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Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury

There was a time in India’s West Bengal film industry, when celebrated movie director Satyajit Ray was mainly making comedy films. Though those were comedy movies, each of Roy’s creations had some message for the society. For example, his Hirok Rajar Deshey is a full length comedy film which excellently portrayed the authoritarian rulers and dictators. If someone would watch that movie sitting in Moscow during the Soviet era, s/he would feel, it was based on the Communist dictators; or if it was watched in the Arab world, surely will resemble the cruel Arab monarchs.

Decades have already passed since release of Hirok Rajar Deshey, but it still remains as the most powerful symbol of protest against any authoritarian regime. Making a film of that type is no easy task. It certainly needs tremendous creative power and excellence in script and direction. Satyajit Roy was the jack of all trades. He was a story and screen play director, director, lyricist and music director.

Following Roy’s demise, Kolkata (in West Bengal) cine industry had a drought of a powerful comedy movie, which would portray the social imbalances and political madness in our societies. Now after many years, a young and talented film director, Rino Dutta has come forward with a similar film.

Bhoot Er Raja Dilo Bor (Boon From The King Of Ghost) is a comedy suspense based movie, produced by Rascals Union, which will be released early next year.

Though Rino Dutta’s film Bhooter Raja Dilo Bor is a comedy suspense drama made for the children, it also will be equally enjoyable to people of every age. In Rino’s word, “Everybody will enjoy this film due to its story and presentation.”

Bhoot Er Raja Dilo Bor is full of entertainment.

The name Bhooter Raja Dilo Bor is a creation of movie maestro Satyajit Ray, who used it in his film – Gupi Gayen Bagha Bayen. The terminology “Bhooter Raja” (King of the Ghost) is very popular in the Bengali society, and it is existent in most of the fairytales.

Veteran actor in West Bengal (in India), Pradip Mukherjee, whose first film was with Satyajit’s Ray in “Jana Aranye”, has played an important role in Rino Dutt’s Bhoot Er Raja Dilo Bor.

On the occasion of releasing the logo of the film, director Riino Dutta accorded an exclusive interview to Blitz. Here are the excerpts:

Q: How this story came in your mind?

A: I saw Satyajit Ray’s film Gupi Gayen Bagha Bayen during my childhood. Since then I was thinking, wish the king of ghost would give me a boon; I would do this and that. This idea never skipped my mind – even today it very much exists in me. But that “boon” never came towards me. It provoked me in writing a story and finally now it has turned into a full length feature film.

Q: We know, you have released the logo of the movie on the occasion of Mahalaya, the beginning day of Durga Puja, biggest religious festival of the Bengalis. What is the significance of Mahalaya and why did you chose this particular date? 

A: Actually I was looking for an auspicious day to take my first step of publicity of Bhoot Er Raja Dilo Bor. On Mahalaya, every Bengali starts their day from the dawn with rituals. Everyone turns nostalgic and extremely spiritual on this auspicious day. So, I thought, this is the best day for me to launch the logo of my film.

Q: We know, Rascals Union has produced the film. Is this the debut film of the banner?

A: Yes it is.

Q: Was it challenging selecting the actors for this movie?

A:  Not much but I had to search a lot for the child characters.

Q: In Satyajit Roy’s comedy films, there had been songs. Is there any song in Bhoot Er Rak Raja Dilo Bor?

A: Until now, no! But now i am planning a title song on Bhooter Raja Dilo Bor, because just after the launching of the logo, lots of people are asking me the same question.

Q: All of us know, you are a talented maker. In your words, what are the specialties in director Rino Dutta?

A: I believe in action and dislike reaction. Laughter!

Q: Is there good market for a film like Bhoot Er Raja Dilo Bor?

A: I know audience will be interested in it, but there is a problem in distribution pattern in our circuit. No proper model unfortunately; and also monopoly of some big banners. There should be a proper platform or marketing scope for independent makers like me. In West Bengal, independent makers suffer a lot in marketing their films.

Q: Since this is a movie made for the children, do you get any funding assistance from any international agency for making this film?

A: Actually i didn’t approach anyone and it is completely a self-funded venture. I have invested all the money I had in this film and now became almost penny less – haha haha haha.

Q: You told me about your desire of making a Bengali film on the Holocaust to educate the Bengali-speaking populace about what had happened with the Jews during the Second World War. When exactly are you initiate that venture?

A: Well, that’s my life-long dream. But now it is impossible on my part as such project would require lots of investment. None of the producers in India are willing to invest in a film on the Holocaust, unfortunately. In future, if I make sufficient money, I definitely will make a film on that important issue.

Q: We know, you are going to release this film in Bengal in 2019. Are you also planning to release it with English subtitle in the West or how our readers can watch this movie, when you release it?

A: Yes I want to release in other territories with subtitles. I have a plan to release in Bangladesh as well. I love that country, the people and the warmth. Me and my wife are fond of Bangladeshi cuisine (especially Hilsha fish) and folk music. After the film is released in India, I will look for the West. Already planned for New Zealand.

Q: How about the US, Israel and the middle east?

A: if i get the opportunity to release in those countries, I will just shout – waooooo. Yes , from the very beginning there will be subtitles.

Q: When you are planning to launch the trailer of this film?

A: By mid December. Before that I will release poster and teaser.

Q: Are you looking for international exposure of this film?

A: Obviously! International exposure will boost my career and I will get the opportunity of expressing my thoughts in the form of film.

Name of the film: Bhooter Raja Dilo Bor (Boon From The King Of Ghost),

Language: Bengali,

Genre: Comedy Suspense Drama,

Directed By: Rino Dutta,

Produced By: Rascals Union,

Starring: Pradip Mukherjee, Nigel Akkara, Manashi Sinha, Anindya Pulak Banerjee, Lama Halder, Raju Majumder,

Also Introducing: Sonalisa and Ayush.

Contact details: Rascals Union, B/8 Sammilani Park, Kolkata-75, West Bengal, India, Mobile & WhatsApp: +91 9831030833.

Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury is a multi award winning anti militancy journalist and editor of Blitz. He can be contacted at: Facebook.

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