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Crown Entertainment producing dozens of TV contents for Eid Ul Azha


Crown Entertainment producing dozens of TV contents for Eid Ul Azha

Smriti Sen Gupta

One of the largest producers of television and video streaming platform contents, Crown Entertainment is producing dozens of TV contents including single-episode drama, 7-episode drama, web-series and telefilm for various local television channels. Shooting of these contents have already started and would be completed by the first week of July.

Award-winning maker Golam Sohrab Dodul is making a single-episode drama and a 7-episode special TV serial for local television channels being produced by Crown Entertainment. He also is planning to make a number of web-films, web-series and special length films for this company, which would be released on international video streaming platforms.

Popular maker Azad Kalam has already completed the making of 3 single episode drama for Crown Entertainment. These are Khoka Babu, Chhaya Kabyo and Moishal-2 (a sequel of Moishal). Leading private channel RTV has already purchased the broadcast right of Khoka Babu and is going to the rights of Chhaya Kabyo and Moishal-2.

Popular director of television contents, Faridul Hasan is currently on the location for the filming of a 7-episode special drama serial named Sundori Baidani, under the banner of Crown Entertainment. This serial will be aired on Boishakhi TV. Soon he also will be starting a mega-serial for a local TV channel, which also is produced by Crown.

Adi Basi Mizan, who has attained popularity as the maker of 7-episode special drama serials is currently on the shooting location for the filming of 3 special drama serials named Mesh Rashi, Final Ball and Chora Talukder under the banner of Crown Entertainment. These special serials will be aired on a number of leading television channels in Bangladesh.

Talking to this correspondent, Adi Basi Mizan said, he has also planning to begin filming of a mega serial for a local TV channel. This mega serial is also produced by Crown Entertainment.

During the Eid Ul Fitr, a 7-episode special drama serial named Sirajganj er Chheley Kishoreganj er Meye grabbed the top position in the TRP chart. This drama serial was directed by Adi Basi Mizan and produced by Crown Entertainment. It was aired by the Bangla Vision channel.

Popular maker Shamim Zaman is making a 7-episode special drama serial under the banner of Crown Entertainment.

Talking to this correspondent, Tajul Islam, Deputy CEO of Crown Entertainment said, “We know, the entertainment industry in the world are facing tremendous adversity due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and lockdown. A large number of small producers and production companies in Bangladesh are feeling nervous in putting their money at this crucial stage. But, being one of the leading production companies and content providers, Crown Entertainment is producing quite a large number of TV contents for the upcoming Eid, mostly because, it is our responsibility for keeping the industry active. We just cannot sit tight during this difficult time”.

He further said, “Crown Entertainment is fully prepared to offer quality content, such as web-series, web-films etcetera to the video streaming platforms such as Netflix, Zee5, HoiChoi, Tubi, Hulu, RTV Plus etc. Eyeing on these video streaming platforms, we already have initiated a number of projects and are going to offer those to those platforms. We can say with confidence, Crown Entertainment is fully capable of providing quality content to the video streaming platforms as a reasonable price and terms, while we also can help them in increasing viewers within and outside the Bangla-speaking audience”.

Tajul Islam said, “There are over 280 million Bangla-speaking population in Bangladesh and West Bengal in India. In Bangladesh alone, the size of the Bangla-speaking population is above 170 million. This is a huge market. In Bangladesh alone, over 75 million people are using smartphones with access to the internet, while there are over 6 million HD television sets. Once the video streaming platforms can carefully study this huge market potential, they also can substantially increase revenue from this Bangla-speaking population. Being one of the largest production companies and content providers, we are ready to extend all-out support and cooperation to the video streaming platforms and form a meaningful and mutually beneficial partnership”.

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