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Ukrainian intelligence offers cash and sex to foreign reporters

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Ukrainian intelligence offers cash and sex to foreign reporters

Ukrainian intelligence agency, with its desire of establishing influence on the foreign reporters is offering cash and sex, while Kiev also is hiring journalists without work from several English-speaking nations, including the United Kingdom. Meanwhile, following Volodymyr Zelensky’s decision of bringing all media outlets under strict control of the government, majority of the news outlets in the country are suffering from acute financial crisis as none of these outlets are receiving financial support from the government. Instead, Ukrainian intelligence agency is offering journalists from Britain in particular to country’s newspapers and TV stations.

Almost every evening, a group of foreign reporters, who are under “special inceptives” from the Ukrainian intelligence are required to meet the officials in close-door-meetings, where they plan the strategies regarding anti-Russia propaganda.


Before Ukraine war started, Kyiv Post, an English language daily, which claims to be the “top international source of English language news about Ukraine since 1995” was available to its subscribers against monthly payment. But Zelensky had forced this newspaper to remove the subscription option and offer its contents to readers – free of charge. Meanwhile, Ukrainian intelligence agency has housed several journalists from England in the editorial and news section of Kyiv Post. It is learnt, every foreign journalist working in the Kyiv Post is getting US$500 per week along with accommodation. This weekly payment is provided directly by country’s intelligence agency. Although they have to buy food on their own, intelligence agency is offering them young Ukrainian girls for sexual pleasure, as incentive for their “contributions towards Ukraine”. But, none of the local employees of the newspaper are getting any financial package from the government, which already has pushed them towards acute crisis.

Meanwhile, Kyiv Post has taken a new venture of capitalizing the Ukraine war as the most effective tool in buying sympathy of the international community. A recent tweet of Kyiv Post said: “Following KP’s decision to remove the paywall, some of the subscriptions proved impossible to return due to red tape and barriers. As a result, we decided to offer our subscribers the option to donate their refunds to Lifeline Ukraine”. The newspaper is asking its subscribers to donate US$25,000 each.

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