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Den Joshua Diljaroen and his music


Den Joshua Diljaroen and his music

Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury

In Thailand’s Bangkok city, if you ever encounter Den Joshua Ditjaroen, a mesmeric singer, who plays with his Harp, you got to get stunned. I got attracted and even addicted to his excellence both in singing and playing the Harp, not only as a journalist who has traveled many countries in the world, including Thailand, but as someone who has decade-old connections with music. In fact, music is in my blood, as I am a lyricist and tuner as well owning a music label named Crown Music.

By now, Den has become my friend and brother – and we possibly have started feeling bondage of divinity – just because, both of us are worshipers of peace – preachers of human bondage, and above all, inhabitants of a unique world named music.

Being the editor and someone who is in journalism for three decades, I generally do not interview people for Blitz. But I thought, being an elder brother, it is my responsibility of interviewing Den and introduce him to the international community. Hopefully, Den will appear in Blitz in the future too as well as in other newspapers in the world, as I have decided to let this genius be known to people in every country – every continent. Here are the excerpts of the first ever interview of Den Joshua Diljaroen to Blitz:

Q: Would you kindly tell us about your story – how you got attracted to music?

A: When I was young I loved to see the Orchestra music  and when I became a Christian I love to worship God but I can’t play it because I no had money to bought it I started to used bloom as guitar and I imagine myself and played guitar with my heart to worship Him and after that I started to used  real guitar in the prayer room and worship Him also I couldn’t play very well I just play with my heart and when I went to Israel on 2016 I met 24 harpist in Jerusalem they worship with the harp instrument I was so touched heaven so much and I try to asked for its price but I had to give up because it so expensive for me and In the year 2017 my friend from Singapore came to Thailand and play with the harp music I feel about touching from God again  and in the pray room he saw me to worship God with guitar and then he came to me and said that he will give the heavenly instrument to me it s be called Glory harp I am so surprise for His amazing grace and he taught me about how to play harp and i went to Jerusalem as a harpist of 50 harpists from 10 nations and I played harp at the side walk in the night some Jewish came and watching me and I love to use harp in the pray room and some time I covered worship with the harp through face book live social media.

Q: In your words, what is the philosophy of music and how it plays role in spreading the message of love – love for the humanity and connect people with the divinity?

A: One thing have I desired of the Lord, that will I seek after; that I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life, to behold the beauty of the Lord, and to enquire in his temple.  King James Version (KJV).

Every time I play with a harp Or any instrument. It is the way in which I am about to convey my spirit to God, and in the moment when I worship Him I can perceive that He loves me and knows me. And I want to convey this song to the whole world that God loves him as God loves me. Of course, I see this profound relationship through the scriptures, especially the story through King David, the Jewish king who played Harp, worshiped God from his soul to Him. So I wanted to know more about Jesus so that I could pass on these songs to people. And I think many people do not have the skill to play me. But he touched his heart and soul. And I want to convey that loving communication is to know Him. And Jesus manifested the Father of heaven, the love of all mankind. And he is the heir and the son of David.

Q: People say, music is the purest way of spirituality and singers are the truest messengers of the divinity. There are people, who use music for other purposes, for example, for mere intention of drawing attention of the people or even spreading the winds of madness and sexual urge. How will you narrate this in your own words?

A: I believe that the song has a hidden spirit, except that the song is not meant to be what it sounds like. This question is a good question. I would like to explain that music has a connected soul, like the faith that people believe and associate with that person or spirit, and of course, conveying each of God’s songs does not mean that it is not good. But goodness comes from the consciousness that they have through experiences, but the world is full of evil and it grows stronger and of course the spirit of those who long for fulfillment. He uses the song to associate with the spirit that is hidden in the song, and whoever it is that will listen to the atmosphere that may lead many to go to evil. Because he longs for fulfillment, but never replenishes his soul. And worse, they are slaves of it. And from the song of worship, I have touched the true God and I have the freedom to love Him as a child of God.

Q: What is your perception about folk music?

A: It’s a simple song; it does not need any great skills. It is a simple instrument, but it is the mind of the people who love the simplicity of using simple language to understand people through different musical devices. And sing out of mind this genre of music is a way of expressing friendship and participation through folk songs.

Q: Those of us, who are in music, we believe, everyone cannot become a singer or a musician, unless s/he is blessed and chosen by the divinity. How do you see music – just as a mere commodity or a very precious divine gift?

A: For me, not everyone who loves singer and music can be a singer and a musician, but that does not mean he cannot. Some people are better song composers than singers, some play better than singing. Some people can sing better than musicians. Some people do it both ways.

Some were created to perceive only music and music that others sang and played music.

But everyone was made to have songs and music in the heart. We do not have to be everything. But we can use what we have and we are transmitted through the song and give it through our eyes and heart.

But for me, there is another point that some people are called to sing for God. It appears that he does not sing well outside, but when he sings or plays music for God, many people can pass on the love of God through him.

We have to be careful about the attitude behind it: arrogance, jealousy, acceptance of people, rather than knowing ourselves. Or self esteem.

But some people do not have that talent, but he has the commitment and the effort he can do. It does not matter if he is seeking it with faith and love in singing and playing music. Of course this has proven. If he believes and does, it will be successful even if it takes a long time.

If not, it does not mean that. He will not have a song in his heart.

The music device is like life, the material used in the instrument is derived from what they create. But the difference is that the background of the music is derived from who and what kind of spirit. And all the musical equipment will come from the background of that spirit, but all musical instruments will come from the design of the song and the way God has put it into the spirit of the people.

But the music device called the harp of this glory, I believe. Created and designed by God. It is a musical instrument in heaven, according to Biblical Revelation. So a harp instrument It was used for the sole purpose of worshiping God. And it is the jealousy of God. And my hair too. And I value what I believe is not just a musical instrument, but a gift from God.

But it depends on the value of the instrument, whether it be a product or not, depending on what musical instruments it has.

Q: People may not understand your mother tongue, but everyone can easily enjoy the essence of Thai songs. Such attractions and connections are something, only a singer or musician can better explain; and of course, a lyricist and tuner. In your words, how music can play role in building a bridge between people around the world?

A: I played the song, worship the mood of the melody, although it is not understood language, but all the people of all races have a language that can convey through the melody. No matter what the lyrics will be; and if anyone is listening to the songs and melodies in other languages, what will make everyone understand is the mood of the song. For example, some people hear an orchestral song without a lyric. But the passion for patriotism!

Song of Jerusalem of gold – some people does not know the meaning. But when listening to the melodies and emotions of the singers they can understand that the story of Jerusalem is a long and very valuable story for the Jews. It is a land that is connected in relation to God and the Jewish population. Even though there is nothing in the song, there is nothing in the song to the singer and the music. It is important to be able to make other countries understand.

The lyrics can be said to be short phrases that they are familiar with some Thai words they know, ‘Sawasdee’.

Q: Being a singer and musician, are you also a lover? If yes, will you describe the ‘lover’ in Den Joshua Diljaroen?

A: As a singer and my musician, I’m a lover. Because I believe that people who have music in every heart will use profound relationships through songs to the ones they love. It depends on how he loves people. He will use his love and caring for each other’s moods through the use of emotions. He makes people listen to him.

Of course, I like to sing a song of worship to God. Many people say that. I’m singing to love God of course, from what I do to God; many people love me. Music is the vessel to convey love in a deep relationship to God alone. Just as I communicate my love for my wife and children, it is a message and a testimony that everyone knows – I love God. I love this way through my love for singing and music. As a singer and musician, I’m a lover. Because I believe that people who have music in heart will use profound relationships through songs to the ones they love. It depends on how he loves people. He will use his love and caring for each other’s moods through the use of emotions. He makes people listen to him.

Q: We met when you were singing with your Harp, on the bank of a lake. Besides that, do you perform in other places in Thailand?

A: yes I do but not often. I just worship with the harp and pronounce the word of God through the song and record with my phone easily and post on Facebook and YouTube and visit some places and sharing some the word of God.

Q: Have you performed in other countries? If not, then do you have any plan of letting people in other countries also listen to your mesmeric music?

A: I went to Israel and I just stood and sang. Hatikvah, Israel nation song in Ben Yehuda Street and I joined with the group of fifty harpist from ten countries, and performed in Jerusalem.

And I not have any plan for many foreign tours because now I am homeschooling my children and just waiting the door to open for me. But I just do anything that I can for His will.

Q: Tell me about your love – Pui Sineenard Dittacharoen. Where did you meet her first and how she has become a part of Den’s life?

A: I met her when we were in the university. We were from the same church and we started from friend and we did Children Ministry together and I fell in love to her. She asked me what I thought about her. I said, I like and after that I changed my answer; I said – I love you. She didn’t say anything in response. I just said I will make you love me more and more and I ask her often that how much percentage that you love me? And after that we discussed about marrying and ask her if she will marry me, and she said “yes”. Then we got married.

Q: I know you get inspiration from your children to. Would you tell our readers something about your children and do have passion towards music?

A: My children have been influenced by me to worship; because everywhere I go my wife takes my children. They have absorbed the method of worshiping from me. Daughter started learning violin. She learned very quickly, and plays up to the mood. Sometimes she reads a note; sometimes she uses her imagination and plays herself. And my son likes orchestral music, especially Russian music. He can play the piano by listening to just a few rhythms, and he can catch the beat and the note and play it by using the ear. They have a knack for this, but I do not. Playing music on a few songs I sing in Hebrew and Thai with a simple chord, but full of spiritual movement and they are learning this through what I do.

Q: Do you appear on any social media with your live show?

A: Yes I do and I thanks to my wife for helping me in recording my performances. But I do not do it often.

Q: Can the people find your songs on YouTube?

A: Yes they can!

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