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Ananta Jalil trashes Tehran Times information, claims the film has nothing to do with religion


Ananta Jalil trashes Tehran Times information, claims the film has nothing to do with religion

Vijaya Laxmi Tripura

Following the publication of an opinion editorial titled ‘Iranian propaganda machine expands hands within Muslim nation’s film industry’, Bangladeshi actor and film producer Ananta Jalil had contacted the office of Blitz and said, the Iran-Bangladesh joint venture movie named ‘Dwin The Day’ has nothing to do with any religion. He claimed, the film is purely based on a story that portrays the “courage and bravery” of the Bangladeshi law enforcement agency again the international drug cartels. He said, “This film does not have any religious content”.

When his attention was drawn to a news item published in the Tehran Times titled ‘Bangladeshi producer Ananta Jalil, Farabi director meet in Tehran’, where the newspaper quoted Alireza Tabesh, director,  Farabi Cinema Foundation saying, “It is a great pleasure that you have focused on today’s topic of the world. The world cinema and the cinema of the region need to produce films on such topics”, Ananta Jalil trashed this report saying, it is totally baseless and false.

Tehran Times in the report said, Farabi Foundation in a press release mentioned, “Jalil [Ananta Jalil] talked about his plans for investing in a film on peace in Islam”.

In Tehran Times report, Jalil said that he is planning to make a film that depicts the real Islam to the world.

“I have brought my ideas and thoughts to Iran to make them into a film. Many Muslims suffer in Syria and Yemen while Islam is the religion of peace and friendship,” he added.

Ananta Jalil told Blitz that his film, Dwin The Day shall be dubbed in a number of international languages including Farsi, Arabic, Turk etcetera, and would be released throughout the world jointly by his production company and the Iranian counterpart.

In another report titled ‘Iran, Bangladesh team up for thriller “Nirvana”’, Tehran Times mentioned the name of the film as ‘Nirvana’, which is about a Bangladeshi policeman who is assigned to free a number his compatriots who have been taken captive by a gang of drug traffickers working in Afghanistan, Turkey and Europe. He arrives in Iran to get some help from Iranian police and Interpol in his mission.

Morteza Atashzamzam, the Iranian director of “Buddha’s Shame” about Rohingya refugees, is the director of this film.

Atashzamzam’s “Buddha’s Shame” was screened at the 17th Dhaka International Film Festival in Bangladesh in January 2019.

Majdi Machmouchi, the Lebanese actor of acclaimed movies such as “Out of Life” and “A Man of Honor”, also star in the film.

Iranian members of the cast include Amir-Hossein Seddiq, Mohammadreza Hedayati, Hassan Aklili, and Mohammad Fili.

It may be mentioned here that, French news agency AFP in 2017 published a report titled ‘Bangladesh film star Ananta Jalil the latest to turn Islamic preacher’ said, “A Bangladeshi film star who became an Islamic preacher said today he wants to use his fame to draw young people in the Muslim-majority nation to the faith”.

This AFP story was carried by a number of newspapers around the world.

The AFP report further said, “Thousands of fans turned out late last month to watch 39 -year-old Jalil preach in the capital Dhaka. Photos of him wearing an Islamic turban and long robe went viral on social media.

“He told AFP he had joined the Tablighi Jamaat — a Sunni Muslim evangelical movement that boasts millions of adherents in Bangladesh — after a pilgrimage to Mecca earlier this year”.

The AFP report further said, “Unlike Happy [a woman named Naznin Akhtar Happy, who also became an Islamic preacher after a huge controversy centering her personal life], Jalil said he would keep making movies although his next one would be used to “propagate Islam”.”

Ananta Jalil entered the silver screen in 2010 through a movie named ‘Khoj’ (The Search), where he played the role of a secret agent.

Among his films, ‘Most Welcome’ (2012) is one of the most successful ventures which gave him a breakthrough in Bangladeshi cinema. Following the financial success of the first part, ‘Most Welcome 2’–the squeal of his 2012 ‘Most Welcome’–was also released.

This time around, the actor is going to make the third sequel of ‘Most Welcome’ with the title ‘Most Welcome 3’. He is planning to start the film in the current year.

Ananta has made his directorial debut with the romantic-action-comedy film ‘Nisshartho Bhalobasha: What is Love!’ and later, directed ‘Most Welcome 2’.

The official trailer of Dwin The Day has been recently released on YouTube.

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