Basudeb Ghosh and his melodious world of lyrics and tune

Vijaya Laxmi Tripura

In today’s world, when most of the people from different walks of life are engaged into unhealthy competition of getting media’s coverage on their field of profession, a man remains aloof from such tendencies and has been quietly creating one after another magnificent songs through his own style of mesmeric composition and sometime with his mesmeric tunes and even lyrics. In the musical arena in Bangladesh, Basudeb Ghosh is the name who already has made his own position as someone who is distinctively different than many – if not all. Most importantly, he also is a loving guru to his disciples who are learning Bangla music from him with the dream of emerging as one of the popular singers in the country.

After surfing on the web for hours, I failed finding any article in Bangladeshi English press on this legendary man, which again proves – Basudeb is for some reason, out of the focus of the members of the English press community in the country. Isn’t that unfortunate?

During every special occasion, Basudeb Ghosh and his team of disciples would come up with several songs. This time, one the occasion of ‘Mother’s Day’ they have recorded over a dozen new songs, some of which are penned by Mr. Ghosh while others are written by various lyricists.

What is so special with this man? Most important, tunes created by Basudeb Ghosh contain the ingredient of classical music combined with the very Bangali fragrance. These are both modern and folk Bangla songs.

In the near future, this newspaper shall publish an exclusive interview of Basudeb Ghosh so that our readers around the world will be able to know more about him and his works.


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