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Arab world’s biggest pop stars celebrate Saudi Arabia’s National Day

Saudi Arabia’s National Day, Nawal El Kuwaitia, Rashed Al Majed, Rabeh Saqer, Majid Al Mohandis, Saudi Arabia, Ahmed Al Hermi


Arab world’s biggest pop stars celebrate Saudi Arabia’s National Day

Saudi Arabia’s National Day is being celebrated by some of the Arab world’s biggest pop stars.

In honour of the 91st anniversary of the kingdom’s founding on September 23, Saudi stars Mohammed Abdullah and Majid Al Mohandis have released tracks celebrating their homeland.

They are joined by fellow Gulf artists including Kuwait’s Nawal El Kuwaitia and Bahraini crooner Rashed Al Majed.

Here are some of the heartfelt messages behind these odes to Saudi Arabia.

‘Dimat Dakhran’ by Majid Al Mohandis

The Saudi singer addresses the kingdom’s leadership and resilience with this up-tempo track.

“Determined, capable and successful. A verb that translates ambitions and paths,” Al Mohandis says.

“You point the goal, how and where. By God, we are not known for breaking.”

‘Abnaa Al Watan’ released by record label Rotana

This choral piece highlights how Saudi Arabian society is built on faith and kinship.

The lyrics have a conversational quality and take on the prospective of a Saudi youth asking elders about the country’s history.


“Talk to us about Najd [a region] and the Sarat Mountains,” the choir sings.

“Tell us about the straggles of our grandfathers who cleared our borders from sea to sea.”

‘Foug Al Omam’ by Rabeh Saqer

The much-loved Saudi crooner dedicates the track to Saudi Arabia’s King Salman.

Over languid Gulf rhythms, Saqer praises the royal’s steady hand and vision.

“He is the protector of the homeland,” the lyrics state.

“He leads our country, the world bears witness to him, with our souls and children.”

‘Bayariq Aalia’ by Nawal El Kuwaitia

The veteran Kuwaiti singer pays tribute to the kingdom’s landscape, “from the north to south” and the strength of its leadership.

Over strident percussion and swooning strings, El Kuwaitia declares “Saudi Arabia is up for the occasion”.

‘Ya Watan’a’ by Rashed Al Majed

The romantic crooner turns his affection to the country, which throughout his 20-year career afforded him a dedicated fan-base.

The song title means “Oh homeland” and Al Majed praises the new generation of Saudis in the track.

“We are proud of you and you are proud of youth,” he says. “We are soldiers and guards in front of your gate.”

The song, featuring a call-and-response vocal style, ends with Majed wishing greater success and continued stability for Saudi Arabia.

The video’s end credits also reveal the track was composed by Ahmed Al Hermi, the Bahraini singer-songwriter renowned for his collaborations with Saudi artists Saqer and Al Mohandis.

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