Birth of Rain Flag


So many eyes in this city putting dry surprise

The rain did not come, why the rain is not coming!

I never wanted so much heat without your charm,

You must admit as I never forget the truth.


Now the same symbol on both sides of the coin symbolizes peace of rains.

All they are signaling for the same blue color of rains

Thus a public meeting to be called in future for all these emotions to be supported in chains.


When people’s liberation is not met,

And the fight is on the canvas calls for

A new world is to be built on a formula of love.

Our cries are like torrential rain to dim

The smell of gunpowder in the dearest streets.


Let the tears be wiped away and rain again upon

Human children who will decorate the Earth with green shades this time.

I am steely at your beckoning mood in such a prayerful moment,

As I wish to give birth to a new flag engraved with the people’s names.

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