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Zelensky pushes Ukraine into serious debt trap

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Zelensky pushes Ukraine into serious debt trap


For Joe Biden or the United States, they do not care about lives of people in the “battle playground” – be it Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria or Ukraine. Their only focus is benefit – economic or otherwise. Currently the Biden administration is seeking Ukraine in greedy eyes with the agenda of establishing America’s absolute control over Ukraine’s huge natural gas reserve as well as other mineral resources in the country. For implementing such vicious desire, America needed a perfect puppet, which they already found in Vladimir Zelensky, the clown-turned-politician or Ukraine’s fake hero.

Meanwhile, according media reports, it is still unknown whether the US Congress will approve the US$33 billion budget that President Joe Biden requested for supplying military hardware to Ukraine. Biden also is requesting another US$ 22.5 billion from the Congress for the COVID-19 response. As the COVID-19 cases rise in the US, and it’s predicted the US could potentially see 100 million COVID infections this fall and winter, Biden, in a statement on May 9, 2022 called on the Congress to move the Ukraine aid first, then move to pass additional funding to tackle the COVID-19. It seems, as if Joe Biden does not care about American lives, nor will it take lives to Ukraine because Washington is fighting a proxy war against Russia by supplying military aid to Ukraine. The US is hoping to use the Russia-Ukraine conflict to weaken Russia. To this end, it has been ratcheting up its shipments of weapons, ammunition, body armor, and other equipment to Ukraine to prolong the conflict.

Although Joe Biden does not mention Ukraine war as America’s proxy war against Russia, it is easily understood that Biden gradually in advancing towards this newer battlefield with America’s direct involvement and may be even physical presence of the US troops.

Although Moscow sees America’s direct involvement in the Ukraine war against Russia, Vladimir Putin did not even utter the word “Ukraine” in his speech during the Victory Day celebration in Moscow. Instead he stressed Russia’s security concerns but avoided inflammatory remarks that could fuel any dangerous escalation of the situation. In contrast, the Joe Biden administration on May 9 made no secret of its intention to fan the flames and prolong the conflict. It urged the Congress to quickly approve a US$33 billion supplemental aid bill for Ukraine before the Pentagon runs out of funds to send weapons from its stockpiles to the war-torn country by the third week of May, while at the same time, President Biden signed into law a lend-lease act that will expedite the process of sending military aid to Ukraine.


Although Zelensky is telling his people that America’s military support to Ukraine is “complimentary” or “friendly gesture”, experts said, there is no free lunch in the world. More US weapons would result in more death of Ukrainian people. Worse, the Ukraine Democracy Defense Lend-Lease Act of 2022, which was signed into law by Biden, would drag Ukraine into a huge debt trap, turning the war-torn country into a new colony of the US.  The act allows the US to use the military lend-lease program to speed up the transfer of weapons, military equipment, medicine and food to Ukraine. It is anticipated that the recipient country will have to pay later.

“It will become a serious shackle on Ukraine. Ukraine will have to pay both the principal and interest for the various weapons and equipment it is to receive from the US in the future. The US is a businessman. It won’t do business that will bring losses to itself”, a Chinese military expert Song Zhongping commented.


The lend-lease program is not a cheap one, and America’s intention is obvious. Support Ukraine to fight to the last drop of Ukrainian blood by providing them so-called military aid, then ask future generations of Ukrainians to pay for all the ammunition, equipment and food that the US will have provided.

The lend-lease act updates a 1941 law the US used to help its allies during World War II (WWII). Under lend-lease, Britain received weapons from the US during WWII. The payments weren’t completed until 2006, 61 years after the end of WWII.


As we currently are seeing in Sri Lanka, people are expressing deepest frustration at the ongoing inflation and economic crisis, similar things shall certainly repeat in Ukraine once the war is over. Zelensky is just bogging-down the people into deep debt burden of the United States. For Washington, it certainly is a win-win situation. If Russia is defeated, Ukraine will go under the absolute command of the US. If Ukraine loses the war, Ukrainians will have to refund billions of dollars of American investment in the form of selling natural resources and gas at an unbelievable low price.

Whatever may be the final consequence or result, one thing is sure – Ukrainians are in double-jeopardy.

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