Bangladesh showbiz sector recovers from crisis

There has been extensive frustration amongst the members of Bangladesh’s showbiz industry for the past few years, as producers were not getting their investments returned. The crisis had further deepened due to ongoing COVID pandemic related challenges, where shooting of dramas and films had become too much challenging due to fear generated within the artists, technicians and makers. While Bangladeshi film industry is yet suffering from total uncertainty with large number of cinema halls being shut-down and people losing interest in going into cinema halls for watching movies, situation in country’s drama industry is witnessing huge prospect. According to Bangladesh’s leading drama production and content provider company, Crown Entertainment, currently almost 95 percent of their investments and showing signs of prospects with return of the invested amounts. The company believes, owners of YouTube channels as well as large sponsors such as Dhamaka, Evaly etcetera are playing key roles in salvaging the drama industry from the previous uncertainty to reasonable prospect.

Tajul Islam, Deputy CEO of Crown Entertainment told this correspondent, although the amount of profit from each television drama is yet extremely nominal, the situation will continue to become much prospective once the leading drama-sponsor houses such Dhamaka puts more emphasis in enhancing their budget.

He said, for promoting any product or services, sponsoring dramas have already emerged into the best possible way as any sponsor would continue getting coverage of their product or services, initially through broadcast on the television channels and onwards continuation of the same on YouTube channels.

Tajul Islam said, there was a time in the past when producers of Bangla drama were not getting their investments returned. But time has already changed. Now large banners such as Crown Entertainment are seeing huge prospect with its investments returning on a regular basis. He added, “Television drama sector is no more a money-losing investment. Companies like Crown, for example, do not jump into any project without making due assessment and market research. Our key advantages are strong team, own logistic facilities and our decades of knowledge on this sector”.

Syed Iqbal, Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Crown Creations, an emerging marketing and agency house said, while Evaly has been playing important role in patronizing Bangladesh’s drama industry, another company – Dhamaka has also been doing the same by sponsoring dramas for television and YouTube channels.

Tajul Islam and Syed Iqbal urged the government to allow special loans for the drama production industry at a nominal annual interest, as this sector already employs thousands of people.

They said, under the dynamic leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, Bangladesh’s economy is prospering in a faster pace and every economic sector in the country has been witnessing tremendous prospect. Once the government helps the local drama production and content providing companies in availing bank loans at a nominal annual interest, it will help in further boosting the prospect.

The officials also called upon the government to allow the sector for accepting foreign investments, as in the recent months, a number of foreign investors are showing interest in investing in the drama production sector in Bangladesh.

While Tajul Islam had entered the showbiz as a film director in 2008, Syed Iqbal has been actively involved with the marketing industry for years.

Crown Entertainment began its journey in January 2020 and by now has already emerged as a leading television drama and content production company in Bangladesh. The company also own sophisticated equipment, dubbing studio, editing panels and other facilities for production of world-class contents. The company also owns a YouTube channel named ‘Crown Plus’ which also has succeeded in drawing almost two hundred thousand subscribers, and the number is increasing steadily.

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