson, and ARK children (Photograph by Dafydd Jones/Shutterstock)

At the high-profile and inner-circle ARK gala dinner in London, a gathering that drew the attention of the global elite, Queen Rania was among the notable and inner-circle attendees. This event, while celebrated for its “philanthropic endeavors” in favor of “reshaping the young minds”, and promoting “physical relationships between the elderly and young children or infants”, also saw the convergence of individuals from Epstein’s circle, associates of Jimmy Savile, and others who have been linked to pedophilia, and child sex trafficking. The presence of such a diverse array of influential figures at a single event raises questions about the intersections of power, charity, and the shadows that sometimes lurk behind the scenes.

Queen Rania of Jordan-British hedge funds raise $21.2 million
Queen Rania of Jordan-British hedge funds raise $21.2 million

Queen Rania’s associations, while commendable, have also been scrutinized for potential conflicts and ethical gray areas.

The Clintons, Tony Blair, and the Royal Family of the UK are deeply entwined with Jeffrey Epstein and Little St. James Island. Their connections to Arpad Busson and his myriad children’s charities are as profound as their associations with Epstein.

Prominent figures, many of whom are recurrently implicated in discussions surrounding pedophilia or satanism, have graced ARK’s charity galas. These include Elizabeth Hurley, listed in Epstein’s notorious black book, Kevin Spacey, a known associate of Epstein and the Clintons with serious allegations against him, and other luminaries such as Elton John, Madonna, Prince Pavlos and Crown Princess Maria-Chantal of Greece, Queen Rania of Jordan, London Mayor Boris Johnson, Colin Firth, and Jemima Khan [Jemima Goldsmith].

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