Arijit Singh, the best singer in Bollywood right now

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Arijit Singh is ruling the Bollywood music industry and has become the king with his golden voice.

Arijit Singh has a soulful voice, which sounds soothing to any listener in any mood and in any occasion. His songs have beautiful lyrics that touch our hearts in no time and with that kind of singing voice, one never has the chance to even refute the charm.

Here are a few song which would make you fall in love with Arijit even more.

1.Binte Dil

This was used in the movie Padmavaat. Just forget about Ranveer Singh for a moment and think about Arijit’s Singh’s beautiful voice which makes Ranveer Singh’s character come to life.

2.Tum Hi Ho

If you haven’t heard this song by now then probably you were living with no connection to the real world! This beautiful song will make you love Arijit Singh even more.


This song has beautiful lyrics and the music is very soothing. It is form the movie Citylights.

4.Agar Tum Saath Ho

Tamasha’s beautiful song stole everyone’s heart away and you can still remember the beautiful tunes in the song that left a tingling in every heart!


How could one not fall in love with this melodious song that could pull all the right chords?

6.Tera Yaar Hoon Main

This is one of the most memorable songs of Arijit Singh, which became an anthem for friends all over the country.

7.Laal Ishq

A song that truly justifies romance and love of this century and Arijit Singh did complete justice to the song and the lyrics.

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